Easy On The Eyes

Well hello you lovely bunch!

I decided to prepare a not so little guide today all about eye makeup. When I first started getting into makeup, I didn’t have the first clue on how to apply eye shadow or what shades to use, it takes a lot of practice. I still have a long way to go but I am learning day by day. This little beginners guide is going to be a back to basics on how to apply eye shadow with some recommendations for affordable palettes and all the brushes you will need to get you started. The reason I have wanted to do this is because a lot of the YouTube videos I watched were quite advanced and I still didn’t have a clue what I was doing, so this is an ‘all you need to know’ to give anybody starting out a little boost. Enjoy… 


I am going to start with brushes. To me, for an easy eye look all you will need is a blending brush, your finger and a cotton bud. These things are really affordable and easy to get hold of. There’s no point me picking a bunch of different brushes out that you don’t really need to begin with, your brush selection will grow with time but you can still create beautiful eye makeup.

IMG_7371 IMG_7537

I have picked out three affordable blending brushes that are easy to get hold of. My first recommendation is the Makeup Acadamy E3 Brush. This is your classic blending brush and is used for blending your shadows for a seamless finish. Other alternatives can be found on eBay; I picked up a set of 8 eye brushes for about £6 and this small blending brush is honestly the brush I use pretty much every day. It is the perfect size, shape and blends beautifully. Last but not least, we have the Eco Tools Blend & Smudge Brush. This brush is great as it is double ended, but it’s the blending end that I want to focus on. This brush is smaller but still does the job. It really picks up shadows too and disperses them evenly.



To keep this really simple, if I had to recommend one palette for a beginner it would be this large palette from eBay. It doesn’t have a name but is easyily found under the search term ‘eye shadow palettes’. This was the first ever palette I bought, surprisingly I really like the shadows as they have good pay off and a whole bunch of beautiful neutral shades. This palette would be perfect for any beginner and of course your selection can grow with time.

Back To Basics

IMG_7538 IMG_7539

When I first started getting more into makeup, I would watch youtube videos and be like ‘What the hell is a crease?!’ Well I have put together this little diagram for you that pretty much explains where everything is. I really am going back to basics, but it helps to clear things up to avoid any confusion down the line.. and don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Of course, if you already know all about this you can just skip to the next section…



Usually I would just throw this in like everybody knows what I am talking about, but it is a very important step so it deserves it’s own section. Priming is pretty much prepping your eyes ready for eye shadow application. You can buy eye shadow primers from the highstreet/drugstore but if you don’t fancy spending the extra pennies then using your concealer works just as well! I would recommend priming your eyes from the lid right up to the brow bone. This will help even out any uneven tones on your eye, making the colour seamless and it also helps to keep your eye shadow in place all day long. If you are wondering what concealers are great for beginners, head over to my Beginner Beauty Series for a whole post dedicated to concealer! I would also recommend applying a skin toned powder over the top of your concealer to help the shadows blend more evenly.

Daytime Makeup

So let’s get into some makeup now shall we?! I think you’ve deserved it if you survived through all that. I am going to start with some really easy day time looks that take no time at all.

One Shadow Wonder

IMG_7499 IMG_7501 IMG_7502

For my first look, I simply used one eye shadow. I applied a shimmery taupe shade all over my lid using my finger. I then took my blending brush and blended the edges up into the crease. This eye look is perfect for days when you are in a rush and you just want a pop of colour on the lids. You can use any shade; browns, golds, peaches, pinks.. just make sure you have blended your edges and you are good to go!

IMG_7504 IMG_7505

Another ‘one shadow wonder’ look is to just pop a little bit of your bronzer through your crease area. This is great for hooded eyes, like me and just adds a little bit of definition.

Three Is All You Need

For a more detailed daytime eye look, three shadows is really all you need; a matte taupe shade for your crease, a shimmery or matte feature shade for your lid (be creative by all means) and finally a highlight shade e.g. white/cream shades.. shimmery or matte.

IMG_7507 IMG_7508 IMG_7509

I tend to start with highlighting. Using my blending brush, I picked up this matte white shadow. I then applied this to my inner corner to make me look more awake, and I also highlighted my brow bone. You don’t have to go as bold as me, I only went bold so the camera would pick it up!

IMG_7511 IMG_7512

Next I move onto the crease. Taking my transition shade (matte taupe shade), I just run this through the crease in wiper motions, focusing on the outer corner.

IMG_7513 IMG_7514

Finally I choose my feature shade. I am using a coral/taupe shimmery shade as I have blue eyes and it is a complimentary colour. If you want to know more about what colours will compliment your eye colour, I have a whole post on it right here! I applied this with my finger onto my lid, then blended the edges using my blending brush.

IMG_7516 IMG_7517

Once you have finished with eye shadows, pop on a bit of mascara and you will be on your way..

Night Time

For the night time, I am going to show you how to transform the ‘three is all you need’ look above to make it more night time appropriate and smokey. To begin with, I take my blending brush and choose a deeper brown shade. I then run this in the outer V of my eye, making sure to blend blend blend.

IMG_7518 IMG_7520

I then take my cotton bud and take a rich warm brown shade. I run this through the upper and lower lash line, then blend it with my blending brush.

IMG_7521 IMG_7523

Finally (this step is optional), I take a really sparkly shade to apply over my original feature shade. Here I have gone for a copper/gold and applied this all over my lid with my finger.


You can then top up your mascara, apply false lashes or even some eyeliner in the water line for a really pretty evening appropriate look.

The Final Look


These are the final looks of both the day and night time makeup. I hope you enjoyed this post and it wasn’t too hard to follow!

Until next time my loves,

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