Beginner Beauty Series | Bronzers

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Even though we are now coming into Autumn, it’s still possible to give our skin that sun kissed glow! Of course a good bronzer is a staple in everyone’s makeup bag, and I am here to show you a few bronzers that are perfect for everyone including some useful tips for beginners. That’s right.. it’s time for another Beginner Beauty Series post and if you want to get the low down on some of the best bronzers in my opinion, then read on my friends.


A good bronzer is one that will make you look like you have been sunbathing in Barbados for the last couple of weeks. It will give your skin that healthy, sun kissed glow and make you look that bit more radiant. Bronzers will warm up your complexion, not to be confused with contouring. If you are curious about contouring then I have a whole post dedicated to it right here.. or you can stick around for my next Beginner Beauty Series post which is all about great contour kits for beginners! The trick to bronzing is to only apply it where the sun would hit naturally (the high points of the face) e.g. the top of the forehead, tops of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Bronzers come in matte form and shimmer form which is great for different skin types and I have some great affordable recommendations to share with you!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer Light Matte

rimmel bronzer

So the first bronzer I am going to talk about is perfect for fair to light skin tones. I have very fair skin and this bronzer gives the perfect amount of bronze without being too orange toned or muddy on the skin. It is not the smoothest powder in formula but it blends really nicely and gives fair skin such a healthy radiant glow. These bronzer come in both matte and shimmers. I would recommend the matte for oily skin types or even if you just prefer a matte bronzer and the shimmery finish for more dry skin. As this is a powder the shimmer will add that ‘dew’ or glow that is great for dry skin. I personally prefer matte bronzers and this one is perfect without looking too powdery on my skin.

Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder

bourjois bronzer.

This next powder is more for medium skin tones. This bronzer is really nice as it has a slight gold shimmer running through it but it is super subtle. I feel like Bourjois is such a great affordable brand and this bronzer is highly talked about. It is a really nice powder and gives the nicest bronze glow to the skin. Bourjois also do a cream bronzer which would be better for really dry skin, but if I had to recommend anything from Bourjois it would be this bronzer!

Makeup Academy Bronze Perfection

mua bronzer

This bronzer is one I would recommend for more tanned/deep skin tones. This is only available in Superdrug in the UK but can be shipped internationally if you shop online. If you are not interested in waiting for shipping, I have heard that the Wet & Wild Colour Icon Bronzer (740 Bikini Contest is very deep!) is a decent bronzer but I couldn’t tell you as I have never tried it. Plus MUA products are super cheap so this is a great little product to start you off with!

L’Oreal Glam Bronze Terra Bronzer

loreal bronzer

This bronzer is a little bit more expensive than the others retailing for around £12.99 but I had to include it as it is such a beautiful bronzer. I wouldn’t recommend this for fair skin as it could look a little muddy and orange but used in moderation it could add that beautiful bronze glow. I think the packaging of this product is so beautiful too! I couldn’t not mention it! Even though this product is a little more pricey, you get a good amount so it will last you a while!

Quick Tip: When bronzer is applied heavily it can quickly look like a dorito has thrown up on your face, using a fluffy brush to slowly apply your bronzer little bits at a time will give you the most natural look and stop you from overdoing your bronzer. When you have dipped your brush into the powder, tap of the excess to avoid having too much on the brush.


So there we have it, four beautiful bronzers perfect for beginners!

Have you tried any of these bronzers? What do you think of them?

Until next time,

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