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It’s come to that time again, another best and worst series post! This time I wanted to focus around Rimmel. I personally have a love/hate relationship with Rimmel, I think some of their products are amazing and worth every penny and some of their products are just such a let down! So if you want to know what I feel are the best and worst of Rimmel then keep on scrolling! 


Match Perfection Foundation


It will be no secret that I really enjoy the match perfection foundation from Rimmel. I think they come in a great variety of shades and gives such a natural glow. Being pale, I am always supportive when a brand brings out really fair foundations as they can be so hard to find, but the lightest shade in this range is for once too light for me! I just really enjoy this foundation so I had to mention it!

Stay Matte Powder


Of course, you have probably already seen or heard the raving reviews about this powder. It is a great setting powder and it is especially great for oily skin. I think the colour range is a little poor, but they do a translucent shade so it doesn’t matter too much about trying to find the correct shade. It is just a lovely light weight powder and it lasts forever!

Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eye Liners


 These eyeliners, in my opinion, are the best eyeliners that you will find for low end! As far as I know there are ten shades in the range.. ten! There are some gorgeous neutral shades; black, taupe and nude. Also there are some more out there colours such as blues and silvers. These are just really creamy and they last forever, not to mention they are waterproof. You only need to run these along the water line once to get the pay off rather than running it along multiple times. They are just great and for £3.99 you can’t go wrong!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact


I have talked about this bronzer a lot, and how it is perfect for fair skin! They come in more shades than just the ‘light matte’ but it is a great addition to any makeup bag and just an all round great bronzer. These bronzers come with a matte or shimmery finish and are great in my opinion.

Match Perfection Concealer


If you were going to purchase any concealer from Rimmel, I would recommend this one! It has good coverage, it lasts and it is also brightening under the eyes. I wouldn’t recommend using this for blemishes as it is a 2-in-1 concealer/highlighter but for under the eyes it is so lightweight and brightening. The applicator may not be to everyone’s taste as it has got a brush tip but I don’t mind it too much. The colour range is poor, but I can forgive them as the concealer itself is great.

Exaggerate Lip Liners

IMG_7666 IMG_7668

We have another favourite! These lip liners are my favourite in regards to formula and colour choice! Not to mention their lasting power. These lip liners can get away with being matte lipsticks in pencil form as they are really creamy and not at all tough and chalky. The pigment in these things is amazing and they last so well on me. I sometimes find that because they are so creamy, I can over do it a little bit and apply to much so I have to blot some off but I really have no complaints! My ultimate favourite product from Rimmel.

Kate Moss Lipsticks

IMG_7673 IMG_7675

These lipsticks are great if you are into a more satin finish to your lipstick. I love these as they have some amazing colours and they last really well. I wouldn’t say that I reach for them that often as I prefer matte lips but when I do where them they are just lovely and I would definitely recommend them!

Apocolips Lip Lacquers

IMG_7681 IMG_7683

Finally on my best list are these little babies! These lip lacquers are so pigmented and moisturising, the only thing I would say that is not so good about these are the colour choices. These lip lacquers come in quite bold shades and there is only one ‘nude’ shade that is way too nude even for me! But the bright shades are so pretty. I swatched the nude and the red for you so you can see just how pigmented they are. They give a really nice shine to the lips and they last really well too. I must admit though, my favourite thing about these is the packaging. I think it is just so pretty!


Wake Me Up Concealer


It is no secret that I am not a fan of this concealer, I just don’t think it has much coverage and the colour range is pretty bad. I must admit though when I mix this with another concealer for example the Lasting Perfection by Collection, I do like the finish. The lasting perfection gives me that coverage but the wake me up sheers out the thickness a little bit. I just don’t really get this concealer and it just doesn’t work for me personally.

Stay Matte Primer


This may come as a surprise as I have raved about how much I love this primer before, but since repurchasing this primer I feel like the formula may have changed or I might of just got a dud tube. It seems to make my foundation lay a little stripy and uneven. Plus it feels like it has much more of a silicone base. I loved, loved, loved my first tube but the second one is just different and I haven’t been enjoying it so much.

Mono Blushes

IMG_7653 IMG_7655

I only have one of these blushes and I used to love it when I first got into makeup. The more I have got into beauty I have noticed how chunky the shimmer is and how almost chalky the product is. I just find it to be a little dissapointing. I barely use it now and I feel like there are so many better blushes out there.

So there we have it, my best and worst products from Rimmel! Don’t hesitate to let me know your best and worsts and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time my loves,

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