My Top 5 Autumn Lip Products

Boy o boy do I love Autumn! It is by far my favourite time of the year.. the heating comes on, film days in my pjs, the burnt orange leaves come falling from the trees and I get to wap out my autumn lip colours! By far, my favourite lip colours are the bold cherry and red shades that quite frankly aren’t acceptable during the summer. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite fall lip products as I just can’t get enough! 

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick – Mon Jules

IMG_7737 IMG_7730

If you are a regular here on my blog then you would of heard me talk about this lipstick many times. This is my number one go-to for fall and has been for the last couple of years. I just love it, it is a little more red undertoned than plum undertoned, but it is pigmented to hell and has such a lovely finish. L’Oreal did good!

Mac Lipstick – Velvet Teddy

IMG_7739 IMG_7735

This is a great nude for all year round in my opinion and possible one of my all time favourite lipsticks full stop. I think that this lipstick is the perfect nude especially for the fall months as it is quite deep and still gives that almost ‘vampy’ look but in a nude lipstick. I just love it and I would highly recommend MAC lipsticks to anyone as they easily have the best formula in my opinion! Not to mention.. it’s matte! Mac just get me… 

Makeup Gallery All About The Pout Colour Moisture Lipstick – Black Cherry

IMG_7738 IMG_7729

This is the newest addition to my fall lipsticks and cost me just £1!! Makeup Gallery is the makeup brand from Poundland. I wasn’t expecting much when I bought this lipstick, I just knew I had to try it for a pound because the colour is right up my street. This shade is the ultimate vampy berry/purple shade and it is so moisturising on the lips. I actually really like this lipstick and I will continue to use it throughout fall!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Pencil – Cappuccino


I am a huge fan of the 90’s style brown lips and I feel like autumn is the only time I can really make it wearable. This lip liner is perfect for a vampy nineties style lip and this pencil has such a nice formula. I wouldn’t say that these lip liners are as good as the exaggerate lip liners from Rimmel, but they are still great nonetheless. I will say though, this liner is brown. It’s almost a neutral/cool toned brown and it is bold! It may not be everyones taste but if any of you are looking for a good, affordable lip product that is so 90s then this is your guy!

Essence Lip Liner – Red Blush

IMG_7740 IMG_7733

This lip liner is the one I pair with my L’Oreal lipstick as the colours are quite simular. This is most definitely a red though, but a deep berry red. I am actually really impressed with essence lip liners as they have great formulas, the pigment is there and they last so well on me. I own a few different colours but this is my favourite one for fall! It is the perfect red lip without being too blue toned, so it is really nice and warm on the lips. My ultimate red lip for Autumn!

So there we have it folks, my favourite fall lip products!

What are your favourite fall lip products? Have you tried any of these? 

Until next time my loves,


15 thoughts on “My Top 5 Autumn Lip Products

  1. Hey :)

    Oh wow, okay, I love all of those, but that L’Oreal lipstick – oh my goodness!! I’ve been looking for a shade identical to that one for such a long time! So glad I finally found it! :D

    Lovely post!

    Have a nice day. :)



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