September Favourites!

Where the hell has the year gone? No seriously? It only feels like last month I was planning my night out in Norwich, dressed up as Jigsaw from Saw ready to celebrate my 19th birthday.. and here we are saying hello once again to my birthday month and my favourite time of year; fall!! This year has gone especially quick for me, where has it gone? Who knows.. but what I do know is I have quite a list of favourites for the month of September and I cannot wait to share them with you!

I have decided to break up my favourites this month into categories because quite frankly there is a list.. a long one and it will make it easier on both you and me! Lets do this…

Beauty & Skin Care

Garnier Hydrating Day Cream


So my first favourite for the month of September is the this moisturiser by Garnier. I personally love Garnier and this day cream is so nice and thick that it really hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It is a great budget option and I will most certainly be repurchasing this as I am nearly out!

Nspa Moisturising Shea Rich Body Butter


I am a huge fan of body butters and when roaming the NSPA section at my local Asda I came across these little babies! For those of you who have read a few of my posts, you will know that NSPA are my all time favourite skin care brand, and this body butter did not disappoint. It is such a lovely, creamy and thick product that gives your skin the nicest scent whilst making your body look radiant. It isn’t greasy or sticky and I am in love! I use this every time I get out of the bath or shower without fail!

Nspa Vanilla Frangrance Body Mist


Again, NSPA have done mumma proud! This was another item I found whilst roaming the aisles at asda and it is honestly the most refreshing thing ever. For the summer months I am obsessed with coconut fragrances, when it gets to the autumn/winter months I like something a little more deeper and warmer. Vanilla is most definitely another one of my favourite scents and this one smells like true vanilla, not that artificial smell that some products have. It is so refreshing and again it isn’t greasy or uncomfortable on the skin.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer


Ah, of course I have a concealer as my first favourite for makeup! Since turning into the fall season, I haven’t been loving my highlighted under eye so much. I have been liking a more natural, disguised concealer. This concealer I hadn’t used for a long time as it wasn’t as brightening as I would usually like. Recently however, this concealer is my go-to! The formula is incredible, the colour is perfect and it wears so beautifully under my eyes. Super lightweight, not at all cakey and really creamy and moisturising. Yas!

Sleek Sunrise Blush


It’s Autumn okay! You should know to expect some beautiful autumnal products, and this one has fall written all over it. This blush is beautiful.. there’s not really a lot more to be said about it. These sleek blushes have an amazingly blendable formulas and are just great all rounders!

Makeup Gallery Lip Pencil – Nude


So I popped into poundland a couple of weeks back and noticed that they have redone their whole makeup collection. Being a little bit cautious I thought I would try out just a couple of their products. This was one of them, and oh my good lordy. This nude lip liner has my name written all over it. It is my perfect shade of nude, it is super universal and would suit so many different skin tones and is so lovely. For £1 I cannot get enough! It is also great when combined with my next favourite…

Essence Long Lasting Lip Stick – Oh So Matt


This little baby is the perfect nude pink shade. I have been wearing it a hell of a lot lately as the formula is lovely, the price is right and the colour is perfect! I can’t big Essence up enough for this lipstick, it is ridiculously long wearing and I’m so happy that I finally found my perfect nude pink!!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick – Mon Jules


Of course, I had to include my favourite berry lip shade. They are my favourite after all! I have spoken numerous times about this lipstick so I won’t ramble on. All you need to know is that I love this little guy.. with all my heart.

Home Ware

This section is a little bit different for my blog, but I needed to share with you some of the things that I purchased this month and have saved my life pretty much!

Makeup Storage!! 

IMG_7840 IMG_7843

For so long I have needed to update my makeup storage, I was seriously out growing my little draws and I needed somewhere I could store all of my makeup in a tidy, organised manor. This little guy is perfect. I purchased this set of 3 drawers from Dunelm for £21.99 on offer btw! It is great as it is free standing and it holds every single item of makeup I own. Perfectoooo..

Vanilla Owl Candle


I briefly spoke about this candle in my last post, but it deserved it’s own little section if I’m honest! If there are two things I love, it is owls and vanilla candles. Not only is this an owl shaped vanilla candle, it is so god damn pretty! For £3.99 from B&M I am in love and I can’t get over how pretty this is!


Che Chesterman – X Factor

Yes, I know. I am a regular viewer of good ole’ x factor. As much as I don’t really understand the show, I really only watch it to hear people singing! This guy is my favourite this year.. I just love his voice!

Runnin’ – Naughty Boy ft Beyonce

I had to share with you my favourite song from the last week or so! This is a new single by Naughty Boy featuring Beyonce and I just love it! Feel free to take a listen..



So I had wanted to watch this film for a while as I briefly heard Danny Dyer talking about it on a chat show. I am usually your normal romantic comedy girl, but I do like a bit of action every now and then. This film is such a classic Danny Dyer film. His parents get killed and he goes on a crazy killing spree to find the people that did it, some parts are really ‘creative’ if you want to call it that and also quite graphic. I really enjoyed it though!

That finally brings me to the end of this extremely long favourites post! I hope you didn’t get bored & I can’t wait to start reading favourite posts!

Until next time loves,


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