Beginner Beauty Series | Contour Kits

Are you ready for another BBS post? I am as this one is based all around contour kits! I love contouring whether it is a light day to day sculpting session or a full on crazy contour for the evening. I have a few great contour kits to show you that are perfect for beginners and will suit a whole range of skin tones. So lets get started!


Contouring is a big makeup trend that can seem extremely intimidating. I am here to help make it seem that little bit easier for you. Contouring is basically sculpting out your features to make them appear more defined. Contouring is going to make areas appear smaller than they are and more pushed back. The highlight shades are going to make these areas more prominent and pulled forward. The typical areas to contour will be in the hollows of the cheekbones, the forehead and the jawbone. As most contour kits come with illuminators (highlighters) then this product would be applied to the tops of the cheekbones, tip of the nose and the brow bone. Of course, there is much more to contouring and highlighting, but these are the basic areas to get you started. If you would like to know more about contouring in more depth then head over to my Keep Calm And Contour post where I go a lot more in depth! So let me recommend you some products!

Maybelline Master Sculpt


This contouring palette is my personal favourite. This palette comes in two shades; light/medium and medium/deep. I would highly recommend this palette to us fair/light skinned people as it is the perfect shade that isn’t too dark or orange toned. The highlight shade is also my all time favourite highlight as it is super natural and pretty. This palette would be perfect for an on the go contour and anyone who is in a hurry as it is so easy to apply and blend. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush to sweep the product through the hollows of my cheeks and my temples then dust the highlight shade on the tops of my cheekbones. Super fast and the product over all is beautiful. If you fancy reading my review, you will find it here.

Sleek Contour Kit

sleek contour kitsleek

Ah sleek, they know the way into a girls heart and it starts with this contour kit. This kit is one I would recommend for more medium – deep skin tones. I have fair/light skin and the light palette is slightly too dark for me. I would also recommend this palette for anyone who likes a more dramatic contour and highlight. The highlight shade itself is much more glittery, so if you want a more natural contour I would stick with the maybelline master sculpt. This is a great, affordable contour kit with super blendable colours which last forever!! The packaging is also super sturdy so it will be great for travelling. I will say however, the deep shade of these kits are perfect for deeper skin tones. The highlight is the perfect bronzy shade and the contour will chizzel those cheekbones like there’s no tomorrow!

Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit


This little compact would be great for light to medium skin tones. Again, this kit is super natural even more than the master sculpt. This contour kit comes in two shades; fair or medium. I wouldn’t recommend it for deep skin tones as it really wouldn’t do anything. The contour shade is especially great for fair skin as it isn’t too muddy or orange and will define the those cheekbones beautifully. Another handy packaging bonus for this contour kit is that the two powders are separate meaning that you wont have a shimmery contour or a bronzed highlight. This is a bit of a negative point when it comes to the master sculpt.

 Quick Tips:
  • You don’t actually have to use a contour kit. You can pick up individual eyeshadows such as the Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadows for just £1 and the shade Mocha Love is perfect for contouring. Eye shadows are a great way to get a budget contour and even highlight.. just play around with shades first to make sure you are getting your perfect personalised contour.
  • Blending is key. You never want to blend your contour in downwards motions, this will make you face look droopy and sagged down. Blending your contour in upwards motions will ensure your contour is fresh and uplifting.
  • Go easy! You don’t have to apply tonnes of product as this will make it obvious and quite muddy. Adding small amounts at a time, blending as you go until you feel your contour is working will ensure your not walking around with brown lines all over your face.
  • Powdered contour is great as it is easy to control the amount of product you have on your face whilst being able to blend easily. If you have dry skin, cream contouring will be your best bet. It is harder in my opinion to find the shades so if you are waiting for the perfect shade, use the master sculpt in the mean time as it is super natural without looking super powdery on the skin.
  • Have fun! Contouring can be so intimidating as there are so many ‘rules’. At the end of the day it is your face and you should wear your makeup how you want to! It washes off at the end of the day anyways.


So after that heap of ‘tips’, I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something from it! These palettes I mentioned really are worth a try and are really great and affordable for beginners. I hope you enjoyed & until next time my loves,

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