My Birthday Beauty Wishlist

Oh hey all!

Well.. what do you know? I have another wishlist to share with you! I love October as it is in my favourite season; fall. Not only that, it is my birthday month! What better day to have your birthday than on the day that makes October.. Halloween! I am turning 20 years old this month and quite frankly dreading it! The only thing that is getting me through is the fact that my mum recently asked me what I might like for my birthday. She then added ‘it doesn’t all have to be makeup though’.. err do you know me at all mother?! I did in fact give her maybe a couple of things that was not makeup like makeup brushes, but it’s fine because she now has a nice little list made by moi which has plenty of ideas! So what was on that list? Of course it featured a couple of bits from my Autumn Beauty Wishlist but the rest are some other bits I have been spying on!

Mac 217 Blending Brush


I love my eye blending brushes and this one I have had my eye on for quite some time! I mean.. blending is one big love of mine so it was only a matter of time before we came together! Well.. hopefully we will come together, hint hint mother dearest! 

Mac Lippies!

mac lipsticks

So if you guys follow me on instagram (@blendedandbeautiful) then you may had seen a photo I posted which stated I needed help! So my lovely partner decided that for my birthday he would treat me to not just one.. but three whole mac lipsticks. He’s a keeper, I know! This boy truly knows the way to my heart! So I finally decided on what colours I wanted to choose and those are; ruby woo, brave and whirl! I am super excited!

Becca & Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop


I think you guys have heard me talk enough about this damn highlighter. I can’t help it! I feel like my life won’t quite be complete without it! You know I love a good highlighter and this to me is the highlighter! I don’t think it matters if I put it on my Autumn wishlist, Birthday wishlist or any other wishlist that I may post in the future.. it will be in every one until this little baby is in my arms!

Colour Pop Lunch Money Highlighter

lunch money

I have been following colour pop cosmetics for a while as their products are so god damn gorgeous! I have made myself a mini list of colour pop products I would love to try.. but this highlighter is my number one. It’s so pretty! Plus like I said.. I love my highlighters! Judge me okay.. If you haven’t noticed, this is the much more affordable dupe for the Becca Moonstone highlighter *inserts wink face here*

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

age rewind

I have planned to buy this concealer multiple times as I have heard amazing things about it. Not to mention we all know that I am crazy for the concealer! I am dying to try this one, but every time I go out to buy it they never have my colour! Therefore I have popped it on my birthday wishlist as maybe other people will have more luck!

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

abh sad girl trust issues

These last two products are both ABH products. Whilst I am dying to try out some of their brow products, I am also dying to try out these two colours of liquid lipsticks! The shades that were blessed on my list were Sad Girl and Trust Issues. Both very fall appropriate but it’s Sad Girl that caught my eye. The first ever video I watched of Jaclyn Hill’s was the ABH Liquid Lipstick review. This colour has always stood out to me as it looked so god damn good on her and the lipstick itself had a pink shimmer running through it which made it so different and edgy to me! Love!

So that brings me to the end of my birthday beauty wishlist! I hope you enjoyed and until next time my loves…


17 thoughts on “My Birthday Beauty Wishlist

  1. I LOVE both of the highlighters you chose- they’re perfect for my complexion too! Such a nice sparkle to them, and easy to blend. Great post! I have some beauty reviews that you might enjoy as well- feel free to check it out!


    1. Awesome haha! I personally think it’s the best day for a birthday ;p I know I can’t get it easily here in the UK either! :( xoxo


    1. Thankyou love! Since writing this post a couple of people have come forward with the same birthday haha! Hope you have a lovely day love xoxo


    1. Thankyou! It is.. although as my birthday is on Halloween I rarely went trick or treating as I was having halloween parties instead haha! I think i’ve been about 3 times in my life! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

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