Sleek Barekissed Illuminator Review

Well helloo my loves!

I couldn’t think of a better time to review this product. As we are head first into Autumn, a lot of us can experience some problems with our skin. The season change can make our skin dry and dull.. and what is one thing that can temporarily give our skin the appearance of a healthy natural glow? A beautiful highlighter of course. I bought this product as soon as I saw sleek advertise it on their Instagram page. We know I am all about the glowy, dew that is a good highlighter and what makes this product even better is that it is a liquid (shout out to my dry skinned pals). Are you ready for my full review on the Sleek Barekissed Illuminator? I sure am!




This product is a liquid illuminator that works as a base under foundation, mixed with foundation or applied as a highlight on the high points of the face. It has amazing light reflecting pigments that give your skin that healthy, youthful glow whilst being super natural and not at all chunky. The blendable, creamy formula is perfect especially during the Autumn months when your skin needs that pick me up and is looking a little dry. This highlighter is intense, but by using a little and blending well it can be super subtle and beautiful. You can also use a brush to sheer out the product so that it isn’t as intense.


This illuminator retails for £8.99. It is super affordable and avaliable at your local boots or online at



I love the packaging of this product! It comes in a really sleek almost frosted glass bottle. The bottle comes with a pump, and I think we all love a pump. The pump is also great as you can control just how much you need. One pump will be plenty to mix with foundation or use as a base all over the face, or you can control a smaller amount just for the high points of the face. This illuminator comes in a foundation sized bottle. For me that is amazing as you really get your moneys worth! It is very sleek if you catch my drift, and clean which draws in the eye. As there are different shades and you can see the product through the frosted glass it makes the overall appearance very pretty.

Colour Range

sleek color range

This product comes in four different shades. I own the shade Monaco which is the lightest of them all. It is a frosty, silvery white shade but when applied it simply looks like a natural glow. It doesn’t alter the colour of your face or look to sparkly and silver on the skin. The other colours include: Casablanca (a very pink toned highlighter), Cuba (a warm peach shade) and finally Pompeii (a deep tan/bronze shade). Personally I can’t see Casablanca being a very popular choice as it is very pink and won’t look very natural on many skin tones, but apart from that I think they have a good selection.

Personal Opinion

IMG_8087 IMG_8086

I love this highlighter! I often use this as a base under my foundation when I want to be a little bit more matte. It may not make any sense but as I am dry, by applying this highlighter underneath then going in with my foundation, concealer and powder it still makes my skin beam through so I don’t look too matte! I also love this when I want to be a little bit more dewy! Of course! This stuff makes my skin beam from miles away, without being too overwhelming. It is super blendable and a little goes such a long way! I love using this underneath my other highlighters to really make them pop, or by itself when I want a cream base. This illuminator would be great not just for dry skin, but oily skin too. The formula isn’t greasy and it stays in place where you put it. Applying a little too much may become a problem for you as it may blend into areas where you get oily but apart from that it would work for pretty much every skin type! It is such a nice highlighter and I really cannot complain about the price or the amount of product you get. The packaging is super sturdy and pretty and Sleek have done so well with this little guy!

So I hope this review was helpful to some of you & until next time my loves..


7 thoughts on “Sleek Barekissed Illuminator Review

  1. I love Sleek! It’s such an underrated brand, especially for the price. I have their ‘storm’ palette and their lip stick in ‘vamp’…now I really want to try this highlighter!


    1. I know I love them! I really want to try their lipstick ‘smoulder’, it’s like the perfect fall lipstick! I do own one of their lipsticks and I love it so it makes me want another one even more! The highlighter is gorgeous, I haven’t put it down recently! xox

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    1. Thankyou so much love! I will defo check that out, I have already done this award but I will answer your questions in my original post! Thankyou again love xoxoxo

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