My 1st Ever Q&A | You Ask, I’ll Answer!

Well hello one and all..

I’ve said it one hundred times before. I love this time of year! Autumn to me is so special as there are a lot of personal events and family birthdays etc that make it extra special. As of a few days ago, I now have another reason! I reached a whopping 400 followers? What?! Honestly, when I started my blog I was flattered when I got 5 followers, let alone four bloody hundred! I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate the follows and the fact that anyone even reads these posts! It is so easy to post something on the internet and think ‘oh, nobody will ever read it anyways’, and I forget that some of you do read and even enjoy what I put out there. I am just very thankful for all your support!


So to celebrate this very exciting moment in time, I want to host my first ever Q&A! I have wanted to do one in so long as I feel like it is all well and good me writing about my love for beauty and makeup, but it doesn’t really mean anything if you guys don’t get to know me! Plus, Q&A’s are my favourite things to read/watch so why not do one of my own!


So here is everything you will need to know…

  • You can ask me anything! Literally.. anything! I am a very open person and whether you want to ask me questions that are personal, blog related or anything in between then you are more than welcome!
  • Any questions that you do want to ask me, just comment below!
  • You can also ask me questions through Instagram! (@blendedandbeautiful) I will simply post a photo and you can ask me all the questions you’d like in the comments section of that photo.
  • Whether you want to ask 1 or 10 questions.. there are no limits.
  • I will leave this post floating around for one week.. then I will select as many questions as possible and answer them in a separate post. Once the post is live I will leave a link on this post to my Q&A! (closing date: 24.10.15)
  • Finally.. whether you are an old follower, new or just stopping by.. don’t be afraid to get involved! I like to think i’m friendly enough, so just drop me a comment and I assure you, you will be welcomed with open arms! Cutie aren’t I! 

So there we have it loves! All of the info needed for my first ever Q&A. I can’t wait to read your questions *secretly praying that this works out* and I will see you in one week with all my answers!

Dropping A Big Ole’ Giveaway Bomb!

When I reach 500 followers, I plan on doing another giveaway! Stay tuned for when (and if) that moment comes! I’m excited!

Remember to leave your questions below and until next time my loves,

6 thoughts on “My 1st Ever Q&A | You Ask, I’ll Answer!

  1. I did a Q&A on my blog recently too and it was so much fun!

    My Questions:
    How did you get into makeup?
    If you could relive one day in your life so far, which day would it be and why?
    What’s your most worn nail polish?


  2. Let’s see…

    How old were you when you got into makeup?

    Favorite makeup product?

    Favorite makeup brand?

    Where did you go for your last vacation?

    What’s your biggest accomplishment?

    I’ll come back with more if I can think of any, but I also don’t wanna be the only one asking haha

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  3. CONGRATS ON 400! That’s so ace and I’m a tiny bit jealous x
    Some snazzy questions for your lovely face:
    If you were a unicorn what colour would your horn be?
    How often do you wear glitter?
    What’s your favourite flower?


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