The Feel Good Makeover!

Howdy all! *spoken in a true Suffolk accent*

I woke up this morning feeling like sh*t. Not enough sleep, I needed a shower but the bathroom was occupied the night before and I was profusely sweating in my sleep. How’d you like me now? To put it nicely, I’ve seen better mornings. When I woke up and walked into the bathroom, that unavoidable mirror decided to rub salt on my wounds and reveal my terrible looking skin. I. Broke. Out. These damn spots are bloody everywhere. It happens.. moving on. It was then that the inspiration hit me. I want to share with you my feel good makeup. That special look you save for when you are feeling less than the glamorous queen you are and you want to feel a little bit better about yourself. So after my gloriously needed shower, that’s exactly what I done. I used all my favourite products and made myself ready to face the day… the day that i’ll spend in bed. I’m feeling good! Muhaha. 

Let’s Be Flawless..


To start off with, I wanted my skin to look flawless and glowing. I mean, who doesn’t feel good when they do flawless makeup?! First up, I needed to cover my redness that is all too familiar these days. So I said hello to my favourite foundation, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. Problem solved. For days when I want to look extra flawless, I apply this with my complexion sponge from RT as it literally melts the foundation into your skin.


Concealer! Ah my favourite. I decided to paint my face with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as I was quite frankly feeling myself. Plus I wanted to contour and highlight the crap out of my face. It makes me feel good ok! After I applied this.. well, everywhere I then set it using this little palette. I have no idea what this palette is called or who made it. It is a cheapy one of eBay. But it is life! I have been obsessing over this palette in the last few weeks and it is just so perfect. I set my concealer with the white shade (highlight game = strong) and then moved onto contouring. I used the third shade and starting chiseling out my cheekbones and added a touch on my forehead. I then decided to do the unthinkable, I wanted to look flawless after all. For those of you who are regular readers of my posts, you will know that I don’t contour my nose. It usually looks muddy and ridiculous. But hey! I was feeling myself.. so my nose was feeling it too.


Now for that glow! First off, I thought ‘I wan’t that highlight from within’ but after having a serious chat with myself I decided that I just wanted to glow period. None of this ‘from within’ crap.. I wanted to look like a disco ball. Disco ball it is! My Maybelline Mastersculpt Highlight quite literally went everywhere.. and multiple layers of it too. Yaaaaaaaaas! I then added a pop of my Essence Silky Touch Blush for even more glow and moved onto my eyes.



When I am feeling less than glamorous, there is only one eye shadow palette that does it for me. Urban Decay Naked 3 I hear you say? Hello lover. It always helps to feel like Carrie Bradshaw every once in a while.. and this moment was it. Like I said.. feeling myself. I applied nooner to my lid and crease as I wanted effortless beauty. Then I mixed liar and factory for my lower lash line, finishing with strange as my inner corner and brow bone highlight. That’s when it hit me. I want to look like Olivia Pope! I smudged some black eyeliner through the roots of my lashes and blended it out. I then applied my Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude Kohl Liner to my lower waterline and left my tightline blank.. because that just doesn’t ever feel good! I then finished off with my fool proof Max Factor Calorie 2000 Mascara, my all time favourite and moved onto my lips.

Pucker Up…


Do you ever wonder why your lips are naturally like Kylie Jenners? It’s a daily thought process for me. Why oh why?! If there is one lipstick that makes me feel like I have the power of the pout it is my favourite pink nude from essence. The Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Oh So Matt! is everything. I have been wearing it pretty much daily, and I feel like my lips are twice the size. Feeling myself! 

Finished Look..

16 14 15

So this is my finished ‘feel good’ makeup. And yes, I am wearing a onesie. Who doesn’t feel good in a onesie?! So I am going to be feeling good in bed all day watching scandal and lighting my favourite candles. I hope you enjoyed & until next time loves!


12 thoughts on “The Feel Good Makeover!

    1. Thankyou love! I would recommend a foundation base if you are contouring using powders, but if you are cream contouring I don’t feel any need to wear foundation! I would just say experiment and see what works for you :) Thankyou so much love! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. There’s a lot of gorgeousness going on over here. I often wonder why we fellas can roll out of bed without a hitch and look our best (a relative term in most of our cases), especially compared to the care and feeding of the opposite gender.


  2. I did the same thing today. Yesterday I used all my cheap stuff and today I used all my best. And as far as that pallette from ebay…I have that same one, it was so cheap but I love it. It feels and smells so nice on me. <3

    And yessssss….when u have a good makeup day, it really is a game changer on how you feel


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