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Well helloooo!

So as some of you may or may not know, I recently upgraded my makeup storage. Only in these moments do you realise just how much makeup you own. I seriously underestimated how much I hoard makeup and I found some old gems that I forgot how much I loved! So my loves, may I present to you ‘Shop My Stash’! Pretty much, I am just going to search through my makeup and pick a few items that are a little neglected and start to use them more often! It’s a really fun and easy way to get use out of your pushed aside items, and prevent your favourite items being used up too quickly! So what did I find?

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation


I used to use this pretty much everyday, but since going off foundations and then finding my holy grail foundation, it’s safe to say that I neglected this little guy. I am definitely going to start using this foundation more often, as it is a really nice consistency with good coverage and it has a lovely finish. I can’t really fault this foundation so why did I stop using it?

Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer


This concealer has to be my all time favourite concealer for full coverage, dramatic glam. I rarely use this on a day to day basis as it is so full coverage but it is a beautiful concealer. I stopped using this as I have very watery eyes and as soon as my eyes would water it would ruin my concealer. This is why I opt for a little less coverage so that if my eyes do water then you can’t really notice. However, I am determined to use this more, even if I sheer it out in some way as it is so beautiful and probably the best concealer I have ever tried.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter


I am obsessed with highlighters, that’s a given. This highlight is intense however, so I rarely use it on a day to day basis. I have decided that I want to start using it more, as it really is gorgeous and it gives the nicest glow to the face. I used this for the first time in a while today, and I dusted it ever so lightly on my face using a small fan brush. I forgot how beautiful the results are.. this truly is a gorgeous highlighter!

Milani Baked Blush – Bella Rosa


I am in love with my milani blushes, but recently I have been choosing my essence blushes over anything else. I went on a crazy blush spree when I realised that I didn’t have enough.. and now I have too many! For this reason, most of them don’t get used so I have decided to use this specific blush more often. It is a gorgeous colour and adds the perfect pop of colour to any makeup look.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palette


Finally, we have this lovely little palette. When I first purchased this palette I wasn’t expecting much, but honestly it is a really nice palette. It has six beautifully neutral eye shadows, perfect for everyday wear so I have decided to get more use of out this handy little palette!

So there we have it loves, some old gems making a come back in my everyday makeup routines! I hope you enjoyed and until next time loves..


I’m doing a Q&A! Get envolved here.

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