My Five Favourite Red Lippies!

Hello my loves.

As my birthday is coming up, I thought I would treat myself. That’s right.. I bought myself a new camera. To many people this won’t mean much, but as a beauty blogger it is everything. No more will I be using my crappy iPhone camera to try and take pretty pictures, and now that will hopefully be a little easier with my new toy. I didn’t realise just how serious blogging would be to me, and I really want my blog to be at it’s best quality, not just for my own satisfaction but yours too! Now I can take as many photos of those sparkly eye shadows and pretty lippies. Talking about lipsticks, I have a cracker of a post for you. This post is based all around my top five red lipsticks. It’s safe to say we all love a classic red lip, it screams decadence and elegance at the least. If there is one staple that everyone needs in their makeup bag, it’s a good red lipstick. If you are struggling with finding that perfect red, don’t worry! I’m about to recommend five beautiful red lipsticks, all super affordable and super accessible. Are you ready for my top five red lippies?!

Makeup Acadamy Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers – Reckless


So it’s no secret that I love these lip lacquers. They are extremely matte and will stay put all day long. I am useless at describing colours, so I am just going to say this.. if you love matte lips and you want a the truest of true red lipsticks, this is your guy. It lasts for hours on end and is so pigmented! The only down side to this product is that you have to wait until your lips are completely dry before you press them together and if you apply more than one layer they can start to flake. Apart from that this lipstick is beautiful!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick – 107


This little baby is my favourite out of them all. This is the 107 lipstick by Rimmel. Can I just say.. rimmel done good with this lipstick! It is a more plumy red, but it is so nice. It is pigmented and it says on my lips for ages. It is such a gorgeous almost muted shade, that it is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want an ‘out there’ red, but it is still a bold choice. Zoella made me want this lipstick, and I owe her for this find! It is so lovely.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick – 547 Pleasure Me Red


I just want to start by saying, I hate ‘sexual’ names for lipsticks. That’s right, the name of this lipstick makes me cringe. But..The lipstick itself is such a lovely shade. It is more like the MUA lip lacquer but it has much more of a sheen to it. It has a much deeper tone to this red lipstick but the finish is lovely and it is a really good red for anyone who doesn’t like those matte lips! The pigment is there and the lasting power is there, it is a really great little lippie!

Essence Lip Liner – 14 Femme Fatal


This lip liner is life. I am not even joking. Until I found my Rimmel lipstick, this little baby was my favourite. This lip liner is so creamy and pigmented, but it isn’t so creamy that with one swipe your pencil is blunt. It is just the nicest, bright red and I would even say it is a little bit blue undertoned (my favourite kind). This lip pencil stays put on my lips forever and I even managed to get through a three course meal with minimal damage! It really is a great lip liner and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for their perfect red!

Makeup Acadamy Power Pout – Runaway


This last lip product is a little different from the rest. This red is much sheerer as it is a lip tint and balm. It is extremely moisturising but the colour is much lighter, making it a great product for everyday wear. The colour itself applies very evenly, and you can build it up to create a more solid colour if you choose. This product is also great if you want something light and glossy on your lips, if you are not a matte person, this is your guy. These lip tints and balms are also really affordable, as is everything from Makeup Acadamy.



So there we have it folks, my top five favourite lip products. I hope you enjoyed!

What are your favourite red lippies? Have you tried any of the above? 

Until next time loves,

9 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Red Lippies!

  1. I love Reckless! I just wish it was easier to apply, and with matte lippies when you talk you can see the defined line where it was applied. I use Rimmel Kate in 001 the most which is more of a classic vintage red. ❤


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