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Well hello lovelies!

I feel an overwhelming sadness running through me today as unfortunately I am back to work tomorrow night. I have really been enjoying these few days off and the thought of going back to packing fish in a box for twelve hours has got me feeling down. What’s the one thing that makes me feel better? My bed of course. So here I am, laid in bed, and with a little bit of inspiration. I didn’t actually realise how much makeup I own from Makeup Academy. They are an extremely affordable makeup brand in the UK that do all sorts of lovely makeup. Of course, the bad thing about ‘cheap’ brands is that products can be a hit or miss. I am here to let you know what I feel are the best and worst of Makeup Academy to help anyone out who is wondering what things are great.. and what is worth walking in the other direction!


Matte Lipsticks


So the first product to make it into the best section are the matte lipsticks. Personally, I really like these lipsticks. They have a good colour pay off, and they are the mattest of matte. They last really well on me and I just really enjoy them. I personally think that the packaging lets these lipsticks down as they aren’t very sturdy and they do look ‘cheap’, also they can tend to tug when you apply them but I apply these over a lip balm so they go on beautifully smooth. Apart from that I think these are great little lipsticks especially for £1!

Eye Shadow Palettes


I touched on these palettes in my last post ‘Beginner Beauty Series | Eye Shadow Palettes‘. I really love these palettes as they have great colour pay off and they blend really nicely. These palettes come in a whole range of colours and they have a really good quality for the price. I don’t want to confuse these palettes with the matte eye shadow palettes. The shadows in the circle pans are the good ones!

Undress Your Skin Foundation


This foundation really surprised me! It has a good coverage and it blends over my face so nicely. It doesn’t require too much blending or buffing and it doesn’t cake up on me. I really like this foundation as it also comes in a light enough shade for my skin tone! That’s something that I can’t say for a lot of makeup brands. The packaging isn’t so practical as you just squeeze the product out of the tube, which usually means I have too much product, but I can over look that as this foundation is really nice.

Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers


I have a full review on these lip lacquers here, so I am not going to go into these too much. They are just great for anyone who loves a long lasting matte lip. They come in a whole range of colours, my only wish is that they would do more wearable nude shades. I really like how they last on my lips but certain shades (such as the light pinks) do tend to crust up inside my lips, but I don’t really care as I don’t wear those shades too regularly! I love these as they are the perfect lip product for me, and they are only £3 a pop! If I had to recommend one product from MUA, it’s these babies!

Undress Your Skin Highlighters


You know that I love my highlighters! I mean, anyone who watches Jaclyn Hill for at least half of their day, everyday, is bound to be just a little obsessed right? No? Just me? Okay. These highlighters are gorgeous for such a budget brand. They are not super sparkly or chunky but they do give the most beautiful sheen to the tops of the cheekbones. I am also in love with pattern in the pan, it’s so pretty! I have mine in the pink shade, but I am dying to try out the others as they all look so beautiful! When applied they don’t look super powdery either which I love in a powder highlight.

Out There Plumping Lip Gloss


I am not the biggest lip gloss fan. I bought these with the hopes to get more into lip gloss and it definitely worked. That’s saying something! These glosses are really beautiful. They give a gorgeous shine to the lips, without being sticky or thick. They are also plumping so they give the strangest tingle on the lips which is surprisingly nice. They also have some really beautiful colours in their collection. The nude brown is my absolute favourite!

Lip Liners


Well.. I definitely saved the best until last! These lip liners are pure perfection. As you can tell, the nude shade is my absolute favourite. It is the perfect nude for pale skin and it is the creamiest, longest wearing lip liner. I just love it. They come with sharpeners on the lids which is so practical! I cannot big these lip liners up enough. If there was one thing I would say, it is that the pink liner is pretty glittery, but if you apply a matte lipstick over the top you really can’t tell!


Lip Sticks


So I have another lipstick to share with you, but these ones aren’t the matte ones. I am going to start with a positive however, and that is I much prefer the packaging of these lipsticks than the matte ones. Apart from that, nothing about these lipsticks really float my boat. These lipsticks have some really unwearable shades (barely there: VOID) and I find that the texture of these lipstick are not consistent. Some are super glossy and smooth, others are really stiff and tug at my lips. I also find the the colours don’t apply as evenly as other lipsticks I have tried. Again these are only £1 and you can’t win them all!

Matte Perfect Loose Powder


I was actually really excited to try this loose powder, but once I got it I really wish I hadn’t. The powder itself is not smooth. It’s quite chunky and it makes me look as cakey as a cake can be. Also, I got the shade translucent but it definitely has a colour to it. I wanted to use this to set my under eyes but it just didn’t work out and now it is just pushed to the back of my drawers. I even had to blow some dust of it! If you ask me, you would be much better looking elsewhere!

Sweet Sheen Lip Balm


I actually really like the idea of these lip balms, and they have such pretty colours and packaging. There is only one reason for me, why this product has made it to my worst list. That reason is that it literally clings to any cracks or dry skin on my lips and it makes them look like a lump of dough on my lips. I like to use lip balms to moisturize my lips but these don’t really do that. If I had perfectly smooth lips, then I would absolutely love these, but as I don’t these lip balms are unwearable for me. Which means it has made it to my worst section!



I haven’t tried all of the blushes so I can’t really speak for all of them, but I do own one and the only reason it is considered the worst to me, is due to the big clumps of glitter in it. I mean, the formula of these blushes are beautifully pigmented and blendable, but there are just big clumps of glitter getting all up in my grill and I am not about that life. Give me the essence silky touch blushes as they do blushes good! If these blushes didn’t have the glitter, I would be all over them. But they don’t okay! I can’t handle it! 

Matte Eye Shadow Palettes


So finally we have these palettes. I tried so hard to love these palettes but we just don’t get on very well. I could go on for hours about these palettes but I have talked about them before so I am just going to get straight to the point. They are chalky, not very pigmented and hard to blend. Personally, I wouldn’t waste the few pounds on these but I would however go for their other eye shadows. Just avoid the ones in the square pans! Although, I actually prefer the idea of the square pans as you get more product! I think if MUA were to just tweak these shadows a little bit they could be great, but I appriciate it can be a lot of work. Plus, some people really love these, it’s more personal preference but I wouldn’t repurchase these. I don’t even use them now! And I love a good matte palette! 

So there we have it loves, the best and worst of Makeup Acadamy in my opinion! I hope you enjoyed, and until next time beauties…


10 thoughts on “Best & Worst | Makeup Academy

  1. Like the post!

    I find MUA’s matte lippies awful, but I love the few regular MUA lippies I’ve got. But hey, everyone has their favourites. In regards to the blushes, not all of them are glittery. I’ll see if I can find my MUA blushes – if I find them, I’ll let you know which ones are glitter-free. :)


    1. Thank you love :) that’s the only thing with these types of posts.. Everyone’s opinions are different! Ooh that would be great thank you love! Thanks for stopping by xox

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree that with a brand like MUA, you’re going to get a very mixed bag! I have a few of the lipsticks and like you say, the consistency varies SO much between them – some are a lovely quality, whereas some barely show up at all. Overall I do like MUA (and at least you can never be too angry if you don’t like something because it’s all so cheap!) but it’s always worth getting some recommendations first :)

    Claire | | xx


    1. That is always the good thing! With the lipsticks, I have the red shade and it is really creamy and got a sheen to it, but the nude ones are so dry and drag across my lips! Thanks for stopping by love xox


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