Concealer Showdown | Essence VS Collection

Well hello my loves..

I may sound like a typical beauty blogger here, but if there is one thing I love about waking up after a night shift, it is doing my makeup and covering up those horrendous dark circles. I will happily admit that I get way to much enjoyment when I apply concealer, as it is like I’ve had a nice eight hour nap in the matter of minutes. Magical… As I was getting all of my makeup out this morning, I realised that I have two concealers that are pretty much the same. These concealers are the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Essence Stay All Day Concealer. I decided I wanted to do a concealer showdown for you guys to see which one comes out on top! 

I am going to compare these concealers in three rounds. Packaging, Product and Performance. Both of these concealers are super affordable at under £5 each! But which one will be victorious? Let’s begin round one..

Round One | Packaging

DSCN0152 DSCN0153

Packaging-wise these two concealers look very different. The Collection concealer is thinner and longer, with plain black detailing. The Essence concealer is the complete opposite, it has plenty of colour and the tube itself is much thicker. The packaging on the Essence concealer is of a lot better quality (this concealer is only £2.50 which is why this shocks me!). The writing doesn’t rub off like it does on the Collection concealer and the plastic tube itself is a lot more sturdy. Both concealers have a doe foot applicators which make it really easy to apply this concealer anywhere you may need it, and these applicators really help to get into the little areas e.g. around the nose.

The winner of this round is… Essence!

Essence 1 – Collection 0

Round Two | Product

For this round, I am going to be comparing the three C’s. Colour range, consistency and coverage.


To start off with, there is a big difference with colour ranges. Collection have four shades, they vary from fair to deep. I think that although there are only four shades, you could easily find a ‘highlight’ shade if you can’t find one that suits your natural skin tone. I have fair to light skin and the shade ‘1 fair’ is so fair that it is a little bit highlighting on me which I love. The Essence concealer however is pretty disappointing with only two shades. I find the lightest shade 10 is again really nicely highlighting, but the pigment isn’t as strong so you loose the brightness a little bit (only a tiny bit). The next shade is possibly one shade darker so the colour range on this concealer is very poor. It doesn’t cover medium or deep skin tones.


The consistency of these two concealers are very similar however. They are both in liquid form which is perfect for the under eye area. They also both have quite a thick formula, and I like that the formula is thicker as to me this means more coverage. I find that the Essence concealer is slightly more creamy but the Collection concealer applies and goes on much smoother. I don’t find either of these concealers to be dry under my eyes either.


For high street concealers, both of these have a very impressive coverage. Of course, being a concealer I expect the coverage to be good. After all, you are trying to hide those dark circles or any pigmentation in the skin. As the Collection is that little bit thicker, I do find that the coverage is a bit better. It really covers up any darkness and brightens the under eye at the same time. The Essence concealer however I find I have to apply a little more to get my desired amount of coverage. The coverage isn’t bad, but once you start blending it out I find I need to top up areas that seem to have sheered out. Out of the two, I feel like the Collection has the best coverage and formula.

So the winner of round two is… Collection!

Essence 1 – Collection 1 

Round Three | Performance

So we have a draw! Finally for this concealer showdown is the performance. Which one lasts better? Which one looks better at the end of the day? I’m here to tell you..


Let’s begin with application. Like I mentioned before, both of these concealers come with doe foot applicators. I really love these for under the eyes as you can only use what you need whereas if you had a pump (like the Mac Pro Longwear) it’s easy to waste product. We don’t do waste now do we?! I find that both of the concealers apply beautifully. The Essence concealer requires a little more product to get the desired coverage, but it doesn’t cake up and it still covers my dark circles well. The Collection concealer however has a better coverage and also blends out so much smoother. I find the Essence concealer can really sheer out so you have patches that need to be topped up, whereas the Collection concealer doesn’t do this. The Collection concealer however, does look a little bit more thicker on the skin. It doesn’t look cakey but it does look very full coverage and it is easy to overdo. This can easily be fixed with a damp beauty blender however.



So both of these concealers claim to last up to 16 hours. That is amazing for a concealer, but I don’t know anyone who would wear concealer for 16 hours. At least you don’t have to worry about your concealer fading throughout the day. I will say however, that I set my concealer with a powder, this helps the longevity of the concealer on the skin so both of them last really well. For me, the performance of these concealers is pretty much the same. They both last right through the day up to when I take my makeup off at night. I would say that the Essence concealer is more appropriate for everyday wear as it is a little lighter on the skin whereas the Collection is one that I save for my very bad days when my under eyes aren’t in the greatest shape. This doesn’t mean that I don’t wear the Collection concealer on a day to day basis as I absolutely do, but if you’re looking for a lighter, more natural concealer then I would turn towards the Essence concealer.

The last point I want to touch on is the shelf life of each product. On every makeup item, there will be a tiny pot symbol that will tell you how long the product will last. The Essence concealer gives a ‘best before date’ of 6 months. Whereas the Collection’s ‘best before date’ is double that at 12 months. So which concealer has come out on top?

The final round goes to… Collection!

Essence 1 – Collection 2



So we have an overall winner. Collection has won this concealer showdown. Even though they didn’t win the first round, what really matters is the product inside. I think overall the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer has a really good consistency, coverage and it lasts really well. It is a very popular concealer among many people and of course there is good reason for it! This affordable concealer gives a gorgeous, more awake appearance and the price is what makes this concealer even better! If you were unable to decided between the two, I would pick the Collection concealer as it truly is an amazing little high street gem!

Have you tried either of these concealers? What did you think of them?

I hope you enjoyed this concealer showdown and until next time my loves,

2 thoughts on “Concealer Showdown | Essence VS Collection

  1. Have you tried Maybelline’s fit me and master conceal concealer? Great coverage and very affordable! I really wanna try the collection concealer but unfortunately we don’t have that brand here in Canada. Btw love your review ! xoxo


    1. I love the fit me and I’m dying to try the master conceal but I can’t find anywhere that has it :( I did however try out the instant eye eraser today and I’m a little bit in love! Thank you so much love! Have you tried looking online to see if they can send it to you? Might be worth a shot :) 🦄💖

      Liked by 1 person

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