October Favourites!

Well hello again!

I feel like I have had a little bit of a disconnection these last couple of days. There are so many things I want to blog about but I am just struggling with either making the time to sit and blog, or photo disasters (my inner perfectionist). Everything seems to have come to a stop. If there is one post that I had to get done, it is this one! Luckily for me however, I managed to successfully take some half decent photos and even swatch some of my beauty favourites for you! Now my mood has perked up, I am ready to share with you my favourite items for the month of October. I will warn you now, some of these swatches will make you want to go to Boots, like right now. I will be that little guy in your head that says ‘do it!’ because I am nice, and you deserve the lovely makeup! Are you sure you want to read this?

Collection Speedy Highlighter


This is my absolute favourite right now, and I need to show you this! I haven’t actually owned this product for too long, but it was love at first sight. I am always on the hunt for gorgeous affordable highlighters, and I came across this. Collection to me are really upping their game, and I am super impressed with this chubby highlighting stick. I have the shade 01 which is perfect for my light skin tone. It is quite a dry stick, but it stays in place all day long. It gives the most gorgeous highlight I have seen in a long while. Want a swatch?


Boom! I’m in love, definitely had to add this to my favourites of the month. Good job Collection! You keep slayin’… 

Maybelline Concealers

DSCN0301 DSCN0299

So I actually have two concealers, both from Maybelline, that have made it into my favourites of the month. To start off with, I have been obsessing over the Super Stay 24 Concealer. This stuff has coverage! Plus it doesn’t bloody move. The second is one I got a couple of days ago and you may have seen it in my birthday haul! It’s the Maybelline Instant Eye Eraser which is so amazing I can’t recommend it enough. I didn’t think that this concealer would be as good as everyone makes it out to be, but now I have tried it I really understand the hype. It’s a great little concealer and it makes my under eyes so bright and awake. Maybelline are on a roll!

Gosh Natural Blush


I rarely put blushes in my favourites, but this month I have been really loving these matte blushes. I am going through a phase of matte again, and this one is so pretty. It is in the shade Rose Whisper. I have owned this blush for quite some time and use it nearly everyday, but I still haven’t hit pan! They are just really great matte blushes and they give a really nice pop of colour to my cheeks.

Collection Lipstick


Another one for Collection hey! I have owned this lipstick for a while but never really used it. I have it in the shade 15 which is a lovely pink shade. Honestly, I think this is the creamiest lipstick I have ever tried. This is a matte lipstick too, and it really surprised me. I think the formula is what makes me love this lipstick so much, and now I feel like I need to go out and buy all of them. #bbloggerproblems

Contour Kit + Brush


So these next two favourites are ones I reach for on a daily basis. The first one I want to talk about is this contour kit. I don’t know who made this palette or what it is called, but I found it super cheap on eBay! This palette is amazing as it has four super blendable shades but the pigment isn’t too crazy that you can’t work with them. I just really enjoy this palette and it has been giving me the most matte effect without being drying! I am in love with this right now. I am also in love with this brush! This also doesn’t have a name, but it is a dupe for the Mac 135 Brush. This is perfect for pretty much everything. Contouring, highlighting, blush, powdering.. you name it. I have been crazy about this brush for contouring however as it gets the job done so quickly and easily! Love, love, love!

Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick


Another lipstick! Of course, Mac lipsticks are everything and this shade is such a gorgeous universal nude. I love this especially for fall and I have definitely been getting my use out of this baby!

Collection Eye Shadow Sticks


I didn’t realise how much Collection there was in my favourites! They must be doing something right. These next two favourites are beautiful, there is no other words. They are eye shadow sticks, one beautiful highlight shade and one chocolate brown shade. I am in love with these pencils. The pigment is ridiculous, their lasting powder is crazy, they don’t crease and the have the most gorgeous metallic to them. I love eye shadow pencils for a ‘quick fix’ when you’re in a rush, and these ones are lovely. I will however say that they are a little stiff, but I like that as I feel like they last longer and stay put more than a really creamy pencil would. Collection have done it again!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter


I have fallen in love with this little guy again. This highlight is intense, but when used in moderation it gives the most beautiful shimmer to cheeks. It is super pigmented, but it blends in really well. As this product is so intense, I have been -loving this underneath my matte blush which gives such a pretty effect. I really do love this highlight!


There we have it folks! My favourites for the month of October, I hope those swatches weren’t too tempting and I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time beauties…


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    1. It is soooo gorgeous! I have never tried MAC blushes but I am dying for someone to compare the two because everytime I look at it I think of Mac blushes.. no idea why hehe! I love it! xo

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