50 Makeup & Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Bloggers block; the route to all blogging evil. I know just how annoying this terrible condition can be, right when you find the time to sit down and start writing all sorts of creative loveliness is also the time when your mind can go blank. I have even tried planning posts but sometimes, even when you know what you want to write about, you just can’t put your words into effective and interesting sentences. On the many occasions I have suffered with the dreaded bloggers block, I always look to other blogs for inspiration. Many bloggers often write lists on post ideas to get your creative juices flowing… er, hello? Is that not inspiration enough? In my inspired state, I have decided that whilst the idea’s are confidently flowing, I would create my own little list. Not just for me but for you too! Let’s look at some ideas… 


♥ Makeup Of The Day. Done your makeup? Blog it.. easy peasy.
♥ Reviews of your favourite products!
♥ Reviews of products you didn’t like so much..
♥ Been shopping? Haul it! We love being nosy.
♥ Top 5 Under £5.. We love to know what’s worth it!
♥ Top 10 Under £10.
♥ Favourite Drugstore Foundations. The same goes for concealer, mascaras, lipsticks etc.
♥ Favourite High End Foundations.. concealers, blushes or even primers.
♥ Beauty Wishlists. What makeup would you love to try?!
♥ Tag Posts.. answering questions is just as fun as reading the answers!
♥ Celebrity Makeup Looks using high end or low end! The choice is yours!
♥ Season Inspired Makeup. For example, Fall looks, Halloween, bonfire night or a Christmas party.
♥ Seasonal Holy Grail Makeup Items.. what keeps you going through the winter months?
♥ Going on a night out? Take some snaps and tell us what you’re wearing on your face.
♥ Products worth the hype.
♥ Products you regret buying. Please, let us know!
♥ How about a series? Once a week post a makeup tutorial inspired by your favourite Disney characters?
♥ Host a giveaway.. it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a little something to show your appreciation.
♥ Tell us about your beauty icons.
♥ Share your beauty story. When did you get into beauty? What made you start blogging?
♥ Nails Of The Day
♥ Easy hair tutorials. We all love a simple, everyday up-do.
♥ Show us your makeup collection?
♥ Show us your beauty area!
♥ Tell us about your beauty routines. Foundation routine, skin care routine, morning routine etc.
♥ Share your makeup and beauty tips with us.. we’re all dying to know!
♥ Have you recently done a haul? Tell us about your first impressions! Did they impress after all?
♥ Monthly Favourites. A guaranteed monthly post on the things you’ve been loving!
♥ Favourite Products by Colour.. on Wednesday’s we wear pink remember!
♥ Favourite Products by Brand.
♥ Your Holy Grail Makeup Items. What can you not live without?
♥ Confusing makeup. What makeup item has you scratching your head?
♥ Recreate you’re favourite beauty guru’s makeup look. Use alternative products if you wish..
♥ Buy a whole new face of makeup using just £20 and show us!
♥ Collabs! Bunk up with your blogging buddies..
♥ Take them time to interact with us.. give us a little life update, we want to know you too!
♥ Dupes! We love a good dupe, if you’ve found one.. let us know asap!
♥ Get someone else to do your makeup! A boyfriend, dad or bestfriend… it’s all fun!
♥ Do someone else’s makeup!
♥ Tell us about your must have makeup brushes and tools. What ones are worth it?
♥ Give us a makeup transformation! Before and afters are so great to read/watch!
♥ Q&As. We’d love to know more about you..
♥ Share your makeup experiences! Ever had bad customer service at a makeup counter?
♥ Share with us your makeup mistakes! Maybe a cheeky photo from high school? Dream matte mousse for the win!
♥ Create your dream makeup product.. tell us what you’d love to see in a makeup product.
♥ How do you store your makeup? We all need inspiration!
♥ Swatches. Show us that gorgeous eye shadow palette! We need the pigment people!
♥ Not everyone likes to wear makeup, give us your no makeup makeup tips!
♥ Blogging Tips! Everyone likes a good tip towards better blogging..
♥ Weekly Roundups. Keep your readers informed by sharing what post’s you published that week. 


After successfully writing fifty ideas for makeup and beauty blogs, I must say.. if you are ever struggling for inspiration, write some ideas of your own. Once you start writing them down, the ideas start flowing and before you know it, you have fifty ideas based all around beauty! I hope you found some of these ideas helpful and I helped kick start your brain back into gear.

Thanks for reading my loves & until next time..


14 thoughts on “50 Makeup & Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. Awesome list! There are always ideas out there. I get most of mine from comments I leave – I consider how I could expand on the idea (and always link to the blog that inspired me.)


    1. Thankyou :) A lot of ideas are generally the same as everyone elses as they are great ideas and make great blog posts! Plus its what we all want to read :) Thanks for stopping by love xoox

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hey I love this blog post, it has given me soo many ideas that I can write about… could you please check out my blog and dm me on instagram any advice or tips on how I can improve my blog. I would appreciate the follow and like as well as the advice you would give me.

    Liked by 1 person

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