Palette Breakdown: Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette

I love a good eye shadow palette. Usually you get what you pay for, and the lower end options can be poorly pigmented and hard to blend. It’s not often that we come across great eye shadows for a fraction of the price. This flawless palette by Makeup Revolution however has stole my heart. I have said from the beginning that Makeup Revolution are possibly the best eye shadows that are easily accessible in the UK. They do tonnes of eye shadow palettes including so many dupes for the higher end palettes. Today I wanted to do a palette break down for you based all around this flawless palette. I have been after this palette for a while as it is perfect for this time of year and just by looking at it, I knew I would love it. Let’s take a closer look shall we? 


This palette comes with 32 ultra eye shadows, with a range of mattes, shimmers and metallic/foil finishes. It retails for £8 which is an amazing price for such a great palette. This palette caters for both daytime and evening makeup looks, with neutral tones and some vampy fall appropriate shades too. It doesn’t come with any brushes, but it does come with a huge mirror which is always a bonus in any makeup palette.

Let’s start with the matte shades. There are only four matte shades in this palette, out of the 32 shades. These colours would be great for a transition shade as they have very neutral brown tones. There is a base colour also which could be used as a very subtle highlight. The two middle brown shades to me, look pretty much the same. It would have been nice if they would have made maybe one shade a little bit lighter, but all in all I think that these transition shades would be perfect for everyone. There is also a nice deep chocolate brown at the bottom which is always a great shade to use to define the eyes more and deepen any makeup look.

flawless matte

The majority of this palette is made up of shimmery eye shadows, 20 to be exact.. These range from highlight shades, pinks, rosy golds through to taupes, burgundys, olive shades and blacks. Some of the deep black shades have specs of teal shimmer running through them which makes them really unique and different which I love. All of the shimmers have a beautiful iridescence to them, which makes the eye shadows pop when they are on the eyes.

Flawless shimmer

Finally we have the metallic/foil shades. These shades got me the most excited when I picked up this palette. Not only are they so gorgeous, the are so smooth and blendable with heaps of pigment in them. I find that these shadows don’t really have any fallout and they can glam up any makeup look. They have a good colour range of metallic eye shadows in this palette, ranging from light highlight shades, to taupes, golds, coppers, reds and browns. The arrangement of these shadows means that they are not all together, but I can look past that as it is not a big deal. There are a total of 8 metallic shades which means that these can also be used for daytime or evening looks as they have a good variety of colours.

flawless metallic

So now we have had a closer look at all the shades in this palette, how about a cheeky swatch? I really could not manage to get any decent swatch photos for this so I used this very gorgeous photo off google. All swatches are accurate, and I really need better lighting!! I did try however to get some good ones but it just didn’t work out. Story of my life right now…

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette in Flawless Swatches

As you can see, these shadows are extremely pigmented. The blend really nicely and are great value for your money. I sometimes hate how gorgeous this palette is as I will find myself swatching the shadows for no reason, and then worry that I will hit pan. First world problems hey? I also noticed whilst swatching that one of these shadows looked like a good dupe for a higher end shadow that I own.

How about that? Not only does this palette include 32 gorgeous ‘ultra eye shadows’, but it also includes a dupe for Urban Decays Mugshot eye shadow. It is a little darker but unless you really stare you would never know the difference! The dupe shade is called ‘Tarnish’ and considering that this whole palette is £30 cheaper than the Urban Decay.. I think I’ve found myself a winner here!


So what do you think of this Flawless Palette? Let me know & until next time my loves…


19 thoughts on “Palette Breakdown: Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette

    1. It is a really nice palette. I had to use a swatch photo off google because my lighting was terrible and didn’t do it justice. When I get better lighting I am going to swatch them all again so I can have my own swatches up xox

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you :) I have used it pretty much everyday since I have owned it.. I prime my eyes with concealer and then set the concealer with the paper shade and the shadows last all day on me. I only own the naked 3 palette so I can’t compare to every ud eyeshadows, but I find the matte shades can be a little more powdery.. But they still blend really well and the really metallic shades I would say have a little less fall out than some in the ud naked 3 xx


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