Top Ten Underrated Beauty Products

Hello my loves!

I think we all have those beauty products that we love but feel like no body else really talks about them. Why is that? Some products can be so amazing but people just don’t know about them, or they won’t try them as they don’t get the raving reviews that these products deserve. I wanted to share with you my top ten products that I feel need some recognition! I love finding hidden gems in the beauty industry, but what do I love even more? Sharing them of course! So what products do I think deserve the much needed love? 

B. Flawless Complete Coverage Foundation


So this first product I want to talk about is a relatively new addition to my makeup collection. B cosmetics is a vegan makeup brand that is exclusive to Superdrug here in the UK. I understand with these products why they don’t get the recognition that they deserve and that is because they aren’t very accessible. Whenever I have previously gone into Superdrug I haven’t been able to find this brand, and I could only find them on the website. I don’t really like buying foundation online as you can’t colour match, but I got pretty lucky. This foundation is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. It offers full coverage, but can be sheered out for a more natural effect. It is just such a lovely blendable foundation that gives such a gorgeous finish and I find it to be rather hydrating too. One big thumbs up from me!

Maybelline Super Stay 24H Concealer


It is no secret that I am the concealer junkie. I hoard concealers like there is no tomorrow, and I am quite lucky because I actually really enjoy the majority of my concealer collection. Hey, I’m not running out for a while!  This concealer I thought would be talked about more, as it is by Maybelline which of course is an extremely well known makeup brand. This stuff conceals like there is no tomorrow! I will say the colour selection could be the reason that this is not as popular as it the selection is poor, but the formula is gorgeous. I have been reading a lot of reviews on the Urban Decay Naked Concealer and even though I do not own it, it sounds like this concealer could possibly be a dupe. I plan on purchasing that concealer very soon so I will compare and report back!

Nspa Bath and Skincare

1m .jpg

I actually wanted to talk about Nspa as a whole, rather than individually selecting items. Nspa is by far my favourite skin care brand which do a whole range of products including bath products, skin care, candles etc. I completely understand why people don’t really talk about Nspa and that is because again, this is an exclusive brand to Asda in the UK. Personally, I love their products. Their body butters are amazing and I really want more people to talk about them because they really deserve more recognition. Their products are so affordable and I have found that the skin care items I use are what have made the most improvement in my skin.

Collection Cheeky Blush


I love Collection as it is an affordable brand with some really great items. I find that some of their packaging can look quite cheap which in turn can put people off. I think that is why I don’t hear or see people talking about their blushes. One of the first blushes I ever bought was a collection blush and at the time, I didn’t really know if it was any good. I had just started out but over time I have come to realise how lovely these brushes are. They are highly pigmented, easy to blend and give the nicest flush of colour to the cheeks. I love these, and highly recommend them.

Sleek Brow Stylist


Brows are always on trend at the moment, whether it’s that full Cara brow or a quick fix look you are going for, this guy will get it done. I find this product to be quite waxy, which I personally like as I have a couple of scars in my brows so it really fills them in. It is also such a quick and easy pencil to use. I really don’t know why people aren’t talking about this pencil! Sleek have such amazing products and this is yet another one that really deserves some love!

Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadows


Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of the Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes. I think that their pigmentation and wear on them is quite frankly incredible for the tiny price tag. These eye shadows are no different. For £1 you get pigmented eye shadows, that blend beautifully and come in good sized pans. They don’t have the biggest range of colours but it is still pretty good. I often use their matte eye shadows to contour with as they have some really great contour shades, but above that these eye shadows are £1! I don’t know why people aren’t talking about them, but they need to!

Max Factor Calorie 2000 Mascara


I have used this mascara for so many of my blog posts, and I simply adore it. This is the mascara that I find myself going back to constantly, but I don’t understand why more people again are not talking about it. I love this mascara for length, volume and everything in between. It is such an affordable, amazing mascara and I will continue raving about it.

Essence Lip Liners

These last three products are lip products of course. The first one being the Lip Liners by Essence. Essence is a budget brand that has some incredible hidden gems. I think the price can throw people off, as you feel like you get what you pay for. With these, you get so much more. I currently own four shades, which by pure coincidence are all so Autumnal. These lip liners are pigmented, smooth and creamy without dragging on the lips or drying your lips out. I think these are my favourite lip liner formulas along with the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners. The shade Femme Fatal is possibly one of my favourite all time red lip shades. I managed to get through a three course meal and plenty of drinks whilst only have to touch up a couple of times. Again, big thumbs up from me!

Collection Matte Lipsticks

So the second of my three lip products is possibly the products that I am most excited about, from all of the products I have mentioned. That is no other than the Collection Matte Lipsticks. Hello?! Has anyone tried these?! Next to my Mac matte lipsticks, these are by far my favourtie favourite formulas for matte lipsticks. I think the colour selection of these lipsticks are pretty good, although they need to bring out more nude shades! I just think they are so pigmented, not drying and so so creamy. They just glide over the lips and they last for a really long time! People need to talk about these lipsticks! They are so amazing and I would love to hear anyone loving them as much as I do!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks

My final products are these lipsticks by L’Oreal. I think these lipsticks have the most variety than any other affordable lipsticks I have seen. They do mattes, satin, natural, intense finishes with a whole range of colours to suit a whole load of skin types and preferences. The formulas on these lipsticks are beautiful and I always find myself talking about them, but don’t really see anyone else loving them as much as me. I completely understand that makeup is a very personal thing to everyone, and we all like different things in our makeup. These lipsticks are great however and they really do deserve some love!


There we have it my loves! Ten products that I feel deserve some more recognition and need to be talked about more! Please tell me about some products you feel need some love and until next time,



15 thoughts on “Top Ten Underrated Beauty Products

  1. Wow lovely such a great post and some amazing finds ! Thanks for the recommendations.. I must try those lipsticks .. they look so pigmented ! I also have used the N Spa products and think they are great and have such a good line of differant products and range of scents !


  2. Great post, I’ve used the primer from the B collection at superdrug and really like using it! Foundation sounds good! Xx


  3. I love makeup revolution!! I use their eyeshadow in the shade delicious to fill in my brows and also sometimes to contour with too. Take a look at my blog for looks created and reviews on more of their products x


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