Products To Avoid This Christmas..

Ah, Christmas shopping! The mad shopping trips to find a nice gift for your family and friends, although it may be stressful and time consuming it is all part of the fun! That includes the struggle to find something for everyone. This is my Christmas take on ‘Products I Regret Buying’ but instead, I thought I would make you aware of a few makeup items that you may want to avoid when shopping for your beauty obsessed loved ones. I don’t come from a particularly wealthy background, so I though that I would keep this post strictly ‘high street’ so that I can cater for everyone! So, what products do I recommend avoiding? Let’s find out… 

Collection Naturally Matte Foundation


So this first item is a foundation by Collection. I personally really love some of collection’s products, but this one I was not keen on at all. I won’t sugar coat this, as you all deserve to know the nitty gritty reasons why I am recommending for you to avoid this. The very first reason is that these foundations have a very poor colour range, and the colours come up extremely orange! Not just warm toned, but orange. When you apply it, it does have a very creamy consistency. Great huh?! Not so much. This product for me just sits on the skin, it doesn’t melt in or blend in and become one with the skin, it just sits on top in one big streaky mess. I don’t find this foundation to have a matte finish either, it is more of a natural finish. I also find the coverage to be very poor too. Overall this foundation was just very disappointing and there are so many better foundations you can find on the high street!

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer


I have talked about this concealer before, and I still hate it as much as I did before. I think makeup revolution have some amazing products (eye shadow palettes!!), this concealer however is bad. You can tell that this is a cheap product due to the packaging and formula. It doesn’t cover anything for one! I am a concealer junkie, as you may know, and if a concealer isn’t covering anything then it isn’t worth calling a concealer. If you have any concealer junkies in your family then I would steer clear of this little guy!

George Super Boost Concealer


I actually really like some of the makeup from Asda’s own brand. If you find yourself shopping in asda and come across their makeup line, then this is one thing that isn’t so great. The only problem with this concealer is that it is patchy, it doesn’t blend out well and doesn’t have much coverage. I think there are so many better products by Maybelline or Rimmel, and as much as I love to find hidden gems in other budget brands, this was not one of those!

Rimmel Super Lash Mascara


Mascara can be a great gift to any beauty obsessed relative or friend. There are so many out there that are great, but of course there are some not so great ones too. This Rimmel mascara is one of them. It doesn’t give much volume and I find it to be rather clumpy. Rimmel do have some good mascaras, but this one is one I would stay away from this Christmas! If you are looking for good, affordable mascaras this Christmas then I would highly recommend a Maybelline one or Max Factor mascaras as they are worth your pennies.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Nude Collection


I love lipstick! I also believe that if you want to buy someone makeup for Christmas, then you can’t go wrong with a good lippie! This nude collection from Essence however wasn’t so great. I personally love their normal long lasting lipsticks, they are super affordable and they wear really nicely! This collection however has a very different formula to the rest of the long wearing lipsticks. They are not very pigmented and they are almost too creamy. That’s right, I didn’t think I could find a lipstick that would be too creamy, but these are. They don’t stay put on the lips and they most certainly are not long lasting. I actually find these to be more of a lip gloss finish in a lipstick form and they cling to every little line or dry skin on your lips. Even though the packaging drags you in, it really isn’t worth it! This is another product that I regret buying as I never wear them, so it may be useful to stay away from these this Christmas.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray


I saved the best until last! Or the worst, which ever way you want to look at it. Last up we have this makeup setting spray. I think that setting sprays are possibly one of the most wanted products recently, due to everybody using them to reduce that powdery finish and make your highlight pop. Not to mention the fact that they make your makeup last all day. If you are looking for a good low end option, this is most certainly not it. For one, it stinks! It smells like pure alcohol and hairspray. I hated the first time I sprayed this on my face. It does dry really quickly, but I don’t find it takes the powdery edge of my makeup and it doesn’t have any impact on how long my makeup lasts. This is just a straight up dud product and if you have anyone in your family ask for a setting spray this Christmas.. VOID THIS ITEM!


There we have it folks, just a few items that I regret purchasing and you may want to avoid this Christmas! I do want to share some more items with you in the weeks up to Christmas however so look out for those!

I hope you enjoyed my loves, and until next time…



One thought on “Products To Avoid This Christmas..

  1. I have the focus and fix concealer and am also not that impressed with it, I’ve just brought the oil control setting spray literally today!! I agree with you about the smell, it’s not nice – am yet to use it for a whole day but I’ll see if it lives up or lives down to your opinion! Given my opinion on the concealer in my makeup revolution haul on my blog, check it out! Xx


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