Winter Dew Makeup

If there is one thing about Winter that really grates one me, it is the effect it has on my skin. I suffer with dryness and simply awkward skin. This is a common problem in a lot of us and I wanted to share with you how I personally get that glow back into my dull skin.

As I recently mentioned, my skin has started to turn oily. Trying to achieve dewy skin when you are oily can be rather tricky, but if you are like me and you are oily/combo then this makeup will work wonders for you. So how do I get my skin to look radiant during those cold winter months? 

Prep Your Skin


The most important step for me is prepping my skin. As I am getting more oily in the T zone, I need to make sure my skin is ready for the glow without being too shiny. I always start with cleansed skin and then go straight in with my moisturiser. I have been using the Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche 24h Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh MaskThat was a mouthful. Even though this product is technically a face mask, it is one that you can leave on your skin. This offers my skin the hydration that it needs which will prevent your skin overproducing oil, preventing that shiny effect throughout the day. I then like to use a more matte product in my T zone, to further prevent that shiny effect. I used the Mac Skin Base Visage, which leaves your skin silky smooth but gives off more of a matte effect. Lastly, I use the Elemis Pro Illuminating Flash Balm on the rest of my skin to give my skin a glow. This product is not shimmery or chunky, but it gives a pure glow to the skin which helps that dewy finish.

Radiant Base


The second step is all about the base. I like to use the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation as this gives a radiant finish to the skin. This working with the Elemis flash balm is pure perfection and gives your skin that boost. Another good tip is to use a highlighting concealer. I am in love with the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer as it brightens and lightens areas and has a really dewy finish, effectively giving you face that ‘highlight’. The most effective way to achieve dewy skin is to layer up your products. For this reason I like to apply a cream illuminator. The Collection Speedy Highlight Stick is beyond gorgeous, it gives your skin that inner glow and pop. I love tapping this over my cheekbones before setting everything in place with powder, as it really helps my skin to glow beneath it all.


In order to achieve blended, smooth skin, my favourite tool is a damp sponge. I use the RT Complexion Sponge. It sheers out the products so that nothing cakes up, and it is great for adding a little extra dew.


Now to set everything. Some of you may be thinking ‘if you have just added all those radiant products, why set it with a matte powder?’. This next product I am going to mention will save your butt when it comes to using powders whilst trying to achieve a dewy finish. The W7 Cheeky Trio is a new product of mine which I instantly fell in love with. It comes with three shades: a bronzer, blush and highlight. What I love about these powders are that they are not matte, but they are also not shimmery or glittery. All three powders have a gorgeous iridescence to them which gives your skin a glow without being too overpowering or ‘woah’! I used the lightest shade to set my under eye concealer, and my T zone. Some of you may think that setting my T zone with a glowing powder may be stupid, as I am oily. This powder however is that subtle, that you really couldn’t tell and it doesn’t make you look oily, especially with the help of that matte skin base. It just gives you skin the glow it needs. I then used the bronzer and blush on my cheeks to add some life and dimension back into my skin. Depending on how oily you are, you can always carry a mattifying powder with you just in case you get a little bit too shiny throughout the day.


The final step in achieving that glowing skin is a good highlighter of course! If you have stopped by my blog recently, you may have noticed a certain highlighter that finally made it’s way into my welcoming arms. A highlighter that I have longed after ever since it was first mentioned, and a product I thought was way out of my league. That’s right, Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfecter is finally mine. I am a huge fan of Jaclyn and let me tell you, she did not disappoint. I  would describe my skin as ‘fair-light’ and this highlighter isn’t too dark for me! I added this to the high points of my face; the cheekbones, brow bones, tip of the nose and chin. This is the final step to give your skin life, glow and dew all in one whilst being so f*cking gorgeous at the same time. Excuse my french ;) 

Winter Eyes


The final step in this glowing winter look is the eyes and lips. For my eyes I opted for a light silver wash with a warm crease using my W7 Lightly Toasted Eye Shadow Palette, a perfect dupe for the original naked palette. I added my Benefit They’re Real Lash Primer to my lashes as a base and I have also found that this is the perfect brow gel! I then added my Maybelline Illegal Definition Mascara and finished off with my Mac Eye Brow Pencil.

Soft Lips


I love glossy lips with dewy skin as it tops off my light wearing makeup look and keeps things low key and pretty. I used my Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm to add some moisture and finished off with my Makeup Acadamy -Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in Buff, a gorgeous nude shade.

Final Spritz of Dew


So the final part of this whole look is to set everything with a setting spray. This helps the powders to meld with the cream products so that everything looks even more natural and dewy. I used the Makeup Revolution Amazing Makeup Setting Spray, I am not a huge fan due to the smell, but it does the job I need it to do. It also makes your highlight POP! 



So this is the final look!

I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful, I’m sure I will see you soon!


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