New Year, New Makeup!

That’s right, another haul! I have been on a bit of a role lately with hauls. Being Christmas the excuse of ‘just buying myself an early Christmas present’ has been made pretty redundant. But I do have plenty to show for it! I haven’t actually used these products yet, so I thought I would show you in photos, I have no opinion on any of these products but I plan on doing so soon! So do you want to see what new makeup I have to play with going into 2016? Take a look…


So here we have it! The products I am most excited to try are the concealers, the pro matte foundation and the Mac items! I am a little worried about Snob as to swatch it, it feels a little bright and has a slight purple undertone, but I will let you know once I have tried it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post, as simple as it was & until next time my loves..


12 thoughts on “New Year, New Makeup!

    1. I only heard of them when I got a translucent lip liner in my birch box, then my dad bought me a lip pencil for Christmas! It is really nice actually, very creamy and the colour is gorgeous!! It is a bit chunkier than your average lip liner but it is still really easy to apply! xox


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