Reviews Week | Collection Matte Lipsticks

Hey Beauties!

Today is the first day in my Reviews Week! There have been so many new and exciting products that I have been dying to review for you guys, and so I thought I would be super organised and do a mini series. Every day for the next seven days I will be posting a review. This is also a great time for me to share my thoughts on some products as the January sales will be well underway so it may give you an idea of things you may want to pick up!

Today’s review is going to be of the Collection Matte Lipsticks. I own three of these shades, and these are lipsticks that I feel don’t get talked about enough. I wanted to share with you my full review and get even a couple of you more aware of what good products are out there, that are affordable yet high quality! Let’s get into the review!



Let’s start with the packaging. These lipsticks come in matte black plastic cases. I was skeptical at first to try these as the plastic felt quite cheap, but it really doesn’t reflect on what is on the inside. There is some silver detailing on the top of the lid, and on the bottom you have a sticker displaying the colour and shade name. I do like the look of these lipsticks as they are really simple, but it doesn’t feel like the most sturdiest lipstick I have ever tried.


Now for the best part, these lipsticks retail for £2.99!! That is insane for such good quality matte lipsticks.

Colour Selection


According to the Collection website, there are only six matte shades in the range, which is pretty disappointing. When I went into my local superdrug however there was at least around eight shades. There aren’t a whole bunch, which there really should bebut I can only hope that they will make more shades! I own the shades 15 Taffeta Bloom, 19 Red Carpet and 20 Plum Sensation.



This for me is the part where I can rant and tell you all how brilliant these lipsticks are. After all, formula is everything in a lipstick and I feel like more matte lippies should have this formula. Collection have done so well! To begin with, these lipsticks are ridiculously pigmented. One swipe and your done. They aren’t super dry so that when you apply them they tug at your lips and they aren’t at all drying. They actually feel really creamy, almost like buttery on the lips and they have a good slip to them whilst still being incredibly matte. They aren’t uncomfortable and they are very long wearing. Not as long wearing as a liquid lipstick, but still long wearing for a £2.99 lipstick! These lipsticks are also quite hydrating, which confuses the hell out of me. They aren’t patchy or clumpy, they just apply smooth as butter and I am extremely in love.

Personal Opinion

So I think we have gathered that I am in love with these lipsticks. It is out there, I can’t go back now! I will even go as far as to say that these are my favourite matte lipstick formulas out there that are affordable and easy to get hold of. I love the high pigmentation, the buttery smooth texture, the pure matte finish, the wear time. Pretty much everything! I do wish however there were more shades, and that there were more nudes! Not everyone loves a bold red or a pink nude, Taffeta Bloom is the lightest shade and I wouldn’t really call it a nude as it has a lot more pink in it, but it is still gorgeous. I just hope they come out with more shades in the future (near future that is!) as these lipsticks are so incredibly perfect. They have got the perfect balance of smoothness and hydration whilst appealing to us that love a matte finish. I absolutely adore the formulation of these lipsticks and I will definitely be repurchasing more!


There we have it, my full review *rant* of how much I love these lipsticks! I hope you enjoyed and until next tomorrow my loves…



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