Reviews Week | New Look Pure Colour Collection

Hey beauties!

Are you ready for day two of Reviews Week? I am! Today I want to review four items from the New Look Pure Colour Collection. If you are from the UK, you will know that New Look is a clothing store you can usually find on the high street. I recently found out that they now have their own makeup line and I was dying to try a few bits out. My local New Look didn’t have a couple of bits that I was looking for (contour kit cough cough) but I did manage to pick up the concealer of course, an eye brow pencil, lip liner and one of their matte lip colours! Let’s jump into this review shall we!

Pure Colour Concealer


As I say repetitively, I am a concealer junkie. I own way to many concealers but it never stops me buying more. The first thing about this concealer that made me buy it was the packaging. I am big on packaging and I wasn’t all that impressed with this one. It comes in a clear pen with the brush applicator. You can see the product through the pen and then it simply has the Pure Colour Concealer written on it. It was a little boring for my liking, but it made me want to try it even more.

When I first applied this concealer I noticed that the consistency is quite similar to the LA Girl Pro Concealer, it isn’t too thin or too thick. I wasn’t expecting much coverage however as the product looked quite sheer. When I actually got round to blending it out however I noticed how much it looks like the LA Girl Pro Conceal, it has pretty good coverage yet it doesn’t feel heavy under the eyes. I actually think that this one done a better job than my LA Girl at covering my dark circles. As always I set this concealer with my regular powder.


Throughout the day this concealer holds up really well. It really looks flawless and it doesn’t crease. I like that it felt really lightweight but had so much coverage to it, I would say it wasn’t the fullest of coverage but still managed to cover any imperfections really well whilst being natural. I really like this concealer, it retails for around £3.99 so it is super affordable. I am not huge on the packaging, but the product inside is actually pretty good and I really love using this for everyday wear.

Pure Colour Brow Pencil


So this brow pencil comes in a black pencil with the shade colour painted on the tip. I started off really loving this product. Even though I only found one shade, it was a great universal shade. It wasn’t too warm in colour but it was a good medium shade that would suit both blondes and brunettes. You can build it up too to deepen the colour if you would like. When I was applying it, it had a good texture to it. It wasn’t too creamy, it had a little bit of hardness but not too much that you were getting no pay off. It also has a little bit of a waxy feel to it, I personally like that as I have scars in my brows so I know it will stay in those areas. This pencil retails for £1.99. At first use I would be singing their praises and recommending that you try it out. This may just be a problem that I have, but as this pencil needs to be sharpened, it all went down hill from there. I used this for about a week before I needed to sharpen it, every day. It started to sharpen nicely, but then the end was breaking off every time, it wouldn’t form into that point that is important when you are doing your brows and I felt like once you sharpened the pencil, the product was way more creamier so it just broke off without any pressure what so ever, and it was so much harder to get a clean line. To begin with I really enjoyed this eye brow product, but now I think it might just be one of those products that sit in my drawer. A little too much hassle for me!

Pure Colour Lip Liner


So of course, I love trying out lip liners! I thought I would try out this mauve rose shade, I really liked the swatch in the shop so for £1.99 it was worth a try right! It comes in the exact same packaging as the brow pencil, and I do like the packaging of them both.


This lip liner is really creamy and pigmented, just what I like. I do like the colour but I am not as crazy about it as I thought I would be, I find it swatches more orange toned, but maybe that is just my eyes. I found it doesn’t last as long during the day as it is so creamy, but I personally really like the formula so I would definitely purchase some more colours.

Pure Colour Matte Lip Colour


I am in love. Before I tell you why, I just want to rave about this beautiful packaging! I love the square tube on this product. I think it looks so modern and sleek with the black lid and the colour showing through the tube. The packaging is so simple yet it still appeals to the eyes which I love. I didn’t really know what to expect from this as everyone is coming out with liquid lipsticks but not all of them work. To begin with I love the applicator, it isn’t your average doe foot, it is more long and flexible, it is also thinner so you can really get into the corners of your mouth with out making a mess.


This colour is me all over, it is a nude pink shade and I have never found a colour like this. It is beyond beautiful. When I first got this I swatched it on my hand to see the colour. It stayed there all day, no flaking, chipping or smearing. It felt really hydrating and not that drying formula that some liquid lipsticks can tend to get. I then decided that it was time for the lip test of course. This colour goes on so smooth and pigmented, it dries pretty quick, but you still have enough time to work with it. It is also very very matte once it dries which could put some people off. I wore this for a twelve hour night shift through eating and drinking etc. It did not budge! It slightly wore in the center of my lips, but it didn’t flake off it just faded. It didn’t give me butt hole lips where you get the ring around the center of your mouth and it felt like I wasn’t even wearing anything the whole time. I wouldn’t say it felt drying, but I did feel like my lips felt slightly dry at times. I personally love these lip colours and for £3.99 I am definitely purchasing more!


So there is my review on four of the products from the New Look Pure Colour Line! I hope you enjoyed and until tomorrow my loves!


2 thoughts on “Reviews Week | New Look Pure Colour Collection

  1. This is reall interesting, I didn’t know that New Look did makeup! I am also a massive concealer hoarder so might give it a try just for the fun of it, as I quite like my LA Girl. Also if you like that lippie, I’m thinking you might like Sleek’s Matte Me in ‘Birthday Suit’, not sure if you already own it but its a nice nude matte colour.

    Feel free to check out my blog also if you have some time :) x

    Claudia |


    1. I know! I didn’t see any kind of advertising or anything, it just appeared! Do it! I like that you can also really play it down and apply small amounts and it still works just as well. I have wanted to try Birthday Suit for soooo long! I just need to buy it haha! I would love to! Thanks for stopping by! xox


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