Reviews Week | Maybelline Super Stay 24 Colour

Hey Beauties!

I’m back again for day four of Reviews Week. Today I wanted to review for you the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Colour, a lip duo. I really wanted to review this particular product as I feel like these lip products are ones you normally just walk past, and never actually look at. At least that is exactly what I done for so long. I also don’t hear many people talking about these, and I don’t see many reviews, so I was intrigued to try these out for myself. As I didn’t know if I would actually like the product or not, I only bought one colour; Creme Caramel. There is a reason I bought this colour and you will soon find out below! So if you want to see my full review on this lip product then keep scrolling! 



On the packaging there isn’t actually an explanation as to what these lip products are. Are they lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses, balms, liquid lipsticks? I didn’t know until I tried them out. It is actually a duo of a liquid lipstick and a moisturising balm. It is double ended, so whereas the whole pen looks rather large, you don’t get as much product as it appears on a first look. This product claims that it is not drying, transfer proof and lasts for up to 24 hours.



I feel like the packaging could be the reason that people shy away from these lip colours. It looks quite cheap and bulky. I don’t think it is as aesthetically pleasing as they could be, and I know that I never bought them as I didn’t really like the look of them. They do feel quite sturdy however, they don’t feel cheaply made in the fact that one side pops out and the other needs to be twisted, I find that in cheaper packaging, it can feel like parts aren’t secured properly or tightened enough, whereas these feel nice and you know the product isn’t going to leak out.


Also the little doe foot applicator that you apply the liquid lipstick with is a very nice shape, it is also nicely flexible and makes applying the colour so much easier. I really like the applicator.


These lip colours retail for £8.99 each (price taken from but I got mine for £5.99 on sale in Tescos. I find that a lot of places also do 3 for 2 so you can also find discounts etc.

Colour Range


I couldn’t tell you how many different shades there are of this product, as there are so many. I have looked on the Maybelline website, boots, superdrug etc, but in Tesco’s alone there where two whole rows filled with a variety of nudes, bright pinks, reds to deep plums. Each website displayed a different number of shades. I also find that there are a few shades that are straight up glittery, which isn’t for me, and others are just smooth colour. I bought the colour Creme Caramel which is a smoother formula with no chunks of glitter.

Personal Opinion

I actually really like this product, the colour especially. The liquid lipstick itself isn’t as highly pigmented as your average liquid lipstick, it is slightly sheerer but it still has good pigmentation. I find this to be quite clever however as when you apply it you still get a good colour pay off, but when it dries down to matte you don’t get those butt hole lips where you have a ring on the inside of your mouth. The colour applies very nice and smooth, it isn’t patchy or gloopy. I do find however if you apply a lot at one time, whilst it is drying down it can be quite sticky. Once it is dry however you really do not have this problem. It simply feels comfortable, like you aren’t really wearing any lipstick, but it still looks amazing.


The brilliance I find to these lip colours is the moisturising balms. Liquid lipsticks aren’t for everyone, if you don’t like that drying sensation or a matte finish then these will be perfect for you. They are really light wearing, yet incredibly long wearing. So you get the lasting power yet you can make them glossy. They last through eating and drinking whereas your average liquid lipstick could star to flake off or fade in the center of your mouth. The balm isn’t sticky or too thick, it is also clear so it gives your lips the moisture but it doesn’t effect the actual colour beneath it. The balm will fade throughout the day, but the colour will remain true underneath, the balm can always be reapplied when needed.


I just wanted to talk about this shade as well. The only shade I own is called Creme Caramel. It is a gorgeous deep mauve nude. I was drawn to this shade and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised why. This is a perfect colour dupe for Mac Velvet Teddy. The formulas are completely different, one being a lipstick and one being a liquid lipstick, but the colours are pretty much identical. Of course, Velvet Teddy is highly pigmented, and even though this lip colour isn’t as highly pigmented as your average liquid lipstick, it can be built up easily without being too heavy. I am really enjoying this lip colour and I now want more.


I hope you enjoyed this review! Please let me know what you think of these lip colours and what your favourite shades are! Until next time my loves..


5 thoughts on “Reviews Week | Maybelline Super Stay 24 Colour

  1. “butt hole lips where you have a ring on the inside of your mouth” HAHAHAHA that made me laugh! Great review! What about smell and taste? (not that I go around eating my lipstick, but you know how it goes…)


    1. Haha! It’s true though! Thank you love! They don’t taste of anything and I couldn’t smell anything when I applied it.. I have been a little bunged up recently though so if there was a slight smell then I wouldn’t be able to tell haha! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Colour wise yes, although the formula is different of course! I did swatch it for this post but when I went to upload it it didn’t focus so I couldn’t use it and it was too dark to take another one 😂😂 I am going to upload one to Instagram though when I get better lighting haha!
      If you properly leave it to try, it doesn’t transfer for me at all! Xx


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