Reviews Week | LA Girl Pro Conceal

Hey beauties!

It’s day five of Reviews Week! Today I am reviewing a very exciting product! Well it’s exciting to me. There will always be products that either YouTube or blogs make you want to try. This next product as you would have already seen is one that is highly talked about for it’s affordability and similarities to the Mac Pro Longwear concealer. The product in the lime light today is the La Girl Pro Conceal. I have wanted to try this for so long, simply because I really enjoy the pro longwear concealer, so I decided to head over to eBay and try it out. Let’s get into the review!


So this concealer is a HD concealer that claims to be crease resistant, covering imperfections, evens skin tone, covers dark circles whilst providing customized coverage. It claims it has a creamy yet lightweight consistency that looks natural and covers any signs of redness and fine lines. This concealer is also cruelty free!


This concealer retails for £4.99 in the UK which is super affordable. LA girl is an american brand but can be easily picked up from eBay.

Colour Range


I personally think that the best part about this concealer is the range of colours they provide! On the LA girl website they have 24 shades! Yes, i just said 24! These include shades for the palest on skin tones, oh hey bill! Right through to the deepest, including some colour correcting shades also!



This concealer comes in a tube with a brush applicator. I personally don’t mind these applicators but they can tend to hold bacteria. I find that these can be easily cleaned however if that is something you worry about!


I decided to apply this concealer on one side of my face so that you can really see the difference. When I first applied it I thought it felt quite light on my skin, however when I swatched it on my hand it felt quite heavy especially when I blended it out. The best part about this is that because it is buildable coverage you can apply as little or as much as you want, but that will affect how light or heavy it feels on the skin. I applied a little more than I normally would to see what this concealer can really do.


When I started blending it out with my beauty blender it blended really easily. I did notice that even though the coverage was pretty full on, it didn’t feel uncomfortable or heavy throughout the day. As for this concealer being comparable to the Mac Pro Long Wear, I do see where people can see the dupe to this product. Even though the consistency’s are different, and this concealer has more hold to it and is the tiniest bit thicker, they blend the same and they wear pretty much the same. Another similarity I found with the two concealers is that because they both have high coverage, if your eyes get watery throughout the day then you can clearly see where your concealer has worn off. I would recommend using this concealer very lightly throughout the day and then dial it up a touch for evening wear or events etc.

The million dollar question! Does it crease? Honestly, I cannot give you an honest answer as to whether this concealer creases or not. Recently I have been having a lot of problems with my under eyes as they have been a lot less dry and almost a little oily, so any concealer I have been wearing throughout the day has been creasing, even slightly. I have also noticed that my under eye ‘lines’ are getting more prominent so this may be another cause, along with I may not be setting my concealer correctly as I have been dialing down the powder recently and I do not want to bake for every day occurrences.

Personal Opinion

So coming from a girl who loves concealer, yes I love this one too. It is a great little concealer, although it may be for someone who feels they need more coverage to hide dark circles etc. I find that if it is blended well enough it doesn’t look cakey or heavy under the eyes and it feels really nice and light. I love the buildable coverage, although it is pretty full on even with just a little bit. I think it looks really flawless and you simply cannot fault the product for the price. Yes, I do think this concealer is very comparable to the Mac concealer. It is not a complete dupe as the consistency varies but as for the application, wear and performance they are pretty much identical! This is a great little concealer and I am happy to introduce it to my beloved concealer drawer where it will have hundreds of little friends welcoming it with arms wide open!


So there we have it my loves! My thoughts on the La Girl Pro Conceal. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you at the same time tomorrow for day six!

Love heading your way,


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