Reviews Week | No7 Radiance Regime

Hey beauties!

Day six of my Reviews Week has arrived! I am actually getting a little sad that this week is coming to an end. I am so happy that I have gotten some reviews written and I have really enjoyed preparing this whole week and doing all of these reviews! So what products are in the spot light today? The No7 Radiance Regime Skin Care Set! I received this little collection of skin care from my mother because she clearly knows me too well! After using these products every day and getting a good feel for them all, I can tell you what I think of them! Let’s do this…

Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion


I am a big lover of my micellar water and my nspa cleansers for getting the nitty gritty out of my skin. This little lotion is actually really nice however. You can use it on your dry face and wipe it away with a cotton pad, or use it as a face wash. I have tried both and I find that my skin feels really smooth and clean. It does everything you expect a cleanser to do, and it makes your skin feel really nice too!

Beautiful Skin Radiance Revealed Exfoliator


I love a good face scrub! Anything that is going to remove dead skin cells from my face and make my makeup go on smoother is fine by me. Again this is a quality exfoliator, I find with some that they don’t remove every bit of dry skin, whereas this one really removes it all without leaving your face red or inflamed. I thought a babies butt had replaced my face and that is something I am always happy to admit! I really love this one.

Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm


I have been using this every night since I held this in my arms as this was the product that intrigued me most! It says that it reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. I wasn’t expecting miracles in one night of course, but when I woke up the next morning my under eyes felt a lot more hydrated and fresh. I haven’t yet seen an incredible difference in my under eyes but it has an amazing texture, almost a frosty gel, that sinks into the skin so quickly so you know it’s really getting in there and hydrating my eye area. Everyone advises that you pat any product around the eyes and not rub, this eye cream however has a good amount of creaminess and slip to it so you can easily rub it under your eyes without tugging at the skin or irritating the eyes. I have really been enjoying this one too!

Rapid Radiance Balm


So this product is like a flash radiant balm that can be worn alone or under makeup. I really love these kinds of products for giving the skin a youthful boost and making the skin appear more plump and healthy. This thing really reflects some light without being glittery, sparkly or shimmery. It is just purely a super, super dewy balm that is comfortable. I find the Elemis balm is quite thick and almost like a mask, but this one is the complete opposite. It is light wearing and smooth. The best part about this product is that it contains Glycerin so it can act as your makeup primer too! It just looks so beautiful underneath your makeup!

Beautiful Skin Day Cream


So I always wondering why people needed two different moisturisers for day time and night time, to me the only difference was the SPF. This one of course has an SPF but I also find that the textures between the two are very different. This day cream is a lot thicker and is a little more heavy duty on the skin. Once it has soaked in it doesn’t feel heavy and leaves the skin feel super hydrated, but it takes some time to soak in. I like that the day cream is more rich, as I feel like it will keep my skin hydrated for longer throughout the day whilst trying to protect my skin from weather, the sun and all those other factors. I think it is a really nice day cream, but there is nothing shockingly amazing about it or different from any other day cream I have tried! It is a nice little product though!

Beautiful Skin Night Cream


The final product in this little collection is the night cream. Like I mentioned above the texture varies between the day and night creams. The night cream is a lot lighter and silkier. It is still very hydrating but it is a lot more comfortable to wear when you are in bed and it feels slightly more refreshing. Once you have taken all of your makeup off at night the last thing you want is a really heavy, rich and thick moisturiser that makes you feel uncomfortable. It soaks in really well and I wake up in the morning with really smooth skin which I have been enjoying. I like the way the textures vary as I feel like the two are doing different things to my skin, rather than purchasing two separate products that are doing exactly the same. I think the night cream is possibly my favourite out of the collection as I love a good light moisturiser that makes my skin feel smooth! Really happy with this little guy!


So there we have it, a little insight to the No7 Radiance Regime! I hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow for the very last day of my Reviews Week! *cries*


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