Best Of Skin Care 2015

So, how about we just pretend it is the first of January again and I am putting up this post on time? Okay? Okay! 

Hey beauties!

It’s time for me to share with you my favourite skin care items that I loved throughout 2015! This includes some hair care and body care items too! Three for the price of one, bargain! I was considering putting these items in my Best of Beauty 2015 but there was simply too many items that I didn’t realise that I loved! Let’s jump into my favourite skin care items of twenty fifteen!


So there are three whole cleansers that I have loved this year, all of which are affordable little beauties!


The first two I want to talk about are from Nspa. If you have read some of my earlier posts then you will know how obsessed I am with Nspa! As you will find out in this post! The first cleanser is the Deep Cleansing Face Wash. It is a foam cleanser but it is really silky and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean!


The next cleanser is the Nspa Melting Cleasing Gel. This one is of course a gel, but it feels so nice on the skin and really removes any grime or makeup residue. It also leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth, I love it!


The final cleanser is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water! I think everyone has loved Micellar water throughout this last year, it is my favourite way to remove my makeup, it is super quick, easy and removes all traces of dirt whilst feeling really refreshing on the skin!


I think exfoliating is my favourite part of any skin care routine. I tend to get quite dry and flaky areas on my face and anything that will help to remove that and help my makeup apply smoother is fine by me! Of course these next two exfoliators are from Nspa, as I just love them!


The first one is the Brightening Micro-Derma Scrub, this is your average face scub but it is so creamy and simply buffs away any dead skin cells without leaving your face red and inflamed. The grains are so fine but really get rid of any dry patches or flakiness. It does such a good job!


The second exfoliator I love is the Skin Renewal Gel. This product is like magic to me. If you don’t like the harsh feeling of a scrub, this guy will be your best friend. I will say however that it is quite oily when you apply it, so it might not be for everyone! This gel has no harsh grains in it, it simply melts away your dead skin cells. How? I really don’t understand it! But I love it, and that is all that matters! If you like baby butt skin, you will love this!



Okay, there is only one toner that has done it for me this year! The Garnier Goodbye Dry Softening Toner is beyond beautiful. My favourite thing about this product is the smell, it is so good! It’s fresh yet fruity but not too much. I love how soft my skin feels after using this and how it really gets rid of all the dirt on my face! It is a beautiful product!

Eye Cream



I have tried out my fair few eye creams this year, and even though I haven’t owned this one for long I have enjoyed this one the most out of all my eye creams. It is the No7 Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm. It has a really nice gel texture, it is really smooth and refreshing under the eyes and sinks in really quick. I wake up feeling like my under eye is really hydrated and there is no signs of puffiness. I have really enjoyed this eye cream so I think it deserved it’s space in this post!


So there have been a few moisturisers that have done it for me this year. Not all of them are marketed as moisturisers but I find them to work either way!


The first product is one that I have used everyday as my average moisturiser. It is the Garnier Hydrating Day Cream. I love how lightweight this moisturiser is, but it is not greasy or oily in anyway. It feels really smooth and balmy on the skin and soaks in really nicely. I find that it hydrates my skin just enough and I have been loving this! One thing I am not to keen on is the pot packaging. I wish it came in a bottle to reduce bacteria, but honestly it didn’t bother me that much as I do really love this one!


This next product is one that took me by surprise, I had no intention of buying this but I actually received this in my Birchbox. It is the Nuxe Mask Creme Fraiche 24 Hydrating and Smoothing Face Mask. Even though this is marketed as a face mask, I love using it as a moisturiser. It has a lovely thick consistency but it applies so easily. It is really refreshing too! I actually find myself reaching for this product every day as it does exactly what it says and I love how my skin feels when I use this. The scent is not the nicest, I can’t actually put my finger on what it smells like, but once you get over that it is such a gorgeous product!


The final moisturiser that I have fallen in love with is the No7 Night Cream. Again, this isn’t a product I have owned for long, but it is so smooth, light and refreshing. It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy the next morning and it soaks into my skin really well! I have been loving this little guy!

Body Care



My absolute favourite body care item of 2015 has hands down got to be the Nspa Body Butters. These things are so damn beautiful I can’t even begin to explain! They glide on the skin like butter of course, they feel so moisturising and rich, they sink in really nicely without leaving any sticky or greasy residue on the surface of my skin and they smell.. incredible. My favourite one is the Shea one, but I also love the Raspberry and Coconut one too!


For deodorant this year, there is one I have been using non stop. It is the Soft & Gentle Jasmine and Coco Milk Antiperspirant. There isn’t really much to say about this, it does what it says and it smells beautiful!


Finally for body care we have my favourite body spray of life. The Ted Baker Body Spray is beautiful! The one I own is scented with all kinds of stuff; vanilla, amber, patchouli, violet and some fruity top notes. Normally this isn’t something I would go for, but it smells so damn good and I am obsessed!

Hair Care



So the final product is the Living Proof Restore Instant Repair. I love running this through my hair after a bath or shower, it makes my hair feel really nice and I love the smell of this little guy! It doesn’t make your hair greasy and is just a great little product. I have also noticed my dead ends aren’t as dead anymore which makes me very happy! ha!


There we have it! My best of skin care for the past year, there were of course other items I could have featured in this post, but I tried to keep it as short and sweet as possible! I hope you enjoyed my loves and until next time…


5 thoughts on “Best Of Skin Care 2015

  1. Great products! I didnt like the Garnier Hydra Match for dull and tired skin, but I loved the Garnier Toner! :) Thanks for the recommendations!


    1. I haven’t tried that one! I think Garnier and Nspa are my all time favourite skin care brands, I just keep going back to them! xox


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