Affordable Dupes For High End Products

Hello beauties!

It’s January! The month of scraping pennies from the bottom of the money pot and looking for more affordable ways to survive. If you are looking for some makeup bits but can’t afford the price tag after all the festivities then this post is for you. I’m sure we all love a good dupe, I was surviving off dupes for so long before I bit the bullet and purchased some more ‘luxury’ products for myself. Since becoming obsessed with certain products, I have found some dupes along the way. I can finally share with you some more affordable options for some popular high end products. Yay! Everyone takes the term ‘dupe’ differently. Some people like a dupe to be an exact duplicate in formula and colour, others like formula dupes or colour dupes separately. It really depends on personal preference. I have a few colour dupes and a few formula dupes, and some products just simply do the same thing! You may also notice that some of these dupes are quite popular and well known. I feel like it’s all well and good hearing big beauty bloggers talking about dupes but it’s nice to know how the everyday girl feels about dupes and whether they are worth it! I promise I will give you honest opinions and show you what I feel are great alternatives for great high end products! Let’s jump in before I have written three paragraphs of pure rambling.. I’m sorry, it’s a sickness.. really! 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Dupe..


Ah, naked palettes. Everyone and their mothers are big fans. I personally have never been able to afford the naked palettes, not that they are ridiculously overpriced, but because I just couldn’t afford them within my budget. For so long I was using this dupe before I actually got the legend that is the naked 3. The dupe I have for this little guy is the w7 In The Nude Palette. This palette is definitely a colour dupe as the formula of these eye shadows are slightly different. The UD shadows are slightly more metallic, but the W7 can easily be built up. I love both of these palettes and they are a clear dupe for each other. I personally prefer the UD as the quality is there, but the w7 shadows are still pigmented, blendable and gorgeous and a great alternative. The only deciding factor for me is that the UD shadows are slightly creamier. For the price difference however I would definitely recommend trying the W7 palettes first!

Urban Decay £38
W7 £4.99


Mac Pro Longwear Concealer Dupe..


So the Mac Pro Longwear concealer is a favourite of mine for a flawless under eye that is lightweight yet full coverage. This stuff can cover everything! The dupe I have for you is more of a formula dupe. The La Girl Pro Conceal is another well known dupe for this concealer. After trying them both I understand why. Even though I said that these two are a formula dupe, I really mean that they are a ‘performance’ dupe as the formulas are quite difference.


The LA Girl is a lot thicker whilst still being really creamy, but it also comes up more matte. The Mac concealer is a liquid concealer that has a little more of a dewy finish. Either way these both look pretty much the same under the eyes and the coverage is identical. This is a great dupe and I would actually recommend trying them both as even though you get the same finish, they are two different concealers and both are beautiful.

Mac Pro Longwear £17.50
LA Girl Pro Conceal £4

Benefit Porefessional Dupe..


So the porefessional is a new love of mine! This primer fills in my pores so they are pretty much non existent and leave my T zone looking matte yet still feeling hydrated. This primer to me is more of a silicone based primer, but I really don’t mind it. The dupe I have for this is the Maybelline Pore Eraser.


The first thing to notice is that these two primers look completely different, but they do the exact same thing. They feel the same on the skin and I don’t think personally that one works better than the other. They are both amazing primers and I would recommend both for anyone who is looking to minimize pores or blur out fine lines!

Benefit £24.50
Maybelline £7.99

Mac Eyebrow Pencil Dupe..


I literally haven’t heard anyone talk about this eyebrow pencil, but it is so good. I know everyone is loving the ABH brow wiz but I love this pencil as it is super fine, it’s not to creamy and it is such a good colour. The shade ‘brunette’ has a pretty much exact dupe. Hello, Soap and Glory Brow Archery ‘Hot Chocolate’.


It is a well known fact that I love the Brow Archery and it is such a great affordable option compared to the Mac pencil. Both have perfect textures, not to creamy but not to solid so that you get next to no pigment. They last all day long and are both great buys, but wouldn’t you rather good brows for less? I would!

Mac Eyebrow Pencil £17
Soap and Glory Brow Archery £7.99

Mac Lipstick Dupes..

So not only do I have one dupe, I have THREE! Go me! I do just want to point out that these dupes are not exact replicates of the exact precise colour, but these are the very closest colours that I have found that look so very similar. I must admit though, after I took these photos they came up looking more different than what they do in person. You may find that a little weird, but I love these dupes and when I swatch them on my hand they are practically identical.


The first lipstick I have a dupe for is Ruby Woo. This is my favourite red lip colour as it has a blue undertone and is so flattering on so many people. The dupe I found was the Collection Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet. I do want to point out that these are simply colour dupes, not formula dupes.


I am not going to lie to you, but these two lipsticks are my favourite formulas of matte lipsticks, the Collection ones possible being a little more creamy yet still long lasting. Best formula on the high street! As you can see the Collection isn’t quite as blue in the undertone, but once you have them on the lips you really can’t tell a difference. No one needs to know, shhhh! The Collection is also slightly brighter, but I think these two work great as a dupe on me, and maybe for you too!

Ruby Woo £15.50
Red Carpet £2.99


The second dupe I have is of the very popular Velvet Teddy. If you have been a regular reader of my blabbering blog, you may have noticed that I am involved with a very serious, long term relationship with Velvet Teddy. My favourite nude shade of life.. aaaaah. I have found a dupe, but this dupe is a little different. The dupe I have found is the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Colour in Creme Caramel.


 This lip product is a completely different formula, being a liquid lipstick but more on the sheer side. It can easily be built up though and once you build it up enough it is like wearing a long lasting version of velvet teddy that is properly stuck to your lips. That sh*t aint coming off! I love this dupe as I have found it so hard to find a colour even remotely similar to Velvet Teddy, but here it is!

Velvet Teddy £15.50
Creme Caramel £8.99


Finally for this dupes post is the last Mac lipstick, Kinda Sexy. This lipstick is a more toned down, peachier version of Velvet Teddy. It is a gorgeous nude shade and I love it for the summer. This dupe is no joke identical, in the photo you notice a slight difference, but my excuse is that all of these photos were taken with flash! Muhaha. 


In real life, these are equally as pigmented, the same colour, the formula is slightly different but if you love the smell of Mac lipsticks… you will obsess over the smell of Soap and Glory lipsticks. Oh, and what’s the shade I hear you ask? S&G Super Nude. You can thank me later!

Kinda Sexy £15.50
Super Nude £6


So my loves, there you have it. Some dupes you have probably heard before, and some you hopefully haven’t! I hope you enjoyed this dupes post!


9 thoughts on “Affordable Dupes For High End Products

  1. Awesome dupes list! I once saw the W7 palette at a store near me, and I thought about it getting it (idk why I didn’t). I should have though because the store no longer carries them. :(


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