Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without!

Aloha beauties!

I literally cannot tell you how much I love my days off for the simple fact that I can sit down and chat about makeup. Some may call me sad, but this is my happy place! I kid you not, if anyone is looking for me on my days off I am either being a hobbit in my bedroom either watching makeup tutorials or blogging. A lot of the time I am just browsing the internet for inspiration as my imagination is slacking at the minute. Like hardcore slacking! Luckily for me that inspiration has struck.. So here I am once again and today I wanted to talk about some of the beauty products that I cannot live without. As makeup and beauty is such a personal thing I have been loving to read and watch which beauty items work for different people and I wanted to create my own interpretation. I am going to keep this strictly makeup as if I included skin care then I would be here 5000 words later! Warning: You have heard of all of these products before! Some are old, some are new but either way these little guys have wormed their way into my life and has nestled deep inside my heart.

Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer


I praise the high high makeup lords for what they have blessed me with when it comes to this concealer. If you aren’t aware, concealer is one of my favourite face products. I have a few concealers that I am in love with, but this one beats them all. I feel like this is one of those products that instantly change your makeup game from the moment you apply it, and even though I haven’t owned it too long.. When you know, you know! My favourite thing about this concealer is that the coverage is intense, but you can apply it lightly or heavier to customize the coverage but the texture and density doesn’t change. It still feels lightweight and most importantly.. it doesn’t cake up!

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer


I am going to be honest, I can’t remember what I did to my lashes before this stuff. I have done a whole review pretty much giving a tonne of reasons as to why I love this. I just find it plumps up my natural lashes enough without affecting the mascara that I put on top of it. It gives me fuller, fluffier lashes and it gives really great separation. I use this every single time I do my makeup without fail!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector


Another product that fell from the high heavens with it’s halo blinding my existence. Jaclyn Hill is my biggest inspiration when it comes to beauty and just generally being a wholeheartedly good person. I knew I had to own this product not only because it is so god damn gorgeous, but because I am all about supporting others and I really admire everything Jaclyn stands for. Becca are known to have some of the best highlighters on the market, and as soon as Champagne pop came out I knew I had to get my hands on it. This highlighter is perfection. It has the perfect amount of gold/champagne without it being to overwhelming on fair skin. It blends out so beautifully and it can be used more sheer to add a glow if you are not into that strong highlight. I however, love that strong highlight. This gives me that and so much more without looking chunky or straight up glittery on the skin. I just love this stuff!

Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara


This mascara has soon become my absolute favourite. I use it everyday that I wear makeup simply because it is everything I have ever been looking for in a mascara. Considering this is an affordable high street product, the quality is amazing. This mascara gives me length, a lot of it, volume, just the right amount and a sh*t tonne of separation! This mascara doesn’t give you one little clump, not one! Depending on how light or heavy you use it, it can make your lashes look full and super fluffy, almost whispie like. It is so gorgeous! I have also noticed how well this mascara holds a curl, I have currently been wearing this makeup for 11 hours, and it is still holding that curl! It is just amazing!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


A very dirty one at that! A lot of people rave about the beauty blender, I personally haven’t tried it myself but I really don’t feel the need to. I bought a cheap little sponge of eBay which worked for until I got this guy, and now I really don’t feel like I need anything else. Not to mention that I cannot get through one makeup look without it! The flat edge is my saving grace when it comes to foundation. On days where my skin isn’t the best and I have dry patches, I love using this sponge as it just bounces the product on top without irritating the area..  Let’s be real, there are multiple areas! This is also the only beauty tool that I use when it comes to concealer. Dry or damp, this sponge is just my saving grace full stop. I also like to use it when baking as it picks product up and deposits it evenly without making too much of a mess. My only issue is that sometimes I am far to lazy to clean it, and it takes so long to clean and really get the grime out. It is a sponge though so it is bound to soak up some stuff in there! I really couldn’t live without this one.

Mac Eye Brow Pencil


So my partner actually purchased this as a gift for me and now I really don’t use anything else. I love this pencil as the shade (brunette) is perfect for my hair tone, the pencil itself is pigmented and creamy but it isn’t really hard or stiff. It is the perfect combination for a brow pencil and it lasts on me all day long. The only problem with this brow product is to do with the packaging! For one, it doesn’t have the name of the product on the actual packaging so I am not even sure what the name is. Secondly, it is a twist up pencil, but it doesn’t retract. Once the product is there you can’t twist it back down again which can be a pain but the good thing is that it isn’t easy to over twist. The tip of the pencil itself is also super fine and it is great for mimicking natural hairs. It’s really great!

Rimmel Match Perfection Translucent Loose Powder


This powder has soon became the only powder in my makeup collection. I have pressed powders and brightening powders etc but this stuff is too good. Since using this I can’t seem to get on with many other pressed powders simply because they don’t seem to really set my makeup. I use this for my under eye to set my concealer and also for my T zone. I find that this powder makes me matte without making me cakey or dry. It is also amazing for baking as even though it is translucent, it has this pink hue to it that really lifts my under eyes. Even though it is a loose powder it doesn’t look or feel powdery on my face and it just leaves my skin feeling really smooth and matte throughout the day!

Mac Fix + Setting Spray


I have been a bit uncertain about this product in the past, and I wasn’t really sure about it but loved it at the same time. Don’t ask me how, it just happened. However, I have now nearly finished the bottle and honestly I cannot complete a look without it. That is why it has made it into my products I can’t live without. It is perfection when it comes to intensifying eye shadow, it melts your powders into your skin and leaves you looking beautifully dewy without making me too oily throughout the day and finally it makes my highlight beam like the sun so honestly I can’t really complain anymore! I have to admit that I am in love with this and I really couldn’t be without it. I need to put another order in pronto! 


There we have it my loves! A few makeup items that I just couldn’t be without. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know how you feel about some of these items or what your items are that you couldn’t live without! Until next time loves…


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