First Impressions | Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette

I bought more makeup.. Shock! Not only did I buy more makeup, today I am going to be doing a first impression on the new Rimmel Kate Sculpting Kit. I think it was only a matter of time before Rimmel came out with their own contour kit. What makes it even better is that this contour kit is part of the Kate Moss collection, which I am already a fan of!  So if you want to hear my first impression/review of this contour palette then keep scrolling my loves…



First of all, I just want to talk about the fact that we have yet another contour kit coming from the high street. Of course, this makes me extremely happy! Who doesn’t want to contour on a budget? What makes me happier? Highlighting on a budget! This palette does have a bit of everything which is really handy. You can pick up this little guy for £6.99 from your local boots or superdrug, so not only is it easy to get your hands on, you don’t have to splash the cash when doing so!



Now the first thing I notice with every product I buy is of course the packaging. It is the first thing to jump out and scream in your face ‘buy me’ so it’s got to be good right? Well in this case, yes. I love the packaging of this product. It has the classic Rimmel plastic packaging with their own spin on the typical rectangle compact. What I love the most is the gold rim around the outside which still allows you to see the product inside, so you know what you are getting yourself into!


 The compact clearly states on the packaging what each powder is for so it is a great start for beginners. Not only that, but they even have a little diagram on the back of the packaging with simple instructions and a guide to show you where to apply each product. If you are a beginner, this little guide will save your life when it comes to contour.


This product opens up from the bottom of the compact (long ways), which I actually really like as it creates a nice little handle to hold the compact whilst you are applying it, which is great for those on the go. Speaking of those on the go, this compact is the perfect size for travelling. It is so slim and will slot right into your makeup bag whilst taking up minimal space. I love these kits for travelling as you get your bronzer, blush and highlight all in one so you really don’t need to take anything else!

Product & Application


I ended up picking the shade ‘002 Coral Glow’ as it seemed more appropriate for my fair skin. So my very first impression of the products themselves, just by looking, goes as follows: ‘ooh gorgeous highlight, what a pretty blush, WHO MAKES SHIMMERY CONTOURS?’. Yes, I had slight shock when I saw a shimmery contour. Not just a slight sheen, but there is full on shimmer in this contour shade. You know I am a matte contour kind of girl, so this caused some feelings that I am not so familiar with. I was a little on edge and unsure, but I bought it anyway because I clearly have a problem! It is not as shimmery as the highlight, but has the same amount of shine as the blush.

My problem with shimmery contour is that shimmer bounces out the light, which completely defeats the purpose of contouring. I had to tell myself that this was more of a glowy bronzer, as that was the only way that this product was going to work with my skin. In the pan, this shade however looks really great for fair skin. It is not to warm, but not too grey toned. When I applied it to my skin however, it was very easy to go overboard which made this bronzer look orange and muddy on my skin. Used lightly however, it adds a really nice bronzed glow to the skin, but I use a light hand otherwise it can go wrong quite quickly.


The blush is absolutely beautiful. It is my perfect coral shade for spring and it is so blendable. The shine in this blush is also beautiful for a soft glow to the skin which again, is perfect for this time of year. I find that with all the powders, including the blush, there is a bit of fall out in the pan when you dip your brush in, but I can over look that as it was so nice to apply and blend out. It is nicely pigmented without being too much that it turns chalky.

Now, let’s talk about that highlight! This is such a universal highlight, it has a pearl/cream tone to it with subtle gold undertones. It will look great from fair to deeper skin tones and it adds such a beam of light to your face. I love how this adds that pop to my makeup from the very first time I tried it. I really enjoy this highlight, and I have been using it quite a bit in the last few days since owning it.

Overall Impression

So overall, I do like this palette. The packaging is so handy and practical. It stands out from other contour kits as it has really beautiful packaging. That highlight is to die for, the blush is so beautiful for this time of year. I can over look the shimmery contour shade and use it as a bronzer, but the only thing that I am not so fond of is how easy it is to over do the contour shade. On fair skin tones, it can become muddy quite easily so you need a light hand. I am also not a fan of the shimmer, like I mentioned I am not a fan of shimmery contours but as a bronzer it does still work. All in all, yes I do enjoy this product. I would purchase it for the blush and highlight alone and I think this would be really great for beginners. They blend really beautifully and even though you get some fall out, none of the powders are hard to work with. I feel like this product is perfect for the spring/summer months as it is such a glowy product, but oilier skin types may have a problem with this as the sheen can be rather intense depending on how you use it.


I hope you enjoyed this first impressions and I didn’t bore you too much. I had so much I wanted to say so I feel like it all just came out in a rant like mess, but I hope you still enjoyed this and found it even a little helpful. Until next time my loves…



3 thoughts on “First Impressions | Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette

  1. Fantastic review Billie, I had no idea this product was available!! Love Mossy, she needs her own makeup line 😁 tempted to try this for the highlight alone! xx


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