March Favourites!

I don’t know about you, but I have always wished that I could time travel? If that were a possibility then I would definitely go back to the end of March and actually get this post up on time! I’m sorry! I swear I say this every month.. but where is the time going? This year so far has actually been really crazy for me, it’s hard to even keep my thoughts on track sometimes let alone keep on track with the time! This months favourites however are a whole mix of different goodies. As we are now coming into spring, I feel like my makeup routines are slowly changing and I am trying out new products. There are some oldies coming to the surface and some new products that I have been in love with recently, so what better time to share them with you? Let’s get on with my favourites for the month of March…


Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


This is one of the first foundations that I purchased when I started getting into makeup. Since it has been winter my skin is paler than pale can be. I mean, I am in the shade 010 Porcelain and it is the lightest foundation I have found to date, recently that has been a little too dark for me too! However, I have fallen in love again with this foundation. It is just a bottle of dewy perfection that smoothes over my skin and gives it life. It stops my skin looking dull and flat and just boosts my skin to give me a much brighter and more awake complexion. I have been obsessed with this foundation!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


I finally jumped on the better than sex train! I was shopping in Debenhams not so long ago, and I happened to come across the Too Faced counter, I couldn’t help myself! This mascara is amazing. I just keep finding great mascaras recently, and each one is better than the last. At the moment this is by far, the best mascara that I own. It does everything that you want in a mascara. Length, volume, curl and curl all day long may I add, seperation.. I feel like I have just applied a pair of the whispiest lashes known to man when I apply this mascara. It is so so good.

New Look Pure Colour Baked Highlighter


Nothing compares to my Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter, but recently I have been loving a more frosty highlight. This is possibly the best cooler toned highlight that I have found in a long time. It gives the skin such a beautiful glow, but it is not so overpowering that it is hard to work with. It is honestly just a dream, and I wish I would of found it sooner.

Delarom Paris Aquaconfort Cream


I got a sample of this face cream in a recent birch box of mine. I am obsessed. I will be honest and say that I don’t actually know what this product is supposed to do, but my skin has been having a lot of problems recently. I have been getting a lot of darkness under my eyes and around my mouth, breakout chaos, more redness… I just tried this one day, and fell in love with it. This just flooded my skin with moisture and fixed my breakouts in what felt like overnight. I have been using this every night since and I just feel like each day is a better skin day. I need the full size!

Makeup Acadamy Caramel Nougat Lip Liner


So everyone, meet my favourite nude ever. This lip liner is the best nude shade I have ever found for my skin tone. The best part is that it is only £1. Not only is the shade perfection, but the formula is perfection too. It is creamy enough to glide over the lips and be worn alone comfortably, but it also has amazing staying power. I have been loving this now that we are coming into spring as it goes with every single makeup look and it is the shade that makes me feel my most confident. Adore this.

Model Co More Brows Brow Gel


This product is another birch box find, and another one I am in love with. This gel sets my brows in place all day, but the colour is perfect. It is not too warm or too ashy. It suits my dark hair with out making my brows any darker and just sets everything in place all day. I have really been enjoying this one!

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser


My final favourite of the month is actually a brush cleaner. I have been a complete hobit recently and my brushes have been absolutely filthy. They got so dirty infact, that I resorted to using pretty much 1 or 2 brushes to complete my whole face of makeup, as all the others were just untouchable. This cleanser really removes all the grit and grime from my brushes without having to wash them properly. Of course, I do still give them a good rinse, but as I needed clean brushes fast, this cleanser has really been my best friend this month!


There we have it, my March favourites! I am actually shocked that I managed to make it to the end of this post and still make sense.. at least I think I am making sense! I have now been awake since 12 o’clock yesterday afternoon, whilst doing a 12 hour night shift in between. I have been going for nearly 30 hours so.. it’s time for me to go and sleep for a little while. But I hope you enjoy reading this and I would love to read your favourites when I finally wake up again!

I hope you have all had a marvelous month and until next time beauties…


12 thoughts on “March Favourites!

  1. Funny you should mention brush cleaner, in one of the various beauty boxes I’ve tried, I got a couple of samples of the real technqiues deep cleansing gel for makeup brushes and it is awesome! gets literally EVERY TRACE of makeup off


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