P.s Love Contour Kit | In Depth Review

Once again, I have found myself with an overwhelming amount of reviews to do. I just keep buying new and exciting makeup that I cannot wait to share, but I simply don’t have enough time in the day to actually get everything out. Today however, I am making a start on my review list. I will be reviewing the Ps Love Contour Kit. In case you were unfamiliar with this brand, Ps Love is the beauty range from our favourite affordable high street store, Primark. Good ole’ Primarni! 

I recently discovered that Primark had makeup when I visited the Lincoln store whilst I was away. I literally spent ages browsing the shelves. The items in this range vary from as little as £1.00 and generally haven’t gotten any pricier than £5. This really is a budget brand where you could easily get a full face with a tenner. Not only are they really affordable, they have a great range of products and shades suitable for so many skin types and tones. A little something for everyone! So to stop myself rambling further, let’s get into the review.


The contour kit I wanted to talk about today cost me a hefty, wait for it… £4. Now, I love a contour. What do I love more than a contour? A contour on a budget of course! What is more perfect?



I think packaging says a lot for a brand/company. You can easily tell what products are cheaper just by looking at the packaging, therefore the product may not be as good quality. Generally speaking… I have mixed opinions on this particular contour kit. For one, I really don’t like the plain black plastic casing with the letters just plonked on top. I think it’s almost unoriginal, there is no design involved and even though the idea is probably meant to be more ‘classic’ and ‘elegant’, I feel like more effort could of been made. On the other hand it does tie in with the rest of the lines packaging pretty well, all of which I am not a huge fan of. 

What gets me with this palette is the weight of it. A better quality product will generally be heavier as it is going to protect the product inside of it, and a better material will be used, something a little more sturdy. I was expecting this palette to be made of the typical cheap plastic, but I had a pleasant surprise when it was actually heavier than I imaged. It makes the quality of the product inside seem more promising before you have even looked at the inside.


On the back of the product you get your typical information such as the shades, weights and shelf life of the product (24 months). What I noticed you don’t get anywhere on the packaging, is the ingredients. I am actually going to touch on this in a but more detail in just a little while, but I just wanted to point it out due to it being a part of the packaging.


As you open up the compact, the first thing that hits you is the decent sized mirror. The size of the compact paired with a mirror makes it a perfect ‘on the go’ product to chuck into your bag for touch ups during the day. You also have three good sized pans staring right at you, beautiful. 



So as you may have guessed by now, this is a contouring palette! It has three shades: a contour shade, a bronzing shade, and a highlight shade.



The contouring shade on this product is perfect. It has the perfect tone for pale -medium skin tones and it is the perfect cool toned shadow. This powder blends really well and is pigmented but not hard to work with. It is not the most pigmented product I have seen before, but there is enough pigment to do the job, whilst blending beautifully and looking natural. It can of course be built up for a more dramatic look. I am really loving this contour shade recently, being as pale as I am, I often find that contour shades are far too warm toned for my skin. This powder however is the perfect tone and doesn’t look muddy on my skin.



So the next shade is the bronzer, which again, is lovely. I find that the bronzer is a little more sheer than the contour, which for people with fair skin like me, this is a good thing. The bronzer is very warm toned, so the fact that it isn’t as strongly pigmented means that you can add that warm glow to your skin without looking like a Dorito has just sneezed all over you. Don’t get me wrong however, this bronzer still has some good pigment to it and of course, like the contour, can be built up. Again, this powder is very smooth and blendable. To swatch, both the contour and the bronzer feel very buttery which I really enjoy. So far so good.



At first glance, I assumed this highlight was matte. It also looked very yellow/banana in colour. On closer inspection however, I noticed that this highlight has the ever so slightest sheen to it. It may as well be matte as there really isn’t much refect in it whatsoever, although when you look closely into the pan you can see the slight sparkle in there. I actually am not so much of a fan of this shade compared to the others. As soon as you dip your brush into the pan, you get so much fall out, this isn’t a problem with the other two powders but it is a big problem for the highlight. The powder is still quite buttery when it is swatched, but when you apply it the powder just disappears into nothing and sits strange on the skin. It isn’t as smooth as the other powders to apply.


I think for the price, you are getting a really good deal here. Even though the highlight is a little bleak, the other shades are so nice to use. Not to mention that this whole range of beauty products is animal cruelty free, which makes it even better! Obviously there are other contour kits on the market that are very simular to this one, such as the Smashbox contour kit, Barry M have a really nice one and even the New Look brand Pure Colour have a contour kit pretty much identical to this one. That is what brings me onto my next subject…


So, I have been watching a lot of Stephanie Nicole on YouTube, she works in Beauty manufacturing, and she really knows the nitty gritty details about all your ingredients, where the products are coming from etc etc. If you want more info, check out her Morphe review and you will understand what I mean!

I have decided to start doing more research into my reviews and finding out more about the products, you know, so that I can make these reviews so much more informative for anyone reading this. You just KNOW this post is going to be three thousand years long… Her first tip was to type the ingredients into google, and this will bring up any other formulas or products that have the same ingredients. Aka, the same products? Now, when you literally cannot find any ingredients on any of the packaging or the website, they are literally no where to be found, this gives me my first inkling that the formula is the same as another brand, but the packaging is simply different and they have cut prices by not printing the ingredients. Stephanie can go into so much more detail than what I can, but as Primark’s beauty range is relatively new, they may be sharing factories with other makeup brands that produce the same products. Yes, it is all very confusing.

Save or Splurge - Smashbox Contour Palette vs New Look Contour Palette.png

Left: Smashbox Contour Kit | Right: New Look Pure Colour Contour Kit
Photo credit: Beauty & The Boy.

My only point here is that this contour kit could very well a variation of other palettes that are simular such as the Smashbox, Barry M or the Pure Colour, which to me isn’t a bad thing at all. Especially if you are getting it for a fraction of the price!

Seriously, for the less confusing version of this, check out her YouTube channel! 


Overall Opinion


So, after that very long winded review which I hope was helpful, I have come to the conclusion that I really enjoy this contour palette. It is budget friendly, you are getting good pigmented and blendable powders in here with universal shades to suit a good amount of skin tones. The powders are nice and buttery so they aren’t going to look cakey on the skin, and they build up really well too. I have found myself reaching for this kit quite a bit recently as it literally has everything that I need in it. In all fairness, I don’t really use the highlight as it just isn’t for me, I prefer other highlights and setting powders, but all in all for the price this little guy is great. I would also really recommend this for beginners as it is so easy, and gives you a simple step by step guide to contouring, whilst getting your bronzing in there too! Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I repurchase it? Of course! Who doesn’t love contouring on a budget? Not to mention that my favourite thing about this palette is that the contour shade is actually suitable for fair skin tones like myself! Finally… 

So, that is my final say on this contour palette. I hope you enjoyed reading and enjoyed this review and until next time my loves…



6 thoughts on “P.s Love Contour Kit | In Depth Review

  1. I wish we had Primark here in Aus, I have seen so many of their beauty reviews on here, and their stuff looks so good, not to even mention the clothing… *sigh*

    Great post Billie xox


    1. I am a nc15 in Mac or a porcelain in most foundations.. If there is an ivory then chances are it’s too dark for me and this actually works really well! You can use them lightly and they are just as effective! Although the highlight is most definitely not a highlight on me 😂😂


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