Warm Bronze | My Go To Smokey Eye

I really admire anyone who can stick to one makeup look and be done with it. I will struggle on a daily basis to decide which colour lipstick I want to wear, or what kind of eye look I am going for. On the other hand, experimenting and playing with makeup is one of my passions. After all of that experimenting I have finally came up with my go-to, ultimate, complimentary smokey eye. This eye look is great for everyone, but especially for blue eyes as it involves lots of warm tones. It is the look that I go to when I am not feeling so daring, and it is the look I fall back on over and over again that makes me feel good! I wanted to share with you my typical makeup that I would pair with this makeup look and show you my ultimate smokey eye. Let’s begin…




Every day my base changes, even if it is ever so slightly. Today, I used my L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation, which is such a flawless foundation but is still lightweight and comfortable. I blended this out with a very damp beauty blender as I really wanted to add a little bit of moisture as this is a matte foundation. I then went ahead and applied my all time favourite concealer, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. I also used this baby to highlight my face, although being as pale as me I don’t think it classes as highlighting! 


As the eyes are so dramatic, I never want too much warmth or harshness on my complexion. I do contour however but only very lightly. Today I used my Ps Love Contour Kit, followed by my Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector. I felt like I still needed some flush of colour as I was looking very pale and contoured, but there was no life to my skin. I finished this skin using my Essence Silky Touch Blush in 90 Summer Dreaming which is a very very pale pink shade. It just added enough colour without being too much.


To finish perfecting the skin, I added a touch of my L’Oreal Infallible Pro Fixing Mist and I must say that I have really been enjoying this product for setting my face recently. Plus it smells so good!


 Now, let’s get into the important part! So this eye look is extremely warm toned, it won’t be for everyone as it includes a lot of warm browns and coppers and wine shades, but it really is a gorgeous look and will look amazing on everyone. For this look I use Makeup Geek Eyeshadows. I am new to makeup geek, but I put together my own little palette and I have been obsessed with these little guys.


It all starts off with a little Peach Smoothie through the crease, a light wash of peach to act as a transition for any other shades that I will apply later on. Once I have laid the initial colour into my crease, I then buff it up and out to begin the smokey process.


I then take the shade Frappe and apply this directly into my crease. I applied a small amount at first as I wanted to build the colour into my crease and lightly blend it out, but I didn’t want it to blend over my transition shade, but blend seamlessly into it.


Once I had the depth in my crease, I wanted to start creating some drama. I took the shade Cherry Cola and packed this into my outer corner of the eyelid, I then lightly blended it up and out to melt together with the other shades. I took a clean blending brush after this and then just started to blend everything so that it was seamless.


The final matte shade that I applied was the shade Cocoa Bear. I think this is my favourite shade so far from Makeup Geek as it is such a rich, intense warm brown. I packed this into my lower lash line and then blended it out with peach smoothie. This eye shadow will literally go with any makeup look and can be worn down or worn up and will still look amazing.


The final shadow used was one of their foiled eye shadows. I bloody love these eye shadows. They are so creamy, pigmented and the finish on these metallic shadows are so super intense. They really are amazing. I use the shade Grand Stand. This eye shadow is extremely popular to a lot of people, but it wears so different on everyone. The first person who sold me on this eye shadow was Patrick Star. This colour looked like the perfect nude pink/rose tone for the eyes. On Jaclyn Hill, this shade is more of a taupe shade. On me however, this eye shadow is a straight up copper brown. It is stunning. I pop this on the first half of my lid using my pinky finger to get the best pay off.


To top of the eyes, I used my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara with a little bit of Collection Brown Kohl Eye Liner in my upper waterline. I didn’t add lashes as this was the look I was wearing for the day time, but you can easily vamp up this look with a bit of black liner and some lashes.



The final touch to this look is the lips. I wanted to go for a pink nude shade, that again wasn’t too warm as I wanted some balance to the look. I went for a blend of my favourite light nude, the Essence Oh So Matt Lipstick and the cooler toned Mac Snob. Together these created a really pretty pink lip that wasn’t too much yet still gave me healthy looking lips.


& Here is the finished look…

I hope you enjoyed this makeup look as much as I do. This is the look that I will fall back on every single time as it compliments my blue eyes and I feel confident when I wear it. I went in quite hard with the colours just so that the camera would pick them up, but I really love this look and it is so simple to create! I hope you enjoyed reading and until next time my loves…


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