My Affordable Spring Foundation Picks

I feel like I may need to reintroduce myself as I have been away for so long. I have been so caught up with work and personal things that I just have had no time to blog. I know, I’m sorry! This is my last night off before I got back to work for the weekend however so I have decided to dedicate my time to getting some content out for you. I have a list as long as my arm on posts that I have planned, so let’s start with this one!

Today I wanted to share with you my current foundation picks. I have been going through a bit of an obsession with foundation recently and since the change in season my skin is wanting different things. During the Autumn/Winter months, I love a matte finish. I don’t know why I prefer different things in different seasons but it happens! Now that we are in spring however, I have been loving a more dewy finish, so here a few of my top picks!


Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation


Any of my fellow brits may recognise this brand as being a very budget friendly and affordable range. I find MUA to be a bit hit and miss, as the range is so affordable it is easy for products to not be so great. This foundation however is one I love, and I have been enjoying it for a really long time. To start off with, I just want to address the shade. I own the shade ‘porcelain’ and this is the first fair foundation I have found that has a more neutral to yellow undertone, I often find foundations that are more on the fair side are too pink for me, but this one is perfect. I would say the coverage on this foundation is more light-medium, which I really enjoy for the spring. I love how this gives your skin a glow, but also allows other products to sit so beautifully over the top of it. It doesn’t bunch up or breakup on me and looks smooth on the skin.

If there was one thing that I am not so keen on, it would be that it can look good for a few hours and then in the space of half an hour it can just wear off. This isn’t the longest wearing foundation but for the time that it is still in place it is really gorgeous. As this is a very affordable foundation then I can let the wear time slide as I have other foundations that are longer wearing. This foundation is only £2! 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


I wonder how long my obsession with this foundation will last? There is good reason for said obsession however as this foundation is just so beautiful. This foundation for once is the slightest bit too light for my skin tone, but it has a good medium coverage and literally gives you the most natural glow. Every time I wear this foundation I feel like I am having a great skin day. It lasts so well, it evens out the skin tone without being cakey or clinging to any dry patches. It is just one of those all rounder foundations and will continue to be one of my pick for spring!

L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation


Everyone seems to love the matte version of this foundation, including myself! In the warmer months I am not always looking for a matte finish. This foundation is the perfect alternative. The coverage is pretty damn good, the wear is flawless and it is such an easy foundation to work with. It literally says what it does on the tin and leaves your skin looking fresh, not dry or caked, it just gives you a fresh flawless base.

The shade I own is 120 Vanilla, which I assumed was the lightest shade. I later found out there is one lighter than this, and that one would of been a better match for me as the one I own is very yellow and is a little too dark for me. Mixed with the Rimmel foundation however I have an absolute winner! This foundation has got the Billie stamp of approval!


So there we have my current foundation picks for Spring and some swatches so you can get an idea of shades, coverage etc! My favourite part about these foundations is that they are all so affordable and you can also mix them together to create your own custom base.

What are your foundation picks for spring? Have you tried any of the above? 

I hope you enjoyed and until next time,


6 thoughts on “My Affordable Spring Foundation Picks

    1. Hey!

      Thank you love, The tube one is the matte version (I own that too), and this one is more of a dewy finish, but it is also has super coverage! They are two seperate ones, but I love the matte one just as much!

      I would love to check it out:) thanks lovely xox

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