Bronze Makeup For Fair Skin


Even though it most certainly doesn’t feel like Spring/Summer in the UK, my makeup style is already taking a turn. The weather may be a little grey, but I am feeling oh so bronzey! I cannot tell you just how much I am loving the idea of bronzed glowy skin already. Being whiter than snow and lighter than the majority of ‘fair’ foundation shades out there, it is much harder for me to pull off bronze looks without looking muddy or cakey or most importantly… Orange! I have discovered a few tips a long the way when it comes to bronzing up my fair skin and I can’t think of a better time to share them! So here is how I achieved my bronze makeup for fair skin in a few easy steps…



For me, this whole process starts with a great base. Foundation of course! If there is one thing to get out of this post, let it be this: Even if you want a more sun kissed complexion, you still need to match your foundation no matter how fair you are! A miss matched foundation can quickly lead to that muddy effect on the skin and will make your face look like it’s been put on the wrong body. Your face still needs to flow with the rest of your body to look as ‘natural’ as possible. For my foundation I used the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in the shade 010 Porcelain.


My next tip for achieving that bronzed look.. is with a bronzer of course! It can be really hard to find a good bronzer that will be the right tone for us with fair skin. I often find that bronzers can be too dark or to orange in tone. As I am on the fairer side, I prefer to go for something more cooler in tone, that won’t look so muddy and can be built up to give the illusion of bronze skin. I personally love the Barry M Dazzle Bronzing Compact. It has more of a cool tone to it and it is more on the sheer side, so I can build it up lightly to avoid that cakey, muddy effect on my skin. This bronzer has quickly become my new favourite! It also has a gorgeous sheen to it which gives the skin a glow, another important tip I am going to touch on right.. about… now!


If there is one thing that I feel goes hand in hand with bronze skin it is illuminated, glowy  and dewy skin! After all, every one is after that summer glow aren’t they? Just me? I highlighted my skin with the New Look Pure Colour Baked Highlight as it is light enough to thoroughly highlight my skin and it gives a good contrast so that the warmth in my skin stands out. I try to avoid blush when I am doing this kind of look to prevent a more rosy finish and keep the main focus on the warmth in my skin.


Once all is complete with the face, I like to keep the theme rolling onto the eyes to keep the overall effect all bronzey. Don’t worry, even I am getting annoyed with the word ‘bronze’ by now! Ha! I lightly dusted Makeup Geek Grandstand Eye Shadow all over my lid and blended out the crease with a mix of Frappe and Cocoa Bear. I also blended these shadows underneath the eye for a blown out yet easy and simple smokey eye. Topped with a little mascara and it’s good to go!

To complete this whole look, I finished off the lips with a beige nude lip. I wanted to keep it glossy and light so I used my Essence Almond Lip Gloss, but added some opaqueness and colour using my Collection Creme Puff in Angel Delight. The two combined finished off this nude/bronze/glowy look and still kept it wearable for us fair skinned lovelies!



So there we have all my top tips on how to make fair skin look sun kissed without over doing it, and a simple eye and lip look to compliment that. I hope you enjoyed and that this post helped in one way or another!

Until next time my lovelies,



9 thoughts on “Bronze Makeup For Fair Skin

  1. I love using Match Perfection but I have the shade 100 which is a bit dark for me right now. It’s the lightest one I can find in the store. Online I can find 010, but I heard it has a pink tone. Is it true? From your pictures doesn’t look like that.


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