Summer Makeup Haul

I feel like the winter/autumn has been going on forever, mainly because the weather in the UK is just ridiculous. The last few days however have actually been nice and it has been a nice change to see some sunshine. I am so ready for the summer already! I have done a little bit of collective shopping to get my makeup bags ready for the seasons ahead and I didn’t even realise just how much I bought until I just laid it all out in front of me. This may take a while so let’s jump straight in…

Wilko Makeup Brushes


I currently only own one of these makeup brushes, but I have been so impressed with it that I thought I should pick up some more. These brushes are made of 100% synthetic hair, and they are the sturdiest, meatiest brushes I have got yet. They have a good weight to them and from what I learnt with the first brush I own, they don’t shed and they are really well made. Not to mention they are just great brushes. These little guys are so super soft also. I can’t wait to try them out!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation


Okay, okay! I know I am way too late to jump on this train, but with all these new releases it is easy for the older products to move to the back of the list. I finally picked up this foundation after so many good recommendations. This item I bought a little while ago and have been saving it for this haul, but I couldn’t help but try it out. Can I just say that this foundation is really not sheer, it’s got such flawless coverage and I now truly understand the hype. I love this stuff!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation


So I went out and got the original Fit Me foundation when it first came out, and I was so dissapointed in the shade ranges. The lightest shade I could find anywhere (online or in store) was 120. I looked like I had dipped my face in deep caramel sauce as it was so dark for me! I picked this foundation up in the shade 115 and once again, it is too dark for me. I am getting a little disappointed that I cannot seem to find my shade, but it’s okay as I have another product that helps me out!

The Body Shop Lightening Drops


That’s right! I refuse to let my paleness defeat me. I have had enough! I am now welcoming this little guy into my foundation family. I only have one opinion on this product.. it is a life saver. Clear and simple.

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation


Yes, another foundation! I have a bit of an obsession ok?! This foundation was the first one I ever tried when starting out in makeup. The shade I bought was far too pale for once!!!! I picked up the shade 150 Buff and so far it seems like a pretty good match. I wasn’t a huge fan of this foundation the first time round, as it was very full coverage and overwhelming when I was only just playing with makeup. Not only that but the tools I was using was just making it streaky and it wasn’t good. I am really excited to try this out again with a little more experience behind me and see how it performs. There has got to be a reason everyone is in love with this foundation right?!

L’Oreal Cushion Foundation & Bronzer


So after my last wishlist.. when pay day rolled around I went out and got both the cushion foundation and liquid bronzer! I am so excited to try this out it is ridiculous. My only concerns are that the cushion foundation that everyone in the US was raving about was the lumi cushion, and this one is the nude magique cushion. I don’t know if that is different at all but I am going to find out! My other concern is that the bronzer may be a little too warm, but it seems like it blends out really well so again, I will put it to the test. Maybe even a cheeky review? 

Freedom Pro Highlight


You just know, as soon as summer arrives I am crazy on highlights. Well it’s all year round if I’m honest! I decided to try out a few newer highlights from the high street, starting with this one from Freedom. The colour I originally picked up was called ambient, which wasn’t so much a highlight in the sparkly sense, but had a soft satin finish which would of worked great for setting the face. Unfortunately the only one left was shattered. So I picked this one up instead. This one is called diffused, and it has a gorgeous pinky undertone which I cannot wait to use.

MUA Strobe & Glow Highlighting Kit


The next highlight I bought excited me as it is a whole kit (cream and powder highlight) that actually has a white/gold finish that is light enough for fair skin tones! For the high street I find that is so rare. I haven’t even swatched this product yet because I plan on doing a review on it as summer is coming up.

It consists of a very intense looking pearly cream highlight and a soft white/gold powder highlight. I am really excited to see how these layer and work with each other.

Rimmel Provocolips 16 Hour Lip Colour


There are two main reasons that I purchased this product. 1) I love the Maybelline long lasting lip colours and 2) Jamie Paige on YouTube done a review of this lip colour and it looked amazing so I decided to pick it up. I have tried the colour on but I didn’t wear it all day long so I am still to try it out.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss


So I already know that I love these lip glosses as I already own a couple. My only issue is that they don’t have that many colours. I picked up this clear gloss so that I can make any colour glossy! I love gloss for the summer time but I have never been a huge fan because I find them to be so uncomfortable. These however are so comfortable, they aren’t sticky but they still last a decent amount of time on the lips. I just love them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss


I decided to expand my gloss collection and pick up this one from ABH in the shade Dainty. I have put it to the test a few times and I have a pretty strong opinion on this lip gloss and I am going to do a full review as this product is quite popular. You will have to stay tuned for my opinion!

Collection Lasting Colour Matte Lipstick


I have said before just how much I love these lipsticks. I am a sucker for a bold matte lip and these lipsticks are honestly the best I have tried from the high street! They are so super creamy and comfortable, not at all drying, and they last forever. I already own a few shades but I decided to pick up a few more bold and bright ones for summer. These three also complete my collection of matte lipsticks from Collection! My only wish is that they would create more nude/neutral shades.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners


Okay, so I decided to pick up just a couple of my favourite lip liners.. you know, just a few. Who am I kidding? I love these lip liners and I have had a couple of different shades but when I saw a whole restocked display.. this happened. These lip liners are definitely my favourite affordable liners and they are so damn good. I love wearing these alone too as they are so comfortable and long lasting.


Now that brings me to the end of my haul my loves. This haul was much needed however because I feel like I have been lacking inspiration and I wasn’t ready for summer in the slightest. Now I have all that I need! I love it!

I hope you enjoyed and until next time lovelies…


4 thoughts on “Summer Makeup Haul

  1. That´s quite a haul there! :D I love love love Revlon Colorstay foundation! It was the first foundation I ever used and it is still my holy grail! I use Beauty Blender or Real Technique sponge to apply the foundation. Great post! :)


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