Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review

I feel like I am on such a roll these last couple of days! As I have had some time off work I have actually had some quality time to sit down and write up all the posts that I have planned on writing! Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hill Lip Gloss in the shade Dainty. Not only is this my first lip gloss I own by ABH it is also my first makeup item I own all together by ABH! I was really excited to try this out, and now I have put it to the test I have a pretty strong opinion on it so here we go…




I love the packaging of this lip gloss, it is simple yet classy and I love Anastasia’s logo and the font on the front. This lip gloss comes with a standard black lid which adds to the classy look and shows the colour of the gloss through the plastic tube. Simple yet effective. Thumbs up from me!


The wand on lip gloss is also really nice. It is quite flat but it allows you to apply the product well and gets into all the little corners and edges. It also has a nice flex in it so it isn’t too firm yet it has a bit of give allowing you to apply the product smoothly.


This lip gloss is on the higher end of the market at £22 GBP. It can be ordered from sites such as cult beauty, beauty bay or roses beauty store!


So as you may have guessed this product is a lip gloss, not one of their liquid lipsticks although they come in the same packaging. The lip glosses are more on the opaque side and are rather pigmented which is a new experience for me as I tend to go for more sheer glosses. They can be worn alone or on top of any other lip product, just like any other gloss. As these are more opaque they may change the colour of any product underneath them however. The shade I own is called Dainty, and it is a light baby pink nude that has no shimmer or glitter in it. Other shades in the range do have a shimmer in them but this one doesn’t which I prefer but it is all down to personal preference. Everyone is different after all!  You get 4.5g of product in this tube and it has a shelf life of 12 months which is really nice. I can’t help but notice that these glosses smell slightly sweet/chemically. I am not sure whether I enjoy it or I don’t, it’s a very confusing scent and I am not sure how to feel about it!



So to swatch this lip gloss is very creamy and smooth, it has nice even pigmentation and just glides over the skin. The texture does feel thick when you swatch it but it feels heavy duty like it would stay on for a decent amount of time.

When I first applied this on my lips I felt like I wanted to take it off straight away. It has a very thick and sticky feel on the lips but it isn’t stringy. I am not at all a fan of the texture of this lip gloss. It is very creamy however, so you have a good glide when you rub your lips together but that doesn’t improve the comfort in my opinion.


When I first applied this product, within minutes I felt like a lot of the product sunk into the corners of my mouth. The gloss bunched up and turned funny on my lips. It was also quite streaky when I applied it but as it is a gloss I didn’t expect it to stay completely smooth, it turned quite patchy which I wasn’t a fan off. As you can see from the freakishly close close up! What I did like however was the colour and the longevity of the product. Even though up close I wasn’t happy with the look of the gloss, from a far it looked okay on the lips and I really enjoyed the colour, it lasted quite well also due to the stickiness of the gloss but no more than any other gloss I have tried.

Personal Opinion


My opinion on this gloss is that I don’t like it. For a high end product I feel like I could spend my money on better glosses that will look better and feel comfier. I am really dissapointed that my first experience with Anastasia was a bit of a dud but I am still going to try other items that they are known for! Brows maybe? My main issue however with this gloss is that it isn’t all that glossy!! When I buy a lip gloss I expect there to be a decent amount of shine to my lips, but it felt like they were more interested in getting the pigment into the glosses than making them truly glossy. What I think would be really smart would of been to bring out a range of sheer wet look glosses, that can top their opaque matte liquid lipsticks so that the products compliment each other and there is an option for everyone. The unevenness and discomft that this gloss gives is just such a dissapointment and I am so gutted that I didn’t enjoy them!


 That brings me to the end of this review! I hope this is helpful and I didn’t sound too bitchy haha! Let me know if you have tried these lip glosses and what you think of them? Maybe I got a dud gloss but please let me know!

Until next time beauties…


12 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review

  1. I’ve been meaning to try these but they look so milky, not at all what I expect when I think of a gloss. The Brow Pomade from ABH is very good, so I’d recommend that!


    1. They weren’t the best love! They are far too thick and sticky for my liking. I have heard so many great things about the brow pomade but that scares me haha! I may try the brow wiz though! oooh, choices! haha xx

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  2. For a lip gloss, it sure doesn’t look like one. I can understand why you didn’t like it. I do agree with you, they should have made a range to match their lippies.


    1. It wasn’t comfortable either! I have others I prefer more and for a high end lip gloss when all my others are low end I was pretty dissapointed! I really want to try their liquid lips now though! haha! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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