Collection Lasting Colour Matte Lipstick Swatches

Collection’s matte lipsticks have soon become my absolute favourite matte lipsticks in the affordable range. They are creamy, not drying, pigmented and so so comfortable. It wasn’t so long ago that I done a whole review on these little babies that you can read here, but since this review I have completed my whole collection of these lipsticks and I have decided to swatch them all for you and give you a little update. W hat makes this post even more perfect is that all the shades in their matte range are so summer appropriate! Want to see what I am talking about? Here we go!

So the first shade we have is Shade 15 – Taffeta Bloom. This colour is the most nude shade out of the range. On darker skin tones this lipstick will very much be a nude, but as I am pale it is more of a pink shade. My one wish is that they would make a more beige nude, then my world would be complete!

The second shade we have is Shade 16 – Paper Rose. This colour is your classic pink lipstick. It would look great on so many skin tones and it has just a really pretty pink tone to it. Staying true to it’s name, this lipstick has the perfect rosy hue.

The third shade we have is Shade 17 – Coral Pop. Now this lipstick has got to be my all time favourite shade from this line, especially now we are coming into summer. This is a true coral orange. It will look great on so many skin tones and if you happen to like an orange lipstick much like myself, then this shade is going to be right up your alley! Not to mention that the name reminds me of Champagne Pop and I am die hard for Jaclyn Hill! 

For the fourth shade we have Shade 18 – Pink Diva. What do you know? This shade is the hottest pink I have seen in a while! I love mixing this with Coral Pop for the ultimate summer lip! As these lipsticks are so bold, they just scream summer to me. Seeing all these bold and bright colours are forcing me to experiment with colour again and I love it!

The fifth colour is a pretty spectacular one! Shade 19 – Red Carpet is your classic true red. I absolutely love this colour. I posted on Instagram a while ago that this lipstick is a pretty close match to Mac Ruby Woo, but this lipstick is much more creamy and delicious! If you are looking for that classic Hollywood red lip, here’s your guy!

Last but most certainly not least, we have Shade 20 – Plum Sensation. Now, anyone that knows me knows that these deep vampy lips are everything to me! This lipstick is just the same. I find this lipstick surprisingly to be the most comfortable out of the six, but only slightly. It is just that gorgeous deep plum shade that compliments everyone and gives your makeup that edgy vibe. Obsessed.

Side By Side Swatches


Mini Update & Review!


So there we have all the swatches of the six matte lipsticks in the lasting colour range by Collection! I have spoke highly of these lipsticks before and I still feel the same way now. However, after using these lipsticks constantly for the last few weeks I have discovered a problem.

  1. Packaging default!! I was originally a bit skeptical about the quality of the packaging. On further use I now realise that there was a reason they felt so cheap.. because they are! I hate it when the product is amazing but the packaging let’s it down. When I have used any kind of pressure to apply these lipsticks, the actual lipstick bullet has snapped off the lipstick. This has been a rather annoying and messy situation. I am slightly annoyed to say the least! I still use the lipsticks though don’t you worry! 

Apart from this little mishap, I am still completely in love with the formula of these lipsticks. They are still really moisturising and feel like butter on the lips. I love these little guys and I think the swatches speak for themselves!


Have you tried any of the Collection Matte Lipsticks? What are your thoughts? 

Until next time..


6 thoughts on “Collection Lasting Colour Matte Lipstick Swatches

  1. all of these shades look lovely, i’ve never tried Collection’s lipstick, but after reading this review i might go and purchase one! the shade Taffeta Bloom is so lovely:) x


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