Mua Luxe Strobe & Glow Highlighting Kit

Hey makeup lovers!

It has become very obvious that highlighters are soon becoming my all time favourite makeup items, period. Especially as we are now coming into Summer, it’s literally all about the glow! I love my Becca highlighters as much as the next person, but what is better than finding a glow for a fraction of the price?! I found this highlighter duo from Makeup Academy and I have quite the review for you…



So this highlighting duo comes with both a powder and a cream highlight. The powder highlight is very much a white highlight with reflects of gold, but it isn’t too overpowering. The cream is much more on the gold side with an almost silver reflect.



I love how this product is packaged. It comes in a really pretty compact with a black bottom and a really pretty pinky rose metallic top. It has the basic writing on the top written in black which gives a really elegant affect and I love that it’s not just a typical square or circle and they have curved the edges.


When you open the compact you are greeted with a really nice mirror which I personally think every compact should have. You then get two layers of product. The first one you see is the powder and when you lift the powder up the cream is sat underneath it.


The one thing about this compact that is rather annoying is that the top isn’t stiff, so you can only open it all the way or it will fall back down again but to me it’s no big deal, the powder is stiff so you can leave it floating mid air if you so wish. You also have a little button to open the compact which is a really nice touch rather than the click down top.


This product retails for £5 from Super drug or online at the Mua website. It is super affordable which is such a bonus for so many people!



Lets start with the cream highlight. When I first opened it the first thing that popped out to me was how reflective it was whilst sitting in the pan. It looked really smooth and it looked like it might just blind someone. To swatch it I was a little bit dissapointed as the cream felt very chunky, almost like it had little lumps in it. The texture was bumpy and also quite oily. In turn the oiliness made it feel a little smoother when I put it on the back of my hand, but it didn’t feel like it was going to sit right on my face. It is however a very blendable cream and has a lot of move to it, some creams are far to stiff to blend but this blended like butter.


When I first applied it to my face it did go on very easily and blended well. It also looked like someone had just thrown glitter at my face and it was so intense. You may never ever hear me say this again, but it was too intense. As it is a very white/ivory colour it just looked too much. That mixed with the fact that it was just plain glittery kind of done it for me. I am not a fan of this cream highlight. Maybe if the formula was smoother and they used more finely milled reflects then it may have worked. It also just sits funny like I suspected so overall I am not a fan of the cream.


Of course, there is a powder in this duo as well so I thought it would only be fair if I used the powder over the top of the cream. Of course, I swatched the powder first like always because there is just something so magical about swatching products and it gives me a good indication of how much I will like a product. When I first touched the powder it was very dry and chalky. It didn’t feel buttery or finely milled in the slightest, but it also didn’t feel terrible. I just assumed that it wasn’t going to be very pigmented and it was going to be rather powdery. I was right. The highlighter itself is very powdery and it doesn’t hold a lot of pigment. What I do really enjoy is that even though this highlighter doesn’t have much of the white pigment, it does give you that touch of gold reflect which looks really pretty if you were going for a very very subtle highlight.


Top: cream highlight | Bottom: powder highlight

When I layered this powder highlight over the cream, it is very hard to describe what happened. As the powder wasn’t intense at all it almost mattified the cream highlight whilst still looking really intense but more golden. It was very strange. All in all I didn’t like the way it sat on my face or layered. I think it looked really cheap and chunky when on the skin and it just wasn’t the nicest look. I did try and get some photos of the highlight layered on my skin but the camera did not pick it up well at all and it doesn’t show what I needed it too.. so here is a swatch of both highlighters layered on my hand.


I tried using the powder by itself which didn’t really do anything at all as it is so sheer. Whilst trying to find ways to get this highlighter to work I thought about using the cream highlight as a base underneath my foundation. I only applied the cream to the normal areas (cheekbones, cupid bow, bridge of nose etc) and then I blended my foundation over top. A quick warning.. never do that! It literally just spread flecks of glitter all over my face and no matter how much powder I used my face was sparkling everywhere I turned. It just wasn’t good.

Personal Opinion

Do I like this highlighter? Unfortunately not. Even though the price and packaging, not to mention the theory get an A++, it just didn’t work out. I feel like they could have done a much better job with it which left a much more natural appearance to the skin. This kit just looks rather glittery and I cannot find a way to make it work. I feel like you can get much better highlighters out there for less price (cough cough freedom pro highlight) but for me this highlighter is a bit of a dud. I almost want to keep it for the packaging however!


Have you tried this highlighting kit? What did you think? Did you have trouble too? 

Until next time beauties,


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