Five Products Completely Worth The Hype!

Mornin’ all!

This morning whilst doing my makeup I couldn’t help but notice the amount of ‘youtube inspired’ products I now owned. We have all been there.. you see your favourite beauty guru raving about a certain product and suddenly your bank has been attacked and all this lovely new makeup has appeared in your collection. I have no idea where that came from!? Yeah, we’ve heard it all before! I wanted to share with you a few items that I think are actually really worth the hype, and why of course.. let us begin!


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


If you are a regular reader of my blog, then it will be no surprise that I am mentioning this product. I may even get a ‘not again’ if I’m lucky! My first product that is completely and utterly worth the hype is of course the famous better than sex. I love it. If you want full on drama and volume, added with a little more length and a sh*t load of separation, this is your guy. 100% worth it and one of my best buys yet!

Nivea Men Aftershave Balm


If you haven’t heard of this product then you may think that it is a little strange that I am including it into this post, you may have also been living under a rock for the last year or so. The famous aftershave balm turned ‘primer’ is actually one of the greatest things I own. Price is perfect, it primes to perfection and feels so damn nice on my skin. Thumbs up nikkietutorials, you have a winner!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop


Not again Billie!? Oh yes! It is no secret that champagne pop is my baby, not to mention that is was created by my queen so I may be a little bias, but nonetheless Becca highlighters are absolutely incredible. I am dying to try more shades as the formula is perfection and they are so perfectly intense but not glittery. They are just so beautiful. To stop myself from sounding too bias I could say that champagne pop is a little too dark for me, maybe… just maybe. But I still smother my face in it so who really cares? Not me!

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows


If you want affordable, reliable, beautiful, blendable shadows that you just know will never fail you, they are right here! Shade range is incredible, formula is an absolute delight and there is a jolly good reason why these eye shadows are so popular! They are simply beautiful that’s why! Trust the people!

Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer


Hello holy grail! If you haven’t already heard, everyone and their mothers are talking about this concealer. Obviously there is a reason for it? It’s no biggie, just it’s possibly the creamiest, smoothest, most flawless lightweight concealer on the market right now. Worth the hype? Absolutely. P.s. Any fair skinned pals.. this concealer is a great highlight! 


Of course, you may have already heard of these items quite a lot recently. I am often one to fall into the ‘oh that again’  or the ‘use something different’ category, but if people are talking about it then just remember that there is a reason behind it. These products really do work and that is why they are completely, utterly, bank destroyingly… worth that damn hype. *on brink of bankruptcy but at least my highlights beaming* :) 

Have you tried any of these products? Are they worth the hype in your opinion? What products do you think are worth the hype? 

Until next time,


10 thoughts on “Five Products Completely Worth The Hype!

  1. I really need to try the better than sex mascara. I have tried the after shave and it was good but I have bought it for my boyfriends so I couldn’t use it all. Makeup geek looks go good but I haven’t ever actually seen them, maybe I’m blind. Great post.


  2. i want to try all of these, especially the too faced mascara and UD weightless concealer! all of these sound so good:)


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