Payday Haul!

Hello lovelies..

Well what do we know.. pay day striked and where do I find myself? Oh just queuing up at the nearest superdrug with a bunch of new items in my basket. Whenever someone asks me where my happy place is, I am starting to think that it is in that moment… that is until the cashier tells me how much I’ve spent! ouch… 

On the plus side I got a whole load of new makeup products to test, some of which I have been dying to get my hands on! Take a look..


Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette


My superdrug finally stocks Tanya Burr Cosmetics! I have wanted to try a few of her products for a while, just because I do love her and I can trust that she wouldn’t put out anything that isn’t good. I picked up this rosy cheek palette.


Everything in this palette has a very pretty golden sheen to it. I almost wish that she would have made her bronzers matte but all in all I really love the look of this palette, especially the highlight!!

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses


I picked up two lip glosses from her collection, I was just going to pick up one but I couldn’t pick between these two so I chose them both. I absolutely love the packaging on these lip glosses, her palettes I am not to keen on but these lip glosses have such gorgeous packaging.


Can’t wait to try these! I am going through quite the lip gloss phase recently, I never thought it would happen but apparently it is.

Tanya Burr Nail Polish – Duvet Day


I actually put this item on my Birthday wishlist.. which was in October. I finally got my hands on it and I cannot wait to try it! Unfortunately I have to wait until my next weekend off work! 

Tanya Burr Eye Shadow Palettes


So for more of the Tanya Burr overload I picked up two of her eye shadow palettes. The first one being the Hollywood Eye Palette.

This palette caught my eye as it reminded me of a certain Charlotte Tilbury palette but i’m not sure which one. I have actually swatched these palettes and they are the most creamiest, butteriest shadows I have ever felt. I cannot wait to try them!

As all of the shadows in the Hollywood palette where quite shimmery, I also picked up this Fairytale Eye Palette. This one has three mattes and one shimmer and again, it was just so pretty. Really looking forward to trying these!

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper


I am finally trying the famous brow artist plumper! It took me some time, but it’s happening! I needed a new brow gel and I happened to just catch this one sitting there in the corner of my eye and so I bit the bullet and thought I would give it a try!

I actually used this one James’ eye brows earlier as it was the closest thing to me and he was letting me.. it looked so good! 

Ardell False Eye Lashes

I got some whispies and some demi whispies! Two lashes I have been dying to try for so damn long! They look so beautiful.. I cannot wait to try them!

Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray


You know I love me a good setting spray, since I have been using so many different ones at the moment, I thought I would try a new one in case I was missing out on anything! I have been really impressed by Freedom products recently so I am excited to try this one.


That brings me to the end of this haul! I hope you enjoyed and please let me know what you think of some of these products!

Until next time,


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