Summer Skin Care Routine

It’s pretty well known that with the season changes, our skin is changing too. I find that my skin gets far more dry in the winter time and then slightly more combo during the summer. I am constantly changing up my skin care to find products that will work for me. I wanted to share with you my Summer skin care picks and tricks that I use in the summer time to make sure my skin is hydrated and feeling fresh…


Cleanse & Exfoliate!


As for any skin care routine, cleansing is pretty important to remove all that bacteria and give your face a good clean before starting your day. Not only will it make you feel refreshed and awake, it will prevent breakouts and do the world of good for your skin. My other favourite step in my skin care routine is exfoliating as it removes all the dead skin and leaves your face smooth and renewed.

I use one product to do both of these things, the Nspa Skin Renewal Gel is a favourite of mine for this time of year. I have talked about my love for Nspa products many times before. What I love about this product is that it isn’t harsh on your skin like a regular exfoliator and it doesn’t draw out every drop of oil from your skin. It has no harsh grains in it either which I love. I just massage this into my skin until it turns into an oil, and wash it off. It is so easy and leaves your skin hydrated and soft.

Sun Protection!


Do you ever remember your mum’s slathering your whole body in sun cream before leaving the house? and how much you used to hate it? It wasn’t until my first time going to the beach with my friends did I realise just how important sun screen is. Not until I came home brighter than a lobster! Even though I wear a lot of makeup, it is not going to protect my skin from sun/UV damage. The best way to incorporate sun screen into my skin care routine is to use a good moisturiser with spf benefits. I love moisturising so I know I will never forget! My personal favourite is to use this Garnier Moisture + Protect Daily Moisturiser.  It has an SPF of 20 in it which helps on the average UK day with our glorious weather! Anytime the weather is a little warmer than normal I will opt for a plain ole’ sun screen just to be on the safe side, but this moisturiser has not failed me yet!

Lightweight Products Are A Must!


For me, there is nothing worse than walking around with a super thick and heavy moisturiser on my face. Especially in the warmer weather. You can almost feel your pores blocking up and your face struggling to breathe. My number one product purely for it’s lightweight formula and it’s ability to feel like nothing on the skin is the Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet. This moisturiser is amazing. It smells great and it really hydrates your skin. Once I have massaged this into my skin it feels like air, and it is also great to work around the eyes too!

Adding Some Glow!


Now highlighting is all on trend right now, and I am a sucker for a killer highlight. During the summer I like to give me skin that glow in more natural ways than just slapping highlighter all over my face although it certainly helps! Radiant Flash Balms are my favourite products to do this with. As I am more combo it adds a glow to my skin even if I am using matte makeup. My two favourite are the Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm for when I’m not wearing makeup, and the No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm for when I am going to wear makeup. They both add a real glow to the skin and it is my favourite way to incorporate some dewiness into my skin.

Get Yourself A Good Face Mask!


My final trick for summer is to buy yourself a really good overnight face mask! I know that this isn’t part of my summer morning routine, but it is a big part of my skin care routine in general. In the summer I like my skin to look really hydrated, as I feel everything just looks smoother and feels better when it is. The Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute 24 Hr Smoothing and Hydrating Fresh Mask and breathe… is a holy grail product of mine. It applies like a rich moisturiser, you leave it for 10 minutes then massage in the excess. My skin has never felt or looked as good as when I have used this product. It is brilliant!


I have spoke about a lot of face products, but since Summer is all about getting your body out, there is one big body care item that is a must! Now, I am not usually one to get my legs out, simply because I am so fair and my legs would quite frankly blind people. However, this is not the case for so many people during the summer.. you go Glenn Coco! Now this item is so simple it’s almost ridiculous, but it is often something that can be forgotten about. A good ole’ razor!

I understand that not everyone shaves. There is waxing or hair removal creams but shaving seems to be the most popular and the quickest/easiest/most pain free option. Until you cut yourself! We’ve all been there! Now this post was inspired by the Dollar Shave Club During the summer, everyone likes to have smooth skin and there are definite pro’s when it comes to looking after your razors. Have you ever tried to shave with a blunt razor? Well, I mean if you enjoy having to shave over the same area 13 times to try and get that little patch of hair removed then that is completely fine! I however much prefer to get it over with in one clean swipe. Not to mention a blunt razor can tug or catch on the hairs and irritate the skin. A shaving rash is something we could really do without! For this reason, during the Summer months it is a definite bonus to change your blade weekly – fortnightly to make sure that you are never shaving with a blunt blade. The Dollar Shave Club have come up with a fab concept where you can select your blade and get it shipped straight to your door. So handy for anyone on the go!


There we have my summer skin care routine plus some tips and tricks on why I use these products! I hope you enjoyed and until next time,






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