Summer Sparkle Makeup ft Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review

It feels like I haven’t shared a makeup look in forever! If you have been following my blog recently, you may have seen that I done some damage to my bank account and treated myself to some new goodies! I was inspired by some of the Tanya Burr makeup I bought and thought I would share this look with you. I have pretty much worn this look since I got these palettes and I thought that I could give you my thoughts whilst we were at it! This may be a long one… 




I feel like this step is so easily jumped over, normally I will just go straight to foundation but it’s nice to know how to make your makeup last. I first prep the skin using my Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet and then prime using the Nivea Men After Shave Balm. Yes, it works! 


Next I prime my eyelids ready for eye shadow. I have been trying out the Benefit Air Patrol BB Eye Primer that I received in my birch box! After using it a few times I cannot say that I love it, I actually think it dried out my eye lids and I have since stopped using it. Little bit dissapointed I must say! 



For foundation, I have fallen head over heels in love with the Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in 150 Buff. This is my perfect shade and I couldn’t be more in love with this foundation. I blend this all over my face using a damp complexion sponge.


As for my concealer, would I use anything else other than my Urban Decay Naked Skin? Of course not, how dare I! I applied this to my typical highlight areas: under the eyes, forehead, bridge of the nose and tip of the chin. I blended it out with the same sponge.


You may have just seen this photo and thought ‘wtf?’. Yes, that is baby powder. Yes, I am using it to bake. This seems like a very strange step, but I have actually been really enjoying it! I read about a baking hack using baby powder and thought it was such a good idea! Baby powder is really finely milled and if it’s good enough for babies, it’s good enough for your face. I would only recommend this if you are fair as it does leave behind the slightest bit of pigment, but it doesn’t give you a white cast or flash back. Not to mention that it makes the area so smooth and flawless! I just used this to bake underneath my eyes and the T zone.


After wiping away my bake I went into this Mother Home Contour Kit, this kit is just a cheap one off eBay but I love it! Mine of course is absolutely battered and has fallen apart, but I used the lightest contour shade to contour my cheekbones and jaw line and then used the deepest shade to fill in my brows lightly.


Now, the first Tanya Burr product is this Rosy Flush Cheek Palette. I am just going to throw this out there, but her powder products are such high quality! They blend beautifully, they have the most gorgeous pigment to them and are so super soft. All of the shades in this palette have a golden sheen to them which for pale people like me, can be rather scary. This palette however blends and looks so natural and I absolutely love it! Not to mention that the shades are so universal and will suit so many skin tones. The price is right, the product is amazing and it is so worth it! Oh hey phone, nice of you to pop by! 


The only thing about this palette that I wish was a little different would be the highlight. I love how white and bright it is, perfect for fairer skin tones! As it is so white I feel like the golden sheen stands out more so for that reason I also used a little bit of my New Look Baked Highlighter just to balance the colour and make it look less gold on my skin.


Finally for the face I set everything with the Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray. 



For the eyes I used two palettes, the Tanya Burr Fairytale Palette and the Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette. I love these eye shadows. I love the idea of quads so that each palette creates a look but I personally prefer matte shades through my hooded crease, so I mixed the two palettes to create a custom eye look. These eye shadows again are such high quality. They blew my expectations and really impressed me! They feel like straight up butter, so smooth and soft. The are possibly the easiest blending eye shadows I have used and are so beautiful. My wish is that the shimmers (holly wood palette) would be slightly more shimmery, they are more satin shades and then you get that one glitter bomb of a shade in the bottom corner. But I do love these palettes and I have been using them every single day as you can literally create the simplest every day look, or the most dramatic evening look. They are amazing!


To start off, I took the shade Cream Tea to set my primer and help everything blend smoothly. I then took the shade Velvet Cushion through my crease and built it up. Nude Delight has become my new favourite inner corner highlight so I popped that one on the brow bone too. For the lid I started with Gold Coin and blended it out to Bookworm in the outer corner of the lid. Finally, for that sparkle I took Enchantment which is a unique eye shadow with chunks of golden/bronze glitter and patted that over the lid to add some sparkle. I then took Alohomora on the lower lash line a buffed it out with Velvet Cushion.


For mascara I used my all time favourite, the Too Faced Better Than Sex and applied a couple of coats to my lashes, top and bottom.


Finally for the eyes I took the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper and ran this through my brows. I have really been enjoying this recently.



My final little review from the Tanya Burrline is this Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Lunch Date. I am going to say it… this lip gloss has become my new favourite. Again, she has just blew my brains. I wish ABH would take a leaf out of her books when it comes to pigmented glosses, as these are really bloody lovely. They are smooth, long lasting (as long lasting as a lip gloss can be) and the pigment is smooth and even. Not to mention the glossiness of these are really stunning too. I love the shade, a universal nude for everyone, and the product itself is so nice! Another big thumbs up from me! Not to mention that packaging is -everything… 

Final Look


That is it for this makeup look. I hope you enjoyed and found the little reviews helpful! & until next time my loves….



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