Palette Breakdown | Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

There are so many amazing eye shadow palettes on the market right now! High end or high street, cosmetic companies are upping their games! I have only ever done one palette breakdown on my blog, but I really enjoyed it and I have decided to start reviewing more palettes for you all, as they are such great investments especially if you are a makeup enthusiast. I personally just cannot get enough! 

The palette under the spot light today is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. I heard about this palette when I was watching Kathleenlights on YouTube. The second she opened up that palette I was a goner… the warm tones and range of shades in this palette had me sold! Let’s get into the breakdown!



So let’s start with the packaging! The first thing I love about the packaging is how slim and sleek it is. It is made out of cardboard and feels really sturdy but it isn’t bulky or too flimsy. Mine is slightly battered as I use it so much! The palette is magnetic when you close it which adds to the sleekness. The palette comes in grey and has a golden pattern added to the top.


You then get the eye shadows and their shade names just chilling there looking beautiful…



So as you can see, here we have the eye shadows and their layout. There are 10 shadows in total, 6 of which are shimmers/metallic and 4 of which are matte.

I am going to first talk about the matte shades, as I think matte eye shadows are a true test as to whether a palette is good or not. If we are going off matte shades then you have nothing to worry about with this palette! They are evenly pigmented, smooth and they are so soft and buttery.


The first matte shade we have is Bitter Start which is a matte creamy white shade. I have been using this shade to highlight my inner corner almost every time I do my makeup. White shades are really hard to make but this one is so pigmented and is the only shadow that will actually show up as a highlight on me. It also gives great coverage on the lid to prep for brighter shadows. This eye shadow is my most used out of the whole palette.

The next matte shade is Substitute For Love, a light-medium warm brown. Very similar to Frappe by Makeup Geek. It works really well as a transition shade or to dust over the lid and blend into the crease for an effortless look. This shade is beautiful and I love it when palettes include great matte transition/crease shades.

The next shade we have is possibly one of my all time favourites. Freshly Toasted is a rich warm deep brown. It is so buttery and smooth and is possibly my favourite brown of all time. It is a darker version of Makeup Geek’s Cocoa Bear eye shadow. If you have blue eyes, this shadow is bound to make them pop as it is so warm toned. I think the key for dark eye shadows is to make sure that they are blendable and this one just melts into the socket and blends so evenly and beautiful. I could talk about this shade forever… but I won’t! Moving on…

Our final matte shade is Beans Are White. This shade is a cooler toned deep deep brown/black shade. At first glance it looks more black, but when you look closer it has brown tones to it, it is such a unique shade. I love using this to add a soft liner to any eye look. It isn’t a pure black but just adds a more natural and soft effect.


Next let’s talk about the shimmery shades! There are 6 shades in this palette, and there is such a range of shades from neutral to deep blacks with pops of colour. This is one of the reasons I love this palette! Just like the mattes the shimmers are super creamy. They are so smooth to swatch and so pigmented when you apply them to the eyes. They best apply with fingers but they still look amazing when applied with brushes. Let’s take a look at the shades…


The first shade is the most natural in the palette. Sweeter End is such a unique shade. It is a neutral shade that has tones of cream, gold, taupe, lilac and a slight pink hue to it. I really like this shadow for a more natural day because I find this shadow to be slightly rougher than the rest. It is not as smooth or creamy as the rest and it isn’t as intense as the other shimmery shadows. This shadow will look best using your fingers, but it can be built up with a brush it may just take some time.

The next shade along is the most ‘out there’ shade, Warm Notes is such a gorgeous metallic red shade with hot pink hues. It is super pigmented and looks amazing packed on the lid if you are feeling daring! I have used this shade for halo eyes and all sorts of looks and I really enjoy it. It seems like the perfect pop of colour to this palette but is still wearable. For me anyways… 

Subtle Blend is your average metallic brown shade. It has golden shimmers to it and has such amazing pigment. I don’t actually find myself reaching for shimmery browns that often but it is still a great shade nonetheless. This shadow is the only one that pretty much stained my arm when I swatched these shadows. No matter how much I cleaned my arm I just can’t seem to get rid of the slight stain!

Now, if you are looking for a dazzling gold eye shadow then Pure Ganache will be your best friend. This eye shadow is like pure gold, it is not too yellow, not to bronze but the perfect shade of gold for so many skin tones! This is one of the only golds I can wear as so many others will look far too dark on my skin.

This next shadow is in my opinion the most glamorous in this palette! Infusion is a deep black shade with chunks of gold glitter running through it. It is stunning! My only problem with this shade for me is that it has got to be packed because once it’s blended it turns into this grey colour, but that’s pretty much the deal with any black shadow so I can’t really complain at that one! This really is a beautiful shadow though!

Finally we have Delicate Acidity. This shadow is the cool toned pop of colour amongst all the warmth! I think that this shade is really clever as it is a purple shade, but they have made it wearable. It is more on the lilac side but it is so pigmented and wearable. I sometimes like to wear this blended over the lid on more natural days as it isn’t intimidating or straight up neon purple.


So there we have all of the shades! This palette can create so many looks and for the price of £18. That is £1.80 a pan and you get 1.5g of product in each pan so you are getting your moneys worth!

Not only are these shadows every makeup lovers dream, they are also Paraben, Mineral Oil and Fragrance free and have been infused with Vitamin E. I did notice that these shadows are made with Talc which is handy to know if you are sensitive to talc. Apart from that I really have nothing bad to say about these eye shadows! The palette is beautiful and I cannot wait to try more Zoeva palettes!


Does anyone else just love the feeling of swatching? I couldn’t think of anything prettier! *inserts heart eye emoji*


I hope you enjoyed this palette breakdown and I didn’t miss anything!

Have you tried this palette? Do you love it? What are your favourite shades? 

Until next time lovelies,



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