My ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

I love a full face of makeup as much as the next person, but it isn’t always practical. Whether you are heading to work, school or even if you just fancy a day of less makeup, a ‘no makeup’ effect can be really flattering. With my recent move, I really haven’t had time to spend on my makeup like I usual would have, not to mention I didn’t have my whole collection at hand to play around.

My ‘no makeup’ look consists of a really smooth base, lightweight products and a naturally radiant finish. As an added bonus, all of the products I use are really affordable! Here it is…


With a no makeup look, I like to almost start my base backwards. By starting with my concealer and cream contour/bronze, it means that when I apply my foundation everything will blend together and just look natural and toned down. Bare in mind I use all of these products sparingly to get the most natural effect possible.


I use the Maybelline Eye Eraser Concealer to correct the darkness underneath my eyes and around my mouth. This concealer has a yellow tone to it which really brightens up the areas, not to mention that it looks and feels very lightweight. I use just a small amount and blend it out with my foundation brush.


Top Tip: Use creams and liquids for a more skin like appearance. Too many powders can look obvious on the skin. To set, use a setting spray to keep everything locked in place and looking fresh.



I then like to bronze/sculpt with my L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette. I love the formula of this cream product, it has the ability to go on pigmented and opaque but can be buffed out to soften the contour without getting messy or patchy. It just melts into the skin like no other product I have used. This contour shade is beautiful also, but the highlight on the other hand is far too pink toned for me so I didn’t use it in this look. I sculpted out my cheekbones and bronzed my forehead before heading onto foundation.


Now this foundation is the star of the show. If you are looking for a no makeup foundation, then this one is a great pick! I am using the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation. This foundation feels like air on the skin. I am not joking! It comes with a stick applicator that I just apply to my cheeks, forehead and chin before blending with a flat top kabuki brush. Usually I am not a fan of brushes to blend my foundation as I feel it doesn’t blend as well and just sits on top of the skin, compared to using a sponge. This foundation however blends so easily, is so lightweight but gives a really nice natural glow to the skin and just gives you a flawless look without looking cakey or feeling heavy! This foundation over the cream products gave me the most natural skin but I felt pulled together which is what I am looking for.


Top Tip:  use a light coverage foundation to give the best illusion when it comes to ‘no makeup’ makeup. It will show your skin, look super natural and it won’t break up and look cakey like a heavier coverage foundation would do. If you cannot afford to buy a light coverage foundation and all you have are heavier coverage, use a moisturiser to sheer it out and add extra hydration.



I wanted to add a flush of colour to the cheeks just to add some further dimension. I used this George Creme Pomegranate Blush and applied this high up on my cheekbones and lightly blended towards the apples of my cheeks. I didn’t want to add the blush directly to my apples as I have quite a round face and I didn’t want to make my face look rounder. Plus adding blush to the cheekbones helps to ‘contour’ or sculpt out your face further.


To complete the skin there is one final step I took. Now I really don’t care whether I am going all out with my makeup, or barely at all.. I need a little bit of highlight! I used the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Highlight Pen and added this to my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, chin and the middle of my forehead. I feel like the only way to describe this product is ‘dew in a stick’. It isn’t a hardcore highlight, there is no glitter or shimmer, it is simply a sheen to the skin. Almost like applying a dewy foundation but without the coverage. It is amazing! Even though this is a subtle product, it makes such a difference to the overall look.


Top Tip: Stick to one brand when doing your ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Brands such as Glossier are specifically created to give you natural products that enhance your beauty and not hide it. You know their products are going to work well together, giving you a fresh face for longer. Products such as the skin tint and boy brow are the ideal products for a no makeup look.  



I think the key to a no makeup look is to use not only minimal products but take advantage of the products you have selected. For the eyes and brows I used one product only. The L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper is the perfect product for this look. I applied it through the brows to add some umph and to make sure there was no foundation or anything stuck in my brows. I then also used it to coat the ends of my lashes just to define my eyes slightly. I don’t really like wearing mascara with this look as I feel it is too much, but adding this brown brow gel just ensure that the lashes are defined but look like there is nothing there is just what I needed.


To complete this look is the lips! I would be more than happy to leave the house with nothing on my lips, but I feel like they dry out and need a little something! A lip balm is a really great option for a no makeup look, but for me I love to use this Sleek Lipstick in the shade Liqueur. To make this natural looking lipstick even more natural, I applied it to the center of my lips and then smoothed it out with my finger. The great thing about these lipsticks is that they are really moisturising and comfortable to wear. Another great tip is to use your cream blush as a lip colour as it marries everything together to keep everything very natural and pretty!


Top Tip: to find your perfect nude, try and match your shade of lipstick to the inside of your lip. Or you can apply your favourite lip colour to the center of your lips and blend it out with your fingers for a subtle pop of colour. Finish with a balm or gloss for a more natural finish and to keep your lips looking healthy.



There we have my no makeup makeup look! I hope you enjoyed this look and I will catch you next time with some fall makeup looks!


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