Vegas Inspired Day To Night Makeup

Transitional makeup is such a bittersweet concept. The simple task of topping up your makeup from day time to evening glam to save some time can seem harder than you’d think. It’s about choosing the right products that are going to last you all day and still look as fresh as when you applied them. Yes, all those hours ago!

 I have been challenged by to show you how I would transition my makeup from day time to night time. I found inspiration from the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas, a hotel I have seen many times but never had the pleasure of visiting!


All those warm toned lights and fountains are what has inspired this look and I am going to show you how I would create my day time look, and then transition it into an evening look!

Day Time Makeup


For the day look, I wanted to keep everything warm toned, simple and wearable. The most important step for me was to create a base that was going to hold the makeup in place all day and night long. I started by using my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. A great tip for long wearing foundation is to spray your face with a setting spray. I use the Makeup Revolution Oil Control Spray before and after my foundation and wait for that to set before going in with my other products. I also applied my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and locked everything into place with my Rimmel Match Perfect Loose Setting Powder. Another great tip for a long wearing base is to lock all of your creams in with powders. Don’t worry about looking powdery as once you give your face one last spritz of setting spray, it will take the powdery edge off! I kept the face very minimal, a bit of PS Contour Kit to bronze/sculpt my features, a touch of Gosh Rose Whisper Blush and I finished it all off with no other than my Champagne Pop Highlighter for that golden glow. And a touch more setting spray for luck! This look would be perfect for a whole range of day time activities, whether you are simply having a browse along the strip or touring on the big bus, or  you are having fun at one of the many pool parties or being really brave and having a go at indoor sky diving!


For the eyes I planned on keeping everything matte. This gives us more creative freedom for our night time look and is so much more flattering on so many different people. I used the Makeup Revolution Shade + Light Eye Shadow Palette. Sound familiar? I used a warm transition and slowly built up the warm shades into my crease. I finished with a matte cream shade over my lid and a highlight in my inner corners. I then applied a couple of coats of the Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara to finish the eyes.

Finally for the lips I wanted to stick with the nude theme, but I was feeling a gloss! The Bellagio Hotel has giant fountains in the front and I really wanted to give my lips that wet look! Not to mention that glosses look amazing in the sun light. For this I used no other than my Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea Lip Gloss. 

Night Time Look


Now to transition! I have kept this step as minimal as possible. When in Vegas you aren’t going to want to spend hours practically re-doing your makeup, you’ll want to be out there enjoying yourself! I managed to transition my makeup in around 5-10 minutes. This look will be perfect for an evening show, or dinner with your loved ones. Not to mention that it is also perfect for a night out on the strip! I personally think that with some lashes, this evening look would be perfect for a night in the Bellagio Casino! A must do experience in Vegas! 


I started with my eyes. I took that Makeup Revolution Shade + Light Eye Shadow Palette again and took the deep matte navy shade. I ran this along my lash line and lower lash line to smoke out my eyes. I then took Enchanted from the Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette and added this to my lid. This shade is a pure glittery gold shade that has so much pigment and glitter. The reason I picked this shade is so that all of those lights will reflect off the eye shadow beautifully. I then applied a couple more coats of that same Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara and that was really all the adjusting for the eyes! Adding false eye lashes is another great way to get that night life look, but I wanted to show you that it could be completed with just mascara and still look good. I then took my Becca Pearl Highlight which is a stark white, and applied this to my cheekbones for more intensity. The final step was a good matte lip! I chose matte lips as for an evening look you want something that isn’t going to wear off quickly and will withhold all of your antics! I chose the Mac Mehr Lipstick which completed my night time look! Maybe another squirt of setting spray? No? Just me… 



I had so much fun creating these looks! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. If you ever happened to be taking a trip to Vegas, be sure to look up for their hotel and package deals. It’s a great way to find a bargain and then you can fit me in your suitcase when you do!

Until next time,



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