September Lust & Busts

So let’s talk some September favourites shall we? This month I wanted to change it up a little bit and add in a product that I didn’t like so much. I really love the idea of ‘hits and misses’ as it’s always helpful to know why something didn’t work for someone. I am not going to waste anytime and I am going to get into my lusts of the month!


I have been really into my skin care recently. I kind of let my skin care routine take a dive and I wasn’t keeping up with it. I have been feeling and seeing the effects of that as my skin just went crazy with breakouts and so much texture.


This first product has completely turned my skin around and I am absolutely in love with it. It is the Nip + Fab Glycolic Mix Serum. First off, this stuff smells amazing. I also have the Glycolic scrub which is also amazing, but this serum is what has really done my skin good. It has evened out the surface of my skin, reduced redness and breakouts and my skin just feels so much better! I would really recommend this stuff to anyone!


The next skin care item I have for you is the Nspa Youthful Bouncy Night Cream. I have been a massive fan of Nspa for well over a year now. I just really enjoy their products, I definitely have my favourites and some products that I don’t like as much but this product is especially nice! It is such a rich, dense cream and I feel like it really floods my skin with moisture. This moisturiser does have Hyaloronic Acid which is supposed to be amazing for hydrating the skin, and I don’t have any complaints so far!


My last skin care item is also classed as a primer! I received this item in my September Birchbox and I haven’t gone a day without using it. The In Transit Camera Close Up by This Works is a mask, moisturiser and primer in one and I have been really enjoying it. The smell to me is the worst part, it is just strong and floral but not in a good way at all! I have been using this as my primer after my serum and then applying my makeup and my skin has never looked so good! I will most certainly be buying the full size product as I am loving how this is looking so far, I can let the smell slide.


Let’s talk makeup now shall we! The first product that I really couldn’t live without this month is the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops. I am as pale as pale gets.. your lightest foundation? Not light enough. These drops have been a godsend and I have to use them every single time I do my makeup. What I love about these is that even though they look slightly pink toned, they don’t alter the tone of the foundation, the finish or the coverage, but just makes your foundation lighter.


Next up we have a product that took me a while to love. The Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette is absolutely gorgeous to look at. I love the four unique yet universally flattering shades and I am obsessed with a good highlight! I love the concept and look of this is the palette but when I applied it to my face it was too much. I love a strong highlight but I really don’t like a strong stripe on my face especially with the texture I have been battling recently. I have discovered a way however that I just adore this palette! I use my RT stippling brush to sheer the product out and it is the perfect highlight! I add a bit more on the very tops and it just makes my face beam. I really do love this!


So a blush that will never get old is the Essence Silky Touch Blushes. I have loved these for a long time but since moving I pulled them out again and almost rediscovered them. I still think that these are some of my favourite blushes as they have a gorgeous satin finish and give the most beautiful effect to the skin.

So we have a new product to talk about! I was going to wait until I review this product but I thought I should give you a sneak peak. My next favourite is the Collection Define and Perfect Eye Brow Powder. All you need to know is that this product is my new holy grail and I love the idea! I love using powder in my brows and the applicator allows you to create either a natural or more strong brow and it is such a good product! I will go into more detail in my review but I just thought you should now that it’s a good’en!


Now it wasn’t a secret that I love the Better Than Sex Mascara, although recently I have been loving a different mascara. The Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara has surprisingly been my everyday mascara. I just love the length and separation it gives my lashes. It doesn’t flake and holds a curl for such a long time! I have been using this everyday and love it.

Finally I have a new setting spray to talk about! the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Setting Spray is actually a really good setting spray! I tried the amazing makeup setting spray and really enjoyed it but I find that this one actually controls my oil to a certain extent. I am not a very oily person, I have combo skin and it manages to keep shine at bay throughout the day without keeping me matte. The only down side again is the smell, but it is only temporary!


I think it is helpful to know what products don’t work as well as ones that do. It helps when making a decision to spend your money on an item when you have both good and not so good reviews. I actually have two products to share with you. One I still currently own and use, and the other I gave away because I really do not like it!

So the first item came as a shock to me as I thought I was really going to love it. To begin with I really did enjoy it but as I have been using it more and more I just find it to be quite disappointing and it really didn’t meet my expectations. I do just want to make a slight disclaimer that I don’t think this product is a complete bust, but it was just very very disappointing to me. I am talking about the Makeup Geek Contour Pan. I was so bloody excited for these to come out as I love Makeup Geek Eye Shadows and I love their formula. I was really excited that she had created contour shades that were realistic for ALL skin types and they were really affordable. I am really annoyed actually because this is my perfect contour shade. I love love love the cool tone of this powder but it’s more the formula I have a problem with. I first thought that the pigment of this product was such a great thing, now however it is a massive problem for me. Being as pale as I am, everything stands out on my skin. If I go slightly too heavy it is so obvious. I find it so hard to apply a small amount of this without it looking too much. I also have a problem with patchiness. When you swatch this powder it is very buttery and smooth, when I apply it I find that it doesn’t blend properly. The edges will blend beautifully, but where the first bit of product was laid down it just sticks to the skin (even when it’s powdered) and clings there. I just end up with a very patchy and uneven contour. I still use this as I like to try and experiment with it and try different things, but so far I just think that I have better contouring products.


The next product funnily enough is another contour product! Again, this product is affordable and from a well known brand but this one is a cream contour kit. Yes, another product I was really looking forward to! The Sleek Cream Contour Kit isn’t in my possession anymore and I have a very well rounded opinion on this product which I will now share with you. Again, I really enjoy other sleek products (like the one in my lust section) but I just don’t know what went wrong! I purchased the shade light, which in my opinion is not light enough for very light skin tones! The yellow highlight shade was more like a foundation shade for me and the other shades were too pink toned and not a great highlight for my skin tone. To look at this palette looks promising but I knew from the first time I used it that it wasn’t going to agree with me. To the touch it felt very creamy and smooth, but when I applied them they were bitty and so heavy on the skin! I even tried this without foundation as I found it very heavy and it still just sat on top of the skin. I tried application with brushes and sponges but with no luck. I am also really dissapointed with the contour shades. They run far too warm and just didn’t look good. I tried all of the shades and none of them done any good for my skin, the formula was not that good in my opinion and I couldn’t stand the heavy feeling on my skin. I gave this away in the end  as I really couldn’t get on with it!


So after all of that, there are all my Lusts & Busts of the month! I wanted to wait a little while and switch up my regular favourites as it wasn’t that long ago that I talked about some products I have been loving. I hope you enjoyed and I didn’t ramble too much!

Until next time my loves!


4 thoughts on “September Lust & Busts

  1. Me too – I love the Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops and essence blush. About Bad Gal Lash Mascara, not sure. I like the effect, but I think it’s too dry a bit. Or maybe I think so because I have a small tube and it dried faster…


    1. I also have the small tube but I really enjoy it. I have used the better than sex for so long and it’s nice to have a change. I really want to try the roller lash too! I forgot how much I loved the essence blushes but I think they have to be some of my favourites! Xx

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