Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Review

About a week ago I received my first ever Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the post, a package I have been rather excited for I must say! For so long I have heard people talking about his liquid lips, just like I have heard other people talking about the ABH ones or the dose of colour liquid lips and now everyone is obsessing over the Jouer lips. It is actually really overwhelming especially to anyone new to liquid lips as we all want the best for our buck. Unfortunately I am not a liquid lipstick expert, I have only tried one other liquid lip in my life and it is the only thing I have to go off. What I can offer however, is my point of view on a very popular product. I can give you my thoughts as a liquid lip beginner and tell you what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.

What I would love to do is start a liquid lipstick review series, where every so often I pick up a different brand of liquid lipstick and try it out just to see where you can grab a bargain and what your best bets are when it comes to liquid lipsticks. Let me know your thoughts and if you would like me to try that out! The reviews would not come often but they should be regular. Let’s get into the review!




So as you may have guessed, this product is a liquid to matte lipstick. It is a high pigment liquid that you apply like a lip gloss but it dries down to a matte finish with a long wearing finish that is supposed to last all day long. I had a look on Jeffree’s website to see what he had to say about the formula:

Our liquid lipstick goes on opaque, dries completely matte and stays on for hours! This product is 100% vegan & cruelty-free! (tips before use: exfoliate then apply to bare lips! Avoid food with oil… and no making out, kisses are ok!)


These liquid lipsticks were originally only available in the US on Jeffree’s website for $18. I purchased mine from Beauty Bay for £16 GBP, Jeffree’s products can also be found on and Morphe’s website. As far as I am aware Jeffree Star Cosmetics is not sold in any retail shops yet.



Now these liquid lips are packaged rather different to others on the market. I find they represent Jeffree perfectly and his unique style. They have the pink lid with the stars and then his name written in rose gold on the tube. I like that the tube is clear so that you can clearly see which colour is inside. I also love that it rounds towards the bottom on the inside of the tube, gives an almost bullet effect which is unique. My honest opinion on the packaging is that it isn’t really something I would go for, but I love that it represents the owner perfectly and he has made it his own. I personally like something a little more sleek and plain.. I am perfectly happy admitting that. Give me a nice black/gold/white packaged product and I will be a happy bunny. The packaging however feels very well made and also really light which surprised me.


What I love the most about this lipstick is the wand! Jeffree done a really good job with getting a wand that is perfectly shaped to hug your lips. I find that it isn’t too stiff but feels really smooth on the lips. It curves to hug the lips and is so comfortable to apply. It applies the product evenly and I really appreciate the thought that went into it.

Personal Opinion


Posh Spice when first applied shown above.

So what did I think? I am in love with these liquid lips. I was just expecting a thick texture as that is what I associated a liquid to matte lip with, but these are surprisingly so thin. Even though they are thin in texture, they pack a punch in pigment! One glide is all you need, I then pressed my lips together and it was enough to cover my whole lips. Of course I touched up to even my lips out but I honestly didn’t use hardly any product. I love the application, the texture, pigmentation and the fact that it dries down fully to a matte finish whilst feeling like nothing on my lips. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or like my lips were too dry. I wasn’t afraid to eat or drink as I can trust that this will still look good. I didn’t try to be purposefully careful when I was eating, I just ate how I normally would and the lips held up pretty well. I then completely forgot I was wearing it and my dad treated me to a Chinese takeaway so the oil wore my lip of even more but it wasn’t like butt hole lips. The colour just faded throughout so it didn’t look ridiculous. I am honestly so impressed with the formula and how comfortable it is. Plus I purchased the shade Posh Spice as I am rather into those 90s brown lips at the moment, especially for fall. Look coming soon! This lip is everything I have been looking for. I really cannot wait to order more.

I also just wanted to touch on quite a controversial topic for a moment, as I am doing a review of his cosmetics  I just wanted to add in my opinion. I completely understand that Jeffree Star is very much like marmite. Some love him, others not so much. I personally like to think of myself as a very open minded person. Some people may not agree with some of the things he does or the way he acts, and even I don’t agree with some of the things he has done. I purchased his product because I have heard good things about his liquid lips and I wanted to try them for myself. Some people don’t like to purchase them as they think that it is encouraging his behavior, I simply buy makeup because it’s my passion. I often sit down and watch some of his makeup tutorials as the man knows what he is talking about, plus I find some aspects of his personality really enjoyable to watch. As much as I hate bullying, if I am spending my money on something it is because of the product not so much the person. I don’t buy something to encourage their behavior, I buy it as I want a flawless matte lipstick! I am not a crazy Jeffree Star fan, but I don’t hate the guy either. I completely understand and probably agree with the points against him, but like I said before I am pretty open minded and chilled so I don’t get too caught up in the drama. I just wanted to clear that up as it’s all part of the review as a whole and I didn’t want it to affect what I thought of the product itself.

Here is how the lip looked after about 12 hours of wear, and a very greasy Chinese takeaway! You can see that there is still a hint of colour there but it hasn’t gone flaky or bunched up at all. It actually still looked really good before that damn Chinese. Take the oily food avoiding advice!



I hope you found this review helpful, if there is any other liquid lip beginners out there (wherever you may be, we’re a rare bunch!) I hope you enjoyed this also! Until next time my loves..


16 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Review

    1. Thank you love! I thought it would be a good idea as someone who loves the comfort of a lipstick to try out some liquid lips and see how they feel to a beginner! I’m glad you’re on board :) xx

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  1. I like the tone of the lipstick but I hate the design. I just can’t get on board with a pink plastic which looks something that belongs among toys in kindergarten. For me the pink plastic with golden stars is one big fail from the design department 🙈


    1. Haha, I see where you’re coming from. It’s definitely not my first choice, I love something more sleek but I was actually so impressed with the actual lipstick xx


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