My Autumn Face

I literally have stacks of photos that I have been hoarding in my camera roll ready to share some autumnal makeup looks with you. Honestly, my biggest dilemma is which one to share first. I am finally finding a moment to sit down and I thought that I would share with you instead my fall foundation routine including all the added extras: blush, brows, contour and highlight. I have been having a lot of fun with my  eye and lip makeup recently but my face has stayed the same every time I have been doing it. So if you would like to know the products I am loving for fall and what my Autumn foundation routine is then look no further…



Now, let’s talk about some skin prep shall we? I have been following a certain regime religiously when it comes to priming my face. For me and my skin at the moment, it’s fool proof. I always like to start of with my serum. The Nip + Fab Glycolic Mix Serum to be exact. I love this stuff, it has really sorted out all the texture on my face and it smells so damn good. I then like to move into my moisturisers and primers. I have been using the Thisworks Camera Close Up Mask, Moisturiser and Primer. I spoke about both of these products in my last favourites so you can find that here if you want more info.


The last step to prep my skin is to add a spritz of the Makeup Revolution Oil Control Setting Spray. I love using this before my foundation and also after I have finished my makeup. I find it helps to prevent oil from the get go and then that final spray when my makeup is finish stops any powdery looking makeup and just helps everything settle and look natural.


Now, for foundation! I have fallen in love with my B. Flawless Complete Coverage Foundation. This is another product I have raved about recently. This foundation has got some great coverage, but looks so natural on the skin. It isn’t matte but it isn’t overly dewy either. It sits nicely between the satin-dewy mark but is not greasy in the slightest. I have to mix my foundation with the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops as I am as pale as a ghost, but I don’t find this to affect the formula too much. This foundation wears so well on my skin, it says 16 hours wear and I bloody believe it. I can wear this foundation for hours and it will still look flawless. I find my pores look smaller and it is just an all round beautiful foundation. My skin has really been loving that magical hylaronic acid too and this foundation of course has it!


My favourite way to apply my foundation.. well pretty much all of my creams, is with my Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge, damp of course! I have actually been trying out a new brush recently which I am enjoying but it is still in the testing zone. I just love the finish that a damp sponge gives, and how flawless it makes the foundation look.


Next we have concealer! I love a bit of concealer. I work night shifts which means one thing… dark circles! It’s fun being tired all the time.. especially when it means I can play around with concealer. There is something magical about making yourself look well rested after 4 hours of sleep. My favourite concealer, still, is the Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer. I am dying to try the new tarte concealer, but every time I go to purchase it, my shade just isn’t there! For now though, I have been sticking with what I know. I also blend this out with my damp sponge.


Recently I have been loving a bit of light cream contouring. I am not a fan of heavy contouring when it comes to creams as I find them far more messy and hard to work with. It can end up looking very heavy very quickly. I have been playing around with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit – Fair recently. I am obsessed with the shade Fawn. It is the perfect cool toned contour that is not too dark but adds the perfect amount of shadow. I have been blending these in with another new brush but I will talk about them in an upcoming post! oooh, secrets.. 


To set everything in place you may be a little shocked. The reason is that I don’t use a makeup item to do this, instead I use baby powder. Yes, you heard me right there! This is something I have been doing for quite a few months now actually. I ran out of my favourite loose powder once when I was getting ready and decided to give it a shot. I had seen other people trying it out but never really stuck around to find out the results. I think I am very lucky that I am very fair as baby powder does leave behind a little colour, but it does not flash back in photographs! I did test this out myself! I have been obsessing over this powder for setting my face. I don’t even necessarily use it to bake, just to set. The £1 powder gives me flawless looking skin, doesn’t mattify me too much but actually keeps my makeup set and in place for the day. I never usually touch up my makeup as I am not a very oily person and I never find I need to with this powder. Honestly, it is the best discovery I have found in a while. I went back to using my Rimmel powder again and didn’t like it. I mixed it in with baby powder to get through it and now I am back to that plain ole’ baby powder! Call me crazy! I am keeping my baby powder in this empty rimmel tub to keep it as tidy as possible.


Once my face is set I usually leave my contour how it is, and I haven’t really been bothering with powder contouring as I love the shade of the cream so much. Plus I love a lighter look recently so I will go straight into blush. It will come as no surprise that the blush I have been using religiously is the Essence Silky Touch Summer Dreaming Blush. This blush is a lovely baby pink shade, it is very light so it doesn’t steal the focus from the rest of your makeup but just gives you a flush of colour and a very gorgeous satin finish. I still want to buy more of these blushes as they are definitely in my top all time favourites.


Finally, the exciting part! I have been experimenting with highlight recently. I love a good glow but I have been feeling like I have wanted something different. My go-to highlight for the past month or so has got to be the Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette. I was actually unsure about this palette for a while, but after experimenting I have discovered that I really do enjoy this palette.. only when I use it in a certain way. The two shades I love to mix are the peach and the violet. I don’t know why but this gives something so different, whilst be very subtle. It is my way of feeling like I am going all out but no one else actually noticing that I have purple sparkle on my face. I love it! I finish off with a final spritz of the oil control spray and I am good to go onto brows…


For my brows I have been loving two products. I first prefer to set them with brow gel. I use the L’Oreal Artist Brow Plumper to add a bit of volume so I can really see where they need to be filled in. I have been trying to grow my eyebrows out after many years of bad grooming. I finally have the inner parts of my brows looking better, now it’s just for the tails. To fill in any gaps I have been obsessing over the Collection Define and Perfect Brow Powder. The applicator is perfect for applying the powder in a controlled way and it is just the best brow product I have ever used. I have to tap off the applicator to avoid the powder falling onto my eyelid, but it’s a minor fault.. if a fault at all! I would highlight recommend this product especially for the price!


There we have it! My Autumn face.. everything I use to create my base makeup including my favourite brow products. This is the skin look I have been going for with every eye and lip combo as it really goes with everything. It’s very subtle but still very much there. I love it and I hope you do too..

Until next time,


10 thoughts on “My Autumn Face

    1. Thankyou love! It is so nice, very intense!! I use my RT stippling brush as it sheers it out but it is so gorgeous! x


      1. I love the highlighters that are coming out with purple! Like the Sleek and Anastasia’s Moon Child palette. I really want to try some of the other products in your posts as well!! =)


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