Mustard Eyes & Rosebud Lips | Autumnal Makeup

Welcome to my first makeup look of the fall! I have so many of these looks saved up in my camera to share, and this is the first one! I was inspired by indian/middle eastern areas when I created this look. I wanted something colourful but still wearable and something that wasn’t your classic berry lip. All though the berry will be coming soon! 

I came up with this mustard toned eye look matched with rose bud lips with a small twist. I wanted to use yellow, oranges and pinks but in a wearable and affordable way. I also wanted to make this look really easy so that it is a great look when you are on the go but want to look like you have made an effort. If you are interesting in my fall face routine, then you can find my full routine and all the products I use here.. otherwise let’s get to it!



I started off with my Makeup Revolution Ultra Light & Shade Eye Shadow Palette. I have a full review of this product here. I love this palette as it is affordable and a clear dupe for the Kat Von D shade and light palette. I love these matte shades as they are super blendable and have really nice pigmentation to them. They are so easy to work with.


I wanted to keep the transition very cool toned as I knew I was going in with very warm shades on the lid. I started by using the giant middle shade, a very cool toned taupe and blended this through my crease. I slowly built the colour up before going in with shade 2. This shade is still very light but added a little bit of warmth. I didn’t want to go over that first shade as it would defeat the purpose, I added this shade just below the first shade to add some gradient into the warmer shadows. I then went in with a mix of shade 3 & 4. This was to add some definition to my outer corners. The brown was very neutral toned whilst the burgundy red shadow added extra warmth to continue the gradient into our final shade.


The focus shade of this look is Makeup Geek Tiki Hut. A  matte deep mustard shade. I patted this all over my lid with my finger and then just blended the edges so that everything married together.


I wanted to add some liner into my waterline but I didn’t want to do anything too dark. I decided to use a lip liner instead. I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish Cappuccino Lip Liner   and added this into my waterline to soften the look and not take the focus from the shadow. I have been using lip liners for some strange reason recently and they have actually been performing really well!


The last step to my eyes is the mascara. I used the Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara.  Like I said before, I have been really enjoying this mascara. My lashes just seem longer and nicer. It doesn’t give the most volume, but it does what I want and I love the effect it gives.



For the lips I used one of my L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte Lipsticks in the shade 640 Erotique. It is the perfect wearable fall shade. It has that rose tone to it that is so flattering on so many people, plus you can wear it with so many looks and it will always be wearable.


I wanted to add a little sheen to this look as it was all looking very matte. To switch things up a little bit I used  a tiny bit of Makeup Geek Grand Stand Foiled Eye Shadow. I popped this into the center of my lips just to add a slight sheen to my lips.



I hope you enjoyed the finished look! It is nice to do something out of my comfort zone that I wouldn’t usually do, but I think this is a great look to incorporate some colour if you are afraid to do so more boldly. I can’t wait to share some other looks with you!

Until next time,




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